Hull surprised Manchester City though lost the home game by 4-2

No matter how big you are every season carries lots of surprises in almost every domestic league worldwide and EPL is the perfect example of how big sides often found it difficult to restrict their rivals in away games. Last Manchester City clash with Hull City proved to be one such game where no one had expected Hull can even stand in front of City’s firing line up, but surprising to everyone, not only hosts dominated the first half but also managed to gain the initial two goals lead by the half time. Though, in the second half they lost the rhythm and City managed to come back in the game and eventually registered a 4-2 win, but everyone is talking about first half where firing power of City could not even control the ball. Like always, Manuel Pellegrini is happy to see his team came from the back and scored four brilliant goals but he forgot to answer why they failed in the first half or the second half show was a fluke. Anyways, he said in the post-match press conference that “I really was very calm because I don’t think it was the real score in the first half.

“You must have personality and character when that happens to try and return to normal. I felt during half-time that the players were clear about what happened. It was not that we were playing badly. The way we started, we were going to win the game in the second half and we did. I was very happy about that.”

Adding about his strategy to rotate big line of players he is having this season, he looked confident that he would successfully warn up every teammate by using him in alternate games and as far goalkeeper is concerned, he explained why he chose debutant Willy Cabellero in place of experienced Joe Hart and said, “I think for Willy it was good to play not just one game but to play two in a row. Joe played eight games in 32 days, a lot of games for a goalkeeper. I have a squad of 22, 23 players and I make rotations because I think it is better for the team.”

“I think you cannot analyse a player on one match,” he said about Mangala. “Not the last game when he played wonderfully and everyone said he was the best defender in the world, and not today because he was very unlucky with the own-goal and the penalty.”

Manchester United teammates applaud Gaal’s innovative changes into the dressing room

Manchester United’s new manager Louis van Gaal may not be having a great start of the English season, but his means have put a great impact over players contrary to earlier assumption that too much info would confuse the team. Dutchman, who replaced the temporary manager on July 16, took many aggressive steps to revamp the Reds Devils and even got the success too with preseason games, but unfortunately, or we should say kinds of changes he made require some time to yield results, he did not get the dream start in English topflight and still residing on the middle of the leaderboard. Last English season is considered as the worst one for 2012-13 league champions, but this season has until been even vilest yet no one in team is willing to accept that they would conclude the domestic season on last year’s rank. Their next game with West Ham on Saturday again looks easy task for Gaal’s army on paper but can he really surprise everyone is yet to see.

Actually, 63-year-old former Barcelona manager is one of its kinds pro who used to weigh psychological development at par with the physical growth hence he asked each team member to pass through various means of practice both in and out of the field and this is also not a secret now that some of them are still unknown to the world! Talking about the overdoses of precious information and if they can be confusing for the teammates, he said, “We give a lot of information and you have to work out that information. There shall be a moment in the season that this information is not too much. At this moment maybe it is too much for the players.

“It’s very difficult because we are starting with a new team and a new relationship between players so that’s why it needs time.”

Adding about the centre-back lineup and dearth of some good options over there, Gaal denied to accept that age has anything to do with field show and added, “My concern is never the age of the experience, my concern is the profile. You have to fit the profile. There are a lot of defenders in this world, but I don’t want to buy any defenders.

“Age is not so important. With the Dutch national team I played with Bruno Martins Indi and Stefan de Vrij, they were 21 and 22. And until Leicester we only had three goals against in spite of the fact we were not playing so well but our defensive organisation was good.”

Weligton explains why he clutched Messi throat

Having a spat between two players in the field is not the new thing but sometime these kinds of incidents cross the barrier of a healthy fight and take the shape of rather vulgar display of sportsmanship. We have seen how players hit opponent players if they are losing the game just to express their anger while some time, such reaction has a solid reason even if it later found to be wrong. The last La Liga game between Malaga and Barcelona happens to be one such match where defender Weligton clutched the throat of Barca’s Messi inside the field. Initially, it was taken as the disgusting behavior from the Brazilian but no one could actually know the exact reason for this. It happened around 82nd minute of goal less draw when team were ready for a corner kick and everyone saw Messi and Malaga having a shoulder to shoulder bump and then suddenly central midfielder returned back and grasped the throat of Argentinean and pushed him back. He immediately fell down to the pitch and later helped by the goalie to stand back. It was season’s first game for Barcelona where they failed to score a goal but this incident secured media headlines more than the result of the game. Weligton was shown a yellow card for his act while Messi kept on playing in the final ten minutes.

Weligton explained reason for his nasty act in an interview and said Messi provoked him by using loutish words for his mother. He said, “A minute before, Messi tried to play a one-two, I tried to block him with my arm. He thought I caught him in the face, but it was by accident. You can see from the images. He got angry and came at me, calling me a ‘son of a bitch.’ That was when I caught him by the throat. There was no need to talk with him afterwards. If he wants to talk to me, then no problem, if I make a mistake, then I recognise it and apologise. But if he acts another way, then no problem, either.”

He further praised his side to end the game as draw which is like a defeat for the Barca looking at their start in the season. He added, “The whole team played a great game, so I congratulate everyone. It’s not easy to hold the players that Barca possess. But over the last few days, we’ve watched a lot of their videos and managed to put our ideas into practice.”

666Bet to Sponsor Joshua MBE’s First Title Fight


666Bet, one of the leading online bookmakers, has announced that it has partnered in a sponsorship agreement with Matchroom Boxing, in terms of which it will sponsor Olympic gold medalist Anthony Joshua MBE’s first title fight against Dennis Bakhtov.

The WBC International Heavyweight title is due to take place as part of Matchroom’s “Moment of Truth” event at the 02 Arena in London on Tuesday, 11th October, 2014.

In terms of the deal the bookmaker will have its logo displayed in and around the ring at the event as well as on the centre canvas and the two fighter corner posts. The logo will also appear on all event artwork, backdrops and media day training rings.

According to Barry Martin, the Chief Executive Officer of 666Bet, they are tremendously excited to bring fans Anthony Joshua’s first title fight which is a match up that could prove to be historic in the context of this young heavyweight’s prospect’s career. He added that after their first taste of boxing when they sponsored July’s “Fight for the Right” event in Manchester, they were extremely keen to support another sensational boxing card.

Martin also revealed that it has been a productive few months at 666Bet, having launched just prior to the World Cup and that they are now the proud shirt sponsors of Leyton Orient as well as the official betting partners of both Leicester City and West Bromwich Albion.

Joshua’s opponent in the October event will be the Russian Dennis Bakhtov, a veteran fighter who held the vacant WBC International Title on two occasions.

Suarez to play for Barca B team in a friendlier

Former Liverpool star Luis Suarez maybe having some time left in his ban imposed by FIFA disciplinary committee for biting Italian player in a world cup game, but he could soon get a chance to play for Barcelona B team, according to club sources. Suarez made a mounting shift from England to Spain after he was slapped with a lengthy ban that initially covered any football related activity but, later, CAS eased it and allowed him to play unofficial games, hence Barca think tank decided to warm him up with Barca B’s friendlier with Indonesian national team on Wednesday. Actually, Coach Luis Enrique wants to sure he is fit and in form before they add him into the final team for Oct 25 game when his ban officially expires. He said in a news conference that “For Luis Suarez to play a game is beneficial, even if with Barca B it will be with a different team. The player wants to play, and to pick up match fitness, and he will play tomorrow.”

While adding about Ivan Rakitic and Neymar who supposed to be having some minor injuries, Blaugrana coach said they are ready to play in the senior team at La Rosaleda and added, “(They) both trained today. Tomorrow they will get the all-clear and will be available. They all want to play, but that is impossible. Neymar’s reaction was normal, there is no issue. Some people can get angry, but I do not worry about that. I just think about what is important for the group.”

On the other side, Suarez is way too confident to prove that 75 million paid by the Spanish giant were not overstated for the player of his caliber. Though, he did not say anything openly but close sources say he is ready to join the field for full ninety minutes. Some experts are doubting his ability to match the players like Neymar and Messi on the field coz of the goodwill he carries with him, moreover, most of the media guys follow him not because he is a brilliant player but coz they want him to speak anything about his biting episodes so they could highlight it as a front page news. The Barcelona squad is known to be a well-disciplined team; hence pressure is also over new entrant to keep his pet habit out of the play until he is associated with one of most respected sides.

We can only wait to see his firing actions on the field again on October 24 in the season’s first La Liga clasico!