Now City captain shows his addiction towards Champions League

This season seems to be known more for the Champions League than any other domestic league played worldwide especially English premier league which is a new and welcoming trend. If we look at the headlines of last few days, almost every league side, who has qualified for the UEFA event, is showing its strong believe that they will perform well on the European tour while recently these sides have been known for their dire addition for the English topflight only. This is actually good for the betterment of the game where focus has shifted from EPL to the European tourney which makes CL league even more demanding among every European side including premier league clubs. After Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea it is time for the league champions Manchester City to claim European tourney, in fact, they are little more confident to do better in UEFA campaign than their English colleagues thanks to their last year show in the English season where they remained almost unbeatable till the end.

City captain Vincent Kompany believes it is the right time for them to compete with best European sides in UEFA platform as they have been qualifying for the event since last four seasons. The 28-year-old defender is way too optimistic to perform well in the tour opener with German giant Bayern Munich in Group E at the Allianz Arena. Recalling their dominance in the premier league where they won two of the last three titles, Kompany did not miss event a single moment to highlight his players and why they should be taken seriously by the European giants. He said in the news conference, “Every single time you come here is an opportunity to prove yourself. We now take it as a challenge against one of the top three clubs in the world. It is one of hardest places to come to. It’s time to start making these games close and making up the gap between ourselves and the other top clubs.”

“You start a season at Manchester City nowadays and it’s not acceptable not to put all the trophies on your ambitions list. It’s a case of me and all the players looking at all the trophies and thinking we have to go until the very end of the season. I mean, the club is asking us to win now, so that’s one thing. We have come so far in the last four years, we have been successful, but you always want to take it a step further.

“Let’s take it in context — we are not favourites by any means for this competition but we would like to compete and challenge.”

Manchester United’s crushing triumph against QPR gave Gaal a reason to smile

When you are heading a team which has been under tremendous pressure to perform well and suddenly get your dreams come true with a surprising triumph, especially if you started the season without any fireworks, it works like blessing in disguise and this is something that seems to be happening with Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal who is more than jubilant to see his team’s power pack show against Queens Park Rangers Yesterday. In fact, the Dutchman has been busying handling various ifs and buts in the absence of more than five senior players for the game, yet he managed to convince the Hoops that they are back in the league. It was their fourth game of the current season but first one to clinch the lead with an impressive 4-0 margin. Radamel Falcao proved to be the eye candy for 63-year-old and proved why he was the best choice to be picked even after completion of summer transfer window. Other players who impressed with their form were Angel Di Maria and Ander Herrera who as well joined the league side recently.

The crushing victory gave solid reasons to Gaal to claim that his side would be the high scorer in current season defeating their arch rival Manchester City who led the tally last year. The Dutchman is not only excited to see how his new look team is performing in the field, but also confident that his new signees would continue showing their best in upcoming games. Moreover, former Barca manager doesn’t mind claiming that his team is in better position to reclaim their league title with new players supporting the side. He said in the post-match news conference, “I have played always attacking I believe and all my teams have scored the most of the league, so I hope at the end of this league we shall score also the most.

“I said to the players before that we have to make a new start, because we start from the first September after the transfer window. The purpose of our goal is to be in the first three because we have to qualify ourselves in the Champions League but that is not the most important thing. The most important thing is trajectory.

“We are building a process and we have to play in a certain style. At the end I hope to be manager of the champions of the Premier League. If it is not this year, then in my second year or my third year but I want to give the championship to the fans.”

Pinnacle Sports to Exit from UK Market


Curacao based Pinnacle Sports, the online gaming website that was founded in 1998 and has since become one of the world’s largest, fully licensed, online sports books, is the latest online gambling operator to announce its imminent exit from the U.K. market.

The operator issued a statement last Thursday advising that owing to imminent changes to the gambling licensing regulations in Britain, Pinnacle Sports will be unable to offer their services to any players that are resident in Great Britain after Tuesday, 30th September, 2014.

Pinnacle Sports provided clarity on the implications for existing U.K. players by revealing that amendments to the Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act will come into force on Wednesday, 1st October, 2014, that will see all companies that advertise or provide gambling services to British residents to be required to obtain a license from the British Gambling Commission.

Mourinho hails Diego Costa for his hat-trick at Stamford Bridge

It has always been a dream comes true for a player who made a controversial switch carrying lots of negative media stories about his form and suddenly becomes the star with a brilliant show in initials games for the new side. This happens rarely these days but for former Atletico Madrid forward Diego Costa, it holds true. Yes, 25-year-old Brazilian made an empathic entry into the field for Chelsea and impressed everyone with his maiden hat-trick in the last game with Swansea. Moreover, it surged his tally to seven goals in just four games playing for the Blues which makes him a promising contender in the English topflight this season. Manager Jose Mourinho is not a kind of person who appreciates a player without reason and when he is calling him a special player, you must accept that Costa is going to rock this English season. Look at the last match with Garry Monk side, they made an impressive start, in fact, were leading at one time, but confident Mourinho’s army did some magic and triumphed the game by 4-2.

Former Everton manager seems to be over exaggerated with his team’s last show hence did not mind calling themselves as too strong for the sides they are going to play henceforth. What he said about their wining march is, “It is difficult to stop our team, not just Diego. In these four games, we have had some good and bad periods, but when we are focused we are hard to stop.

“It is only four matches, four matches is nothing, it is just the beginning, but obviously it is better to have 12 points that four, five, six or seven. I didn’t like the first half. We couldn’t press and we gave too much freedom to the Swansea players, they were too comfortable. Half time was important for us and we could change a few things.”

While adding about his ‘special player’ second term serving Stamford Bridge mentor said, “He is a special player. He is one of the best strikers in football at this moment. We have an attacking team, a team that creates a lot and we have a team that creates a lot of chances for a striker.

“Seven goals is a surprise. No one expects one player to score seven goals in four matches, without penalties. It is fantastic. Everyone was expecting him to be comfortable and to adapt to our Premier League, but to score seven goals is a fantastic record.”

Gaal worried by injuries to key players

No one can imagine how devastating it could for a new manager if he finds more than eight senior players out for injuries, especially if you are mentoring one of the most pressing English sides Manchester United. This is something that is being happened with newly appointed Dutch manager Louis van Gaal who is finding no place to hide after finding nine senior players suspected to play in the Sunday game. This is a known fact that Red Devils could not as well impress anyone in the current league season and this is despite throwing money like nothing in the last summer transfer window, and more importantly, it was Gaal who was on the top of expectations with the kind of goodwill he has maintained throughout his career. This could also be just a bad phase for the new manager on English tour but even then 63-year-old would live under tremendous pressure to earn as many points as he can to sustain a respectable leaderboard position. Those, who have seen his Old Trafford campaign from the first day, were highly impressed with the former Barcelona mentor in the preseason games, but then something went wrong and United again could not do anything remarkable in initial league games.

If we look at the last English season of the heavyweights, former manager David Moyes faced similar problems during his short spell and Dutchman does not want just that to be repeated hence ever more worried for the next few games when most of his key players will not be available. Everyone knows that Gaal is a kind of person who does not give up easily, yet if you are playing in English topflight, pressure is always over the neck hence every coach and manager do more than what he can to at least sustain his reputation else we have seen in the past how top officials are thrown out if they fail to live up to the expectations.

Talking about the absence of key players, Gaal said, “This is a big concern, you are right, I think. We have to evaluate how we train, but for the level I demand as a coach we need to train like that. But the players have to adapt to that level and that’s the crucial thing. Because we have to grow and develop ourselves to the top of this sport, the Premier League.

“But I am always evaluating myself. That philosophy has brought a lot of titles, I’m sorry to say that.”