Inspirational transformation of Marouane Fellaini – from Zero to Hero

It is not necessary every high profile player displays best of his class in the debut season itself; in fact, it has happened lots of time off late where a star player of one side becomes dreadful for another if makes a switch. Manchester United is one such side who recently made several interesting buying last summer and 27-year-old midfielder Marouane Fellaini is one of them who made a switch to Old Trafford at £27.5 million back in 2013 from Everton and then he played under guidelines of David Moyes who used to be mentor that time. But his beginning was not as expected while many experts are calling it a failure of then manager not to use him on his best position while newly appointed manager Van Gaal changed his position and furthered him up from defensive midfield and result in front of all of us. He got a standing ovation during last game against Manchester City on Sunday where he scored both the goals for his side. Now, he has become an eye candy for United fans while he used to be like a victim of their anger in the last season. This transformation is very rare in contemporary soccer where media lambast you more than anyone else for each failure of yours making it even more difficult for you to recover off it, but Fellaini sets an example of how to do it confidently.

Captain Wayne Rooney has praised his player for changing the way fans used to take him and added how he could cope up with the new position this year under Dutchman guidelines; he said “He is getting used in the right way. He is a handful for defenders to mark. We like to play out from the back and if teams are pressing us then we have him as an option. He is probably the best in world football at bringing the ball down and getting us out of that pressure and further up the pitch. He is being used in the right way by the manager and he is repaying the manager with goals and good performances.

“Last year was awful for him but he kept his head down worked hard and came through that tough period. He is showing now what he did at Everton and why Manchester United bought him. He is a quality player. He is a different option for us. It is starting to show on the pitch.

“It was tough for him but he had the whole team’s support. We knew he was working hard and it wasn’t just him struggling last season; a lot of us were. He was the one who took most of the blame for it. It was hard for him. Thankfully the manager has shown faith in him.”

Wenger predicts Arsenal’s Invincible run back again

If we are asked to point out one team who has been the most surprising for soccer fans this year, it is not Chelsea but Arsenal who stunned with its Invincible performance in last couple of weeks. In fact, this Emirates side has now won eight consecutive games in the English topflight and sixteen of last eighteen in all competitions which is just behind of their glorious days back in 2004. Apart from fans, even manager Arsene Wenger is amazed to see how his army of not so well-known players is playing these days. More importantly, it is their defense that is doing magic these days like what we have seen in the last game with Burnley that they triumphed by a maiden goal. Calling the current feat unimaginable, Frenchman said, “I always hope the best of my team but no manager in the world if he is serious can predict a run like that. Sometimes you cannot always win 3-1 or 4-1 or 5-1. You have to be capable as well to win 1-0 and I am glad we can do that as well. We know we can play with sharpness and fluency but we know that today was a bit more scrappy, more fighting, more combative and we can produce that side as well.”

Using the opportunity to recalls their invincible run back in 2003-04, 65-year-old added, “I would just remind you that we won a championship without losing a game. Nobody else has done that. We want to carry on and keep this good run going until the end.” Talking about the limitations every side passes through, he further added to have been restraint by obvious factors and said, “You can’t play your best football every game. We tried to be focused on not conceding and it’s one more clean sheet. As long as we were winning the game, I don’t think we were in too much danger. We are really pleased.

“It was a big fight. All the way we tried to play our football. Even though we didn’t score the second goal, we were pleased with the performance. It was a big win for us. People forget that we had big players out for four months and at some stages six or seven players from the squad completely out so that made a big difference. We have a better balance in the team. Some players have made it like Coquelin contributes to the balance of the team.

Hector Bellerin now has come into the team and big players like Koscielny, like Giroud, like Ozil were out for four months in the season. Four months: the three together. People forget that as well.”

Betway Expands Marketing Operations into Rugby

Betway, one of the leading online betting and casino operators, has revealed that it has entered into an agreement with Mike Tindall, the former England rugby captain and 2003 World Cup winner to become a Betway ambassador.

The agreement will see Tindall helping to promote the Betway brand before this year’s 2015 Rugby World Cup (RWC) national team competition by featuring in Betway’s advertising and promotional material that will appear on multiple media platforms.

Tindall will also make media appearances and provide content for the Betway blog ahead of the World Cup, the autumn internationals as well as next year’s Six Nations.

Richard Akitt, the Chief Executive Officer at Betway, revealed that signing a rugby legend such as Mike Tindall is another significant coup for Betway and they are eagerly looking forward to sharing his unique insights with their customers. He added that the Rugby World Cup promises to be a truly wonderful event and that they are thrilled to welcome Mike on board.

Trindall added that following the gripping final Saturday of this year’s Six Nations, anticipation for the World Cup have heightened considerably. He also said that the tournament highlighted that England, Wales and Ireland can all be considered as genuine contenders to lift the Webb Ellis trophy and that he is extremely excited to help Betway analyze and guide their customers through this tremendously exciting tournament and beyond.

Betway’s expansion of its marketing operations into rugby follows the operator having also struck a deal this month to become to become the new title sponsor of the UK Championship Snooker tournament.

Wenger highlights the importance of home-grown young players

The success of every sport lies in how fast it can generate young and promising talent on regular basis. Obviously, it then depends upon how popular or rewarding that particular game has been and if we are talking about soccer, it is undoubtedly the most happening game of sport today. When we are talking about importance of home grown talent how can we miss English soccer which has seen its worst decline in recent years? Many experts have rang an alarm for rising participation of foreign players in English league, especially English premier league, yet no English club is willing to miss any player if he is promising no matter where he belongs to. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has always been a critic of this practice being dominating in England for last few years and righty so he also lambasted other high spending sides who love to lure every young foreign player ignoring their own talent. The 65-year-old Frenchman recently accepted that no team can survive for long by only depending upon its aged and experienced players, in fact, every side needs to explore its own talent on a regular basis to expand its scope in every aspiring player’s mind.

The longest running Arsenal manager has always been a close follower of youth academies being managed by clubs hence says there should be a natural regeneration process that should continue the chain of hiring the fresh talent. Talking about the problem, Wenger said, “When all your main players get close to 30, you can’t buy a 30-year-old player, you have to buy a player who is 22 or 23, because if you buy another player of 30, they all die together. You have to analyse individually as well as it depends on the physical potential of a player, not only of the age.

“If a player is 30 percent over what the others are, then if he drops at 32, he can play at 35, because even when he drops, he is at the level requested. It is like Bolt, who can still win a 100-metre race at 33. If he was at limit at 28, then at 32 he will not win anymore, but he is so much above that he can still win the race.”

“When we had the period of restricted finances, we had to sell the players when they started to perform — from 18 to 23. A player becomes a player at 23 or 24, but if you have to sell them at 23 or 24, then you just feel you work for the other clubs.”

Betway Agrees Title Sponsorship Deal with World Snooker

Betway, one of the leading online gaming operators, has revealed that it has agreed to a title sponsorship deal with World Snooker for the UK Championship.

The championship, which will be known as the 2015 Betway UK Championship, is scheduled to take place from 24th November to 6th December, 2015 at the Barbican in York.

This latest sponsorship follows Betway’s recent sponsorship of World Snooker’s Shoot-Out tournament and the World Seniors Championship which was held at the Blackpool Tower Circus Arena last month and sees the operator continuing to invest in British sport.

According to Richard Akitt, the Chief Executive Officer of Betway, they are thrilled to confirm their commitment to snooker fans everywhere by extending their presence in the sport in sponsoring such a prestigious tournament. Akitt added that snooker is a sport which is going places with worldwide viewing figures increasing year-on-year and that it is fantastic for them to be associated with the game as it breaks new ground.

Barry Hearn, the chairman of World Snooker said that they are delighted to welcome Betway on board for which is truly one of the crown jewels of the snooker calendar. He also revealed that Betway had recently sponsored the Shoot-Out and World Seniors Championship and they are, therefore, aware of the incredible exposure that they can expect through their sport and that the Betway UK Championship will be watched by many millions of people across the planet as the very best players compete for one of the most prestigious titles.

Betway is also the shirt sponsor of Premier League club West Ham United and the title sponsor of the Betway Premier League Darts amongst others.