Betfair Signs Sponsorship Deal with Liverpool F.C.


Betfair, one of the world’s largest internet betting exchange operators, has announced that it has signed a sponsorship deal with English Premier League soccer side Liverpool FC.

In terms of the deal Betfair will be Liverpool’s official betting and gaming partner in Spain, the UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, Italy and Denmark.

The new sponsorship deal will also see Betfair offering digital messages connected to Liverpool, advertising on social media platforms ahead of Liverpool games, attaching its name to the Liverpool WiFi gateway and advertising in match day programs.

Mark Ody, the Brand Director at Betfair, commented on the deal by saying that everything about Liverpool Football Club is iconic, including The Kop, the liverbird on the club’s jersey, the passionate fans as well as the entertaining football. Ody added that it is a fantastic match as Betfair excites consumers with a supercharged betting experience that is bound to bring fans closer to the action through their innovative products.

According to Billy Hogan, Liverpool Football Club’s Chief Commercial Officer, they are absolutely delighted to be joining forces with one of the world’s largest online betting organizations. Hogan also said that regionalizing partnerships means that they are in a position to work with brands, such as Betfair, in countries where they have the strongest presence and where their footprint can best match their brand objectives. He added that the deal with Betfair is part of the club’s evolving global betting partnership strategy, which is now focused on brands that deliver a “geo-targeted betting experience” and that ultimately this means that they can deliver relevant and engaging programs in those regions.

It is hoped that this new sponsorship deal is what Liverpool needs in order to right their season and prevent it from finding itself in the position of fighting to stay in the Premier League instead of fighting to win the league position that they were in last season.

After 12 games of the 2014/15 season Liverpool currently sits 12th in the Premier League table.

Alisher Usmanov casts shadow over Arsene Wenger’s future at Emirates Stadium

Generally it is seen that whenever a manager is not living up to the expectations, his departure becomes necessary no matter how senior he has been playing for the side, and if it is an English side, pressure starts building from every corner demanding a resignation of non-preforming manager/coach. Arsenal, the stunner of the last season, is one such side who is not able to matchup their last year’s show despite having many talented players into the side and who’s being blamed for their shoddy show is of course manager Arsene Wenger who seems to be finding it too difficult to cope up the rising pressure of the top post. Although, he is not an ordinary manager perhaps one of the legendary Englishmen who is ruling the North London side for many successful seasons but failures often restrict your life on any top post.

The debates of his resignations have until been taken place behind closed doors but for the first time a significant person has said something about it in public. Billionaire Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov is one of them who expresses his doubt over Wenger’s capability to lead the side for a longer term. Arsenal show against Manchester United was apparently the turning point for many Gunners fans who now see no real hope from their side to tally Chelsea position in the leaderboard. Though, Usmanov called Wenger ‘a great man and a great coach’ but also blamed him for not solving many problems having been in existence since many years.

What he said in the recent interview is, “Arsene Wenger is one of the greatest coaches not just of European, but of world football. But we have a Russian proverb which goes: ‘Even an old lady can have a roof falling on her.’ Everybody makes mistakes. He can make mistakes and I know as you age that it is more difficult, more challenging to accept ones mistakes. Maybe it’s a problem today.

“I like Arsene for his principles, but principles are sort of restriction. And restrictions are always lost possibilities. That’s why sometimes coaches even without principles became the coaches of great teams and some coaches with principles lose because some positions in team are vacant because of ethical, moral or personal views.

“Does he have money or not? There is officially money in the club. How does he spend — this decision investors have left with him. I wish them victories, because their victories are the victories of investors, including myself, and of great Arsenal fans, which deserve these victories.”

New Jersey to Appeal Judge’s Ruling


Judge Michael Shipp, a U.S. District Judge, ruled in favor of the NCAA and four professional sports leagues on Friday and issued a permanent injunction preventing New Jersey racetracks and casinos from offering sports betting, which he claims violates the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992.

The Judge’s decision was released shortly before a temporary restraining order that prevented the state’s thoroughbred track Monmouth Park from operating its sports book was scheduled to expire.

The state of New Jersey has been battling for two years with the NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB as it is of the belief that sports betting can be instrumental in reviving its struggling casino and horse racing industries.

State Senator Raymond has revealed that New Jersey will be filing an appeal within the next few days.

According to a statement by State Senate President Steve Sweeney, they continue to believe that New Jersey has the right to allow sports betting in the state and they will continue with the fight in court. He added that they are going to continue pursuing every legal option available as the economic impact that sports wagering can have on New Jersey is far too important to merely shrug their shoulders and move on.

Dennis Drazin, the advisor to Darby Development LLC, the operators of Monmouth Park Racecourse, revealed that they were obviously disappointed but not very surprised. He added that they will once again return to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and request that they order strict adherence to their 2013 decision, which established the roadmap for New Jersey to begin offering sports wagering.

Arsene Wenger accepts shadow performance in Arsenal loss at home

It is rare these days that a team, who loses a home match, accepts its mistakes especially when they are already passing through a bad phase. We are talking about none other than league side Arsenal and its honest manager Arsene Wenger who did not hesitate in accepting that they were much less than their standard in last game with Manchester United. Notably, the game won by United by 2-1 and gave them important three points advantage to upraise their leaderboard position a bit while on the other side Gunners are still struggling to match their last season’s show when they surprised everyone and ended among top four. Fans, however, are happy to see their players are showing some good stuff in the field but it was not their day and they could not beat United goalie David De Gea barrier to enter into the goal post. Those who watched the entire game are also little surprised to see Gunners could not capitalize their dominance until the end and lost the game while Gaal who got a needed triumph is happy to see his players are getting back into rhythm.

Wenger accepted they lost the game despite being on the top for most the time, he said via club official Tweeter feed, “We dominated for 80 percent of the time, but we were not efficient enough defensively or in the final third. You have to be efficient in the top-level game. We weren’t. We made a big mistake for the first goal, and then we weren’t cautious enough.

“There were still lots of positives in today’s game. We had plenty of opportunities to finish the game off. We have to play with confidence, and we have to be a bit more calm and patient.”

Talking about the most promising player who can be fruitful for them in coming future, Frenchmen named Danny Welbeck and added, “You have players who play on the flanks who score goals. I don’t think that will stop him from scoring. He had chances the other night when he played on the left, with his pace.

“Ronaldo played all his life on the flanks and scored more goals than games he played. I don’t think that will stop him. What is a problem for him is to play. When he played there at a young age, you get habits in the position you play. He looks comfortable there because he knows what to do.”

Brendan Rodgers refuses to call back Divock Origi from Lille

Liverpool show this season has not been as impressive as everyone had expected them to, especially looking at their surprising return to the main league in the last season, but injuries to their lead players led them down and manager Brendan Rodgers has since been looking for more players to fill the space created by injury blows. Like Daniel Sturridge who sustained third injury of the season is confirmed not available until the next year, hence according to some media reports, Northern Irish football manager is keen to bring his striker Divock Origi back from Lille who has been there on loan for one season. Actually, Reds bought Origi from Lille for some ten million pounds but he did not leave the side since it was there in the contract that he would continue playing for the club until 2014-15 season, but looking at sudden requirements at Anfield, manager is left with no option but to bring his available assets back at home. In spite of that Rodgers has refused to accept he has sent a memo to the Lille for sending his player back and said, “The young player we signed last summer, it was always on the understanding that he had to stay at Lille. I’ve seen reports that he’ll be coming back early but that was never the case. When we signed the player, it was one of the main reasons we were able to sign him — he would have to stay at Lille for this season.

“The deal was put in place quite clearly in the summer that he would stay at Lille for the season, and then we would get him after that. As far as I’m concerned, that’s still the case.”

Adding about the persisting injuries blow to Daniel Sturridge, he further said, “He’s been extremely unfortunate. The last time he played was August. He’s a player who doesn’t want to be out for this length of time. With his ability and all of the qualities he has, he wants to be playing football.

“I think now’s the time for him to go away and for us to go away and see what more we can do to get him on to the pitch consistently. He’s a world-class talent, and he’ll only fulfil that if he’s playing games. But nobody wants that more than Daniel. He wants to be working and he wants to be playing.”

Anyways, it looks like 41-year-old has enough options to prove their last year show was not a fluke and they can still make a comeback in the EPL.