Brendan Rodgers adores Sterling after Liverpool’s win over Chelsea in Capital One Cup

The 20-year-old Jamaican forward Raheem Sterling seems to have become an eye candy for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers who is not stopping praising him after his back to back brilliant shows in the English season. Capital One Cup semifinal against Chelsea is the perfect example of how good form he is in these days and Rodgers is finding no reason he should not admire his young striker who is exactly filling the space after Suarez move to Barcelona. Since, this season has not been as successful as supposed to be for the Reds, not many fans had expected them to triumph against league toppers but when they eventually did it, fans cheered a bit and forget all the setbacks Anfield side gave them in last couple of months. Though, Sterling is doing well but still many are not taking him alike Suarez who moved on a seventy five million pounds price tag to Barca in June when FIFA banned him for biting Italian player in a world cup game. Those who are following the West American closely are impressed by the passing the ball technique showcased by the Liverpool, in fact, it was the fifty first pass that converted into goal by Sterling at Bournemouth.

With the kind of form Jamaican is in Rodgers seems to be fast becoming his follower hence expect a changed field spread in next few games at least as far Sterling is concerned. What Irish man said about him, is, “He has got a wee bit of stick Raheem over the last while or so, which I find incredible. He has been outstanding for us. Last season, he was a young kid at 18 or 19 years of age, playing up top with some world class players. This season, he hasn’t got that. This is the reality and a lot of focus has been on him.

“He has not scored the goals that maybe people expect of him, but that’s not what I expect. I expect him to create goals and score goals over the course of the season. You see him tonight in the strikers role and we want to see him getting between people and not get tackled. Spin in behind and his pace and dribbling ability is there to see.”

“He can play across the front line,” he added about a possible change in his field position. “His best position is on the left, dipping inside, making runs in behind, creating one vs. ones. I put him in the position because I believe he can play in it. He played there in the youth team at Liverpool and he has the quality to do it.”

Ronaldo and Messi are the best: Raul Gonzalez

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the two players who enjoy fans following from around the world and why not after all they are probably among the few players who have written their names in record books for a maximum number of times. Since both of them usually play in Spanish as well European league, most of their records come in those territories only, and this season is no exception. On one side, Ronaldo enjoyed being the fastest goals scorer with two new feats to his name, his arch rival Messi recently completed his 75 Championship goals surpassing former Spanish professional footballer Raul Gonzalez Blanco’s record and not to mention Real starlet is closely following him with just a two goals trail. Like any player whose record is broken, Raul praises the new name replacing him and called Messi as well Ronaldo as two finest strikers contemporary soccer could ever has. He undisputedly named both of them as the proud entrants to the hall of fame of soccer masters without giving any weigh to rumors who is better among them.

Experts have ever been in the dilemma when deciding whether Messi is better or Ronaldo coz if Argentinian does well in one season his Portuguese friend edges him in the next one and debate remains unsolved. Calling them best in the football history, current New York Cosmos’ striker said, “They are two of the best players in the history of football, like Pele and Maradona. I also think Neymar and Aguero will overtake me sooner or later. As for Italy, the best player in history is Del Piero. I not only have respect for him, but also lots of affection.”

Raul did not stop his appreciation here and added some beautiful comments about Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti who has been as much successful as any legendary manager could have ever dreamed of with twenty straight wins in a row for his side. Talking about him, 37-year-old added, “I rate him highly. He’s doing a great job. He won the Champions League — the Decima — in his first year, and he has a great relationship with the players.

“They’ve found a balance at a really high level, and they’re going at a rate of knots this season. I just hope they can keep it up because we’re only at mid-December. I’m sure they can go on to win all the trophies available. Pep Guardiola’s doing a great job too, and Bayern are going to be Real’s No. 1 rival for the Champions League,” he added about Real’s biggest hurdle in current Championship title.

Michael Carrick considers United a strong contender for English topflight this season

Slow and steady wins the race, we know that but when we are talking about soccer especially about English premier league we expect our favorite team to win every match comes to its way even if they require to hire and fire anyone. Manchester United, who has been struggling to even survive in domestic and European fronts since legendary Alex ended his over two decades old regime, started well in this season under improvised leadership of Dutch mentor Louis van Gaal but they could not impress anyone despite throwing money like nothing in the last transfer window. But after Sunday game with Liverpool. Gaal proved he is only one who can bring United’s glorious days back. The Reds Devils overpowered Gunners by 3-0 and became the third position holder in the leaderboard with just Chelsea and Manchester City ahead of them. However, they are trailing by good eight points to Blues but looking at their form in last few weeks, fans expect them to at least qualify for the UEFA tourney next season.

If we count the recent statement made by Michael Carrick, they are even in the race to win this English season if players continue playing like they did last weekend. Apparently, it looks like an overstated declaration made by an excited fellow, but looking at last few matches played by Old Trafford side, they did some innovative things including rotating field spread and overruling their age-old passing the ball theory and credit goes to one and only Gaal who had promised for such changes on his appointment. Anyways, talking about the odds United now enjoy after Sunday game, Carrick said in his recent interview, “We are always looking at how we can get to the top. All in all we are in a pretty decent position at the moment. We need to stay up there, we need to stay in touch, then come Christmas and come January, as we’ve said for many years now, if we are up there challenging then we will give ourselves a great chance.

“We have won six matches in a row, and that is fantastic but we have to improve our playing style still. We could have dominated the game for 90 minutes today but we didn’t do that. We gave unnecessary balls away in the second half. We have to improve but we are very pleased because we know what it is to win against Liverpool.”

CG Technology in Sports Wagering Deal with Baha Mar in the Bahamas


CG Technology, a leading Sports Betting company, recently announced a deal with the $3.5 billion Baha Mar resort in The Bahamas.

In terms of the deal, Las Vegas based CG Technology will provide the hotel-casino development, which is currently under construction, with a complete mobile sports wagering system and will also provide risk management consulting services to Baha Mar. Guests at Baha Mar will have the opportunity to download the company’s sports wagering application which will enable them to make wagers on a smart phone, tablet computer as well as other mobile devices as long as the customer and the device are located at the Baha Mar resort in Nassau.

The agreement will also see Baha Mar building a state-of-the-art race and sports lounge at the Baha Mar Casino & Hotel. The casino will be the largest in the Caribbean with over 100,000 square feet and will feature fantastic ocean views as well as the latest gaming technologies. Sports wagering fans will be offered a sophisticated wagering environment in the new race and sports lounge that includes the very latest in technological advancements and convenience.

CG Technology will now enjoy a monopoly in The Bahamas as it already provides sports wagering technology to the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.

According to Lee M Amaitis, the President and Chief Executive Officer of CG Technology, the agreement with Baha Mar highlights the versatility and innovation of CG Technology’s product offering and they are delighted to partner with Baha Mar to usher in a new era of luxury resort vacations in The Bahamas.

Coral to Extend Sponsorship of Scottish Grand National


Leading UK bookmaker Coral, the gaming brand of Gala Coral Group, has revealed that it has signed a new five year agreement in terms of which it will continue to sponsor the Scottish Grand National, Scotland’s most prestigious jump races.

Coral first sponsored the race in 2007 and it is now the second richest jumps race run on a Saturday in the United Kingdom, behind only the Crabbies Grand National.

This year’s race, which was one of the most viewed UK horse races of 2014, was won by Al Co and was watched by over 1.3 million viewers on Channel 4.

According to Simon Clare, the PR and Broadcast Director at Coral, the Coral Scottish Grand National is now one of the most watched and most bet on horse race in Great Britain and the race continues to go from strength to strength. Clare added that they have forged a strong and dynamic partnership with Ayr Racecourse, who are a brilliant racecourse to work with and are committed to taking this fantastic event to new heights in the years to come.

David Brown, the Managing Director at Ayr Racecourse, added that Coral’s sponsorship of the Scottish Grand National has turned out to be one of the most successful partnerships between a racecourse and a bookmaker in horse racing. Brown also said that the news that it is being extended for a further 5 years is a huge boost to not only everyone involved at Ayr Racecourse but also to racing as a whole and that the Coral Scottish Grand National is one of the iconic races of the jumps calendar with a rich history which makes it fitting to have such a prestigious company as Coral as their sponsors.

The 2015 Coral Scottish Grand National Festival is scheduled to be run on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April, 2015.