Liverpool fans to face Ronaldo’s factor again but against Real Madrid this time

Have you ever seen fans hooting a player who has once been extra lethal for them? Yes… quite often? It’s true this is a growing trend where fans don’t easily digest that any player who used to be a headache for them plays against them again especially if he has now become the world reckoned player. We are talking about Real Madrid’s star performer Cristiano Ronaldo and one of his former clubs Manchester United who is going to test his firing legs in the Champions League. Portuguese, undoubtedly, is in brilliant form these days and looks like breaking every record of the game and fans’ expected reaction could just be the regression about facing him again. Notably, Liverpool is playing in European league after a long time and their next game with Spanish giant has already created a buzz in the media that is why reports about fans’ possible hoot to Ronaldo are continuously running across media channels. To streamline the atmosphere and provide a quality ambience Real coach Carlo Ancelotti has asked the Reds to control their fans in the Wednesday’s CL’s Group B showdown at Anfield.

Notably, Ronaldo has played for more than six years for the league side Manchester United who is considered the biggest hurdle for the Brendan Rodgers to win English topflight, but there is a psychological relief for the league giants too, since, as per record book, Ronaldo has not scored on this pouch in five previous appearances so Liverpool fans can relax a bit if they rely on historic data. Anyways, talking about if current Ballon d’Or holder would fail again on the pitch, Ancelotti said, “No, ha, ha, he won’t be more motivated because it’s Liverpool. Cristiano is always super-motivated. But if the atmosphere is hostile it motivates him more.

“I followed Liverpool from 1984 when I faced them with Roma in the European Cup final and we lost on penalties. It’s always been a club that make me emotional. You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is incredible. No one sings it the way Liverpool fans do. “

Recalling the Istanbul game back in 2005, when he was with AC Milan, he added, “I remember how they sang it at the end of the first half in Istanbul. Incredible. One of the memories which had the biggest impact in my career. When we play I will go out early at Anfield because I want to hear fans sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’ It gives me so much emotion. I go on the internet and I listen to it and I make friends watch it. It’s really unique. Really.”

Gaal changes his stand over three months asking time

Whenever someone joins a big side he habitually makes several positive promises that he would improve the side in few months and all that, but later he finds that reality is way too different than what he had assumed it to be before joining the side. This is something that seems to be happened with Manchester United’s newly appointed Dutchman Louis van Gaal who joined the league side back in July and like anyone else he called everyone to analyze his reign after at least three months of service. Now, when media is asking him about what he did and what he could not, he has no words to explain about his style of working and the results it has until yielded. Notably, he replaced former manager Moyes who was sacked on not delivering the results and possibly Dutchman could have made those optimistic promises just to show his extra confidence and after three months of joining the league side he actually did nothing noticeable except throwing money like nothing and hired every other player of the world.

Regretting what he said or promised before joining the 2012-13 league champions, former Barcelona manager has now said that he should have not invited anyone to judge his working mare on the basis of three months. Seems he has now realized that serving an English side is way too difficult than mentoring any other side in the world hence clearly said he needed more time to change the outlook of the team completely. Explaining his point over three-month probation period, 63-year-old said at a news conference: “I have said it was very stupid to say three months because then you are only talking about three months. It is always the performance that counts, but the performance always goes up and down. Then we rise. When that date is, or what that match is, depends.”

He did not forget to highlight some of their good performances in the season and added, “But that was a very good game — against Everton we could not say it was very good. The first 60 minutes, maybe, but a game lasts 90 minutes.

“I don’t think points are very important in the process. It’s the game, it’s the style, it’s the formation, it’s the philosophy that we have to judge and not the points. The points are coming when we are playing good, and not only good for 60 minutes, but 90 minutes.”

Luis Enrique underplays next week clasico

The first showdown of the season between Real Madrid and Barcelona has always been the most awaiting game and this time too next week’s clasico has generated enough hype among soccer fans, especially after arrival of Suarez to Barca and looking at the world’s priciest forward line of their arch rivals. Generally, it is believed that whoever wins the clasico would be in the race for the La Liga title as well along with European Championship but not everyone counts over this theory including Luis Enrique who, though, calls the upcoming mega showdown as the biggest game of the season despite their seven points lead from Real. Notably, Barcelona is way ahead to their oldest rival in The Primera División’s leaderboard and even with that gap, Real looks forward to offer them a tough resistance to secure full three points against the army of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar. Last Saturday, Barca’s win over Eibar was one such game where Enrique displayed his full strength powered by one goal each from Xavi Hernandez, Messi, and Neymar and secured a crushing triumph, in fact, Argentinean finally netted his 250th La Liga career goal and now trailing with just one from Athletic Bilbao striker Telmo Zarra.

Blaugrana coach talked about the hype about next week’s game and if it would yield a title winner, he said, “The ideal scenario for us would be if Madrid had zero points and us what we have. There is such a long time left in the championship, it will not be decisive. We will go to the Bernabeu to win as we always do, especially in recent times, and to be better than Madrid. That is what we set out to do. But we also do that against Ajax. Now I want them to rest, to focus and to be ready.”

“I am delighted not to concede goals,” he added about securing a sweeping victory. “But the objective in a game is not to not concede, it is to win. It is normal for the opponent to make some chances. We were more consistent in the second half.”

While adding about Eibar he broadly praised them and added, “What Eibar are doing is marvellous to me. The club is a reflection of its coach and its players. It is brave, daring, hardworking. We had spoken before the game about this, that Eibar are not here by chance. They can have a great season.”

Hodgson sees a good manager in Rooney

When you start grasping the headlines you become an eye candy for everyone, no matter if your club wants you more or your national team boss, and if you are in England, you would find yourself in a situation where you could be the reason for a cold war between your club and national mentors. We are talking about latest heartthrob of English soccer: Wayne Rooney who seems to have become the eye candy for English bosses these days that is why he is getting promotions day by day. First, he was selected as the captain for Manchester United and then Roy Hodgson made him national team skipper, and now 67-year-old has said Rooney has all the potentials to manage English soccer after his professional career ends. This looks like counting too much over a concentrated player while reality could be entirely different. Many are taking it a backdrop of cold war between Dutchman and national boss where both are trying to take the honor of finding everything in just player which could not be fruitful in a long run as there are many players including some seniors ones who have long been waiting for a recognition and if you start highlighting only one player for all the good things, you can lose the confidence level of other teammates – remember soccer is still a team game!

Anyways, Rooney is up to have his 100th cap playing for England in the next month when Three Lions will play against Slovenia at Wembley and if we look at remaining time in his career, his can easily bypass Peter Shilton record of having played 125 games for England’s national side. Talking about Rooney and his post retirement career England manager said, “Wayne has a lot of playing time left so I can’t think he has given it much thought, but when you have had a career like he has had, or the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Terry or Cole have had, and you are that good a professional, then I would love to see them all stay in the game in a coaching or management role because they have so much to offer.”

Expecting an improved show in their next Euro qualifier with Slovenia, he added, “I’m sure all of them when they watch the game back will think: ‘I could have scored there. It’s nice to play some good football and have some nice moves but really the whole point of that is to score goals and Wayne was in the same boat as the others.”

Titanbet Teams Up With “The Sun” Newspaper


Titanbet, the Playtech powered online sports book operator has revealed that it has entered into a deal with The Sun newspaper in terms of which it will consolidate its presence in the British market by sponsoring the newspaper’s daily betting column. The deal will see Titanbet gaining access to the Sun’s pay-per-view client base via its online platform.

Tot’s Tips, journalist Andy Totham’s sports betting preview and one of the most widely read columns in the UK and its Longshot, Donut and Diamond are one of the UK’s most popular sports betting tips columns, giving expert tips on everything from boxing to football. Tot’s Tips goes through each Premier League clash every week and sets out the best betting action. It also suggests the best bets and long-shots that include all the football action due to take place over the weekend. branding will now feature prominently on The Sun’s betting section.

The sports book, that is run by Playtech’s subsidiary, PT Entertainment Services, is endeavoring to attract new customers in the competitive market by planning several new initiatives.

Russel Yershon, a spokesman for Titanbet said that The Sun’s betting column will give them fantastic exposure for the brand as well as great reach when it comes to sports bettors as they look to execute their launch strategy in the United Kingdom. Yershon added that they will be offering their readers exclusives throughout the football season that can be used on the desktop and mobile platform, including topical specials on big events.

The Sun’s tie-in with is the first partnership of this kind between a UK newspaper and an online casino or sports betting site.