Sports betting becomes the major revenue head for online casinos in Nevada

The sovereignty of sports betting among other forms of gambling is again confirmed by the Gaming Control Board this Thursday when they said Sports betting remains the top grossing segment for gaming operators here in Nevada. Knowingly, Nevada is one of the few US States where online sports betting is allowed with some restrictions hence every bettor tries to wager using the leverage given by the Federal Government and we have a record number of revenue every month in this State. Factually, sports betting leads among the other offerings by the casinos both online and offline and it has been the 32nd month in last 36 when sports betting helped casinos revive their balance sheets. If we compare the sports pool revenue on YoY basic there has been a record seventy percent increase to the last year figure which is a record in itself, and looking at this growth, other states have a strong chance to get legalized to offer sports betting services legitimately and if we look at sports betting share in this pool, there has been an impressive 16 percent jump from the last year figure of the same period.

The senior research analyst at Union Gaming covering the Las Vegas market, John DeCree, said talking about the impressive growth in this segment, “Mobile betting apps are a key driver of the increased wagers, which make it easier for people to place bets. The rise of fantasy sports has attracted a larger pull for sports betting as well. In addition, the expansion of in-game and proposition wagering is all driving higher sports book volumes.”

If we look at other casino games and how good they could be for the casinos’ bankroll, Baccarat is the unusual game that saw almost a ten percent growth in the last year which is quite surprising for everyone since there has been a general perception slots are the most popular online casino games today. However, talking about slots share in the casinos total revenue, DeCree added, “The slot play in the month looked fine, but the table volumes were a little lighter than we had anticipated. Given some of the new amenities that opened in the month on the Strip, like the T-Mobile Arena and The Park, nongaming may have grabbed a greater share of tourist dollars, which could explain some of the softer gaming volumes.”

Vermantia is the first one to be licensed to offer betting on virtual games in Romania

When almost every sports betting operator is expanding its arms to cover the entire world, many of them are more serious to achieve this target than others. Vermantia, which is a leading provider of premium content for lotteries, gaming and betting operators worldwide, is the one who has been more aggressive to launch its betting services across South American states. After just five days of its launching its services in Brazil, they have now completed all the legal formalities to begin their operations in Romania. The central European country Romania is known to be the biggest bet for the Greece based gambling service provider as they will have to compete with many top notching biggies of the business very soon hence they will have to use all their firing weapons if they want to succeed including launching of latest gaming engines in association with a trusted local partner like what they did in Brazil to earn more faith of the local gamblers.

Although, for the time being, they will only be offering betting on fantasy sports – not on real one- as prescribed by the gaming regulator who is in the process of allowing them to operate as full-fledged betting services provider. ONJN, the National Gambling Agency of Romania, announced to have issued Vermantia the first licensed certification to offer its services in fantasy sports within Romanian gambling space. Knowingly, with this approval, they become the first one to have fully legitimated license to operate in the central European state which is a milestone in itself for them since there are many other giants who have long been trying to get the one for a long time.

Informing about the newest market they are going to enter very soon, Vermantia Regional Sales Director, said, Carlos Silva, “Our license in the Romanian gaming market proves Vermantia’s continuous effort and evolution within the last 2 transformational years. We are delighted to become the first company to receive this license for our software and content in Romania. We have already established strong relationships with some of the most acknowledged operators and we will be soon launching premium virtual gaming channels with market leaders Superbet and Getsbet”.

Knowingly, Vermantia has the rich experience of offering betting on virtual sports and this is their maiden entry into the state as well hence it is being presumed they will come up there with lots of luring offerings so Romanian bettors come to them and see the difference in quality, biasness, and loyalty between a regulated and unregulated operator.

Ladbrokes Coral to relook at their post-merger market strategy after reported 400 shops shut down rumors


Ever since the merger news between Ladbrokes and Gala Coral has seen the day of light, its aftermaths are getting more heat than the merger itself, in fact, after few betting experts revealed if such a merger takes place, more than 400 betting shops would have to be shut down for competition concerns which should be a big deal for any venture shaping its feet in UK online sports betting market. Looking at the alarm being raised by the industry experts, both Ladbrokes and Coral are re-analyzing their future plans and would announce the official date of merger once they are ready with a solid post-merger strategy.

Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), who revealed the possibility of such a big shutdown in sports betting, is also busy in supporting their analysis with concrete facts hence they are as well elaborating their findings over possible competition clash among the two entrants. Martin Cave, inquiry chair, explained the market share each of them enjoys in current online betting market, he said, “The evidence available to us indicated that LBOs compete more strongly the closer they are to each other geographically and that, as such, distance is generally a good proxy for the strength of competitive constraint. More specifically, we found that the competitive constraint one LBO exerts on another LBO diminishes sharply as the distance between them increases.”

While, on the other side, experts are also busy calculating the position of Ladbrokes Coral should such a venture takes place, and like what has earlier been predicted, they will be after Bet365 and Sky Bet who will still be at number one and two for millions of searches bettors made about them. In terms of revenue as well, Bet365 will be way ahead of the new venture – for the time being at least! Moreover, if we look at the mobile market, both Bet365 and Sky Bet are almost equal hence this is the area Ladbrokes Coral should focus on.

Adding about the earlier findings, Cave said, “We’ll now consider responses to our provisional findings before coming to a final decision. If our provisional findings are confirmed and divestiture would be a suitable remedy, Ladbrokes/Coral may have to sell a large number of shops to a suitable purchaser or purchasers in order to preserve competition in those local areas. We’ll need to look closely at the exact number of shops and areas that would be involved – the overall size and complexity may mean that the sales need to be substantially completed before the merger can go ahead.”

Merger between Ladbrokes and Coral merger could close 400 betting shops: CMA


If preliminary reports are to be believed, Ladbrokes and Coral could land into a merger that would create a £2.3bn venture capital to offer betting services in UK. However, the news is not as good for bettors since proposed merger would shut down as many as 400 betting shops across United Kingdom shrinking competition and available options to the serious bettors. The Competition and Markets Authority has revealed the details about side effects of proposed merger and how it could fail on players’ expectations, while on the other side, both Ladbrokes and Coral are number two and three operators within the state, hence if they come together, they would be in a better position to expand their business. For now, it looks like lesser number of betting shops would not leave any good impact on the betting industry hence CMA has warned if any of Ladbrokes or Coral decides to close their existing shops, it would indirectly benefit William Hill who owns a portfolio of 2400 betting shop, although the new venture would have a much larger chain of betting shops yet they would not suffice the needy players who have long been associated with them as a separate entity.

Talking about the proposed deal and its aftermath, Martin Cave, chairman of the CMA, said: “We’ve provisionally found that the merger between two of the largest bookmakers in the country may be expected to reduce competition and choice for customers in a large number of local areas. Discounts and offers of free bets to individual customers are ways betting shops respond to local competition which could be threatened by the merger. We’re also concerned that such a widespread potential reduction in competition at the local level could worsen those elements that are set nationally, such as odds and betting limits.”

According to experts, though new merger would have to close as many as 400 shops to better concentrate on the remaining, they should focus on their existing customers before they move out to their competitor. Cave added, “We’ll need to look closely at the exact number of shops and areas that would be involved – the overall size and complexity may mean that the sales need to be substantially completed before the merger can go ahead.”

The response to the CMA statement went into Ladbrokes favor whose share opened seven percent high on the stock exchange and a spokesman from the group issued a statement confirming their views with the CMA, he said, “Our focus now will be agreeing the remedies with the CMA and finding the appropriate buyer or buyers for the shops.”

Tipbet to Offer E-Sports Betting

Leading German sports betting operator Tipbet has announced that, in cooperation with Betradar, it now offers betting on eSports events and games which will greatly expand its program with innovative content for the German and International market.

The eSports offers will be presented on Tipbet’s online platform as well as directly for any products integrated in the retail areas of betting shops for punters who wish to be on eSports competitions.

The company will, at first, accept bets on competitions and events that feature popular games such as Counter-Strike, Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends, Global Offensive and Starcraft II as well as live betting on major matches that will be based on the popularity of the eSports. This will soon be followed by live betting being available for DotA2 matches.

Bahadir Malkoc, the Managing Director at Tipbet, said that eSports is a young and exciting project and that with their new eSports offer they are furthering the popularity of the sports at the same time. He added that they believe in the future of eSports and want their product to be a part of this successful story.

Lorenzo Caci, the Director of Sales at Sportradar, added that as mentioned by Bahadir, eSports is an exciting addition to Tipbet’s offering and they are extremely delighted that they have chosen to work with them and trust their expertise. Caci went on to say that they have worked hard in-house in order to ensure that their full suite of products and services are fully tailored to the individual eSports and want their clients to be confident that they have a partner who will generate value for them today and tomorrow