N.F.L. Team Signs Agreement with Fantasy Sports


Boston based daily fantasy sports startup DraftKings has teamed with the New England Patriots on a marketing deal for the current N.F.L. season.

This is the first time that a daily fantasy site has entered into a partnership with any professional football team in the flourishing daily fantasy sports sector.

The deal will include enhanced public exposure for DraftKings through the popular LED display of its brand at the football club’s Gillette Stadium and its publicity content will also appear on New England Patriot’s social media accounts, newsletter as well as “Tip of the Week” on the Patriot’s official website.

Paul Liberman, the Marketing Executive at the fantasy sports company revealed that DraftKings is extremely proud of its association with the New England Patriots which is one of the league’s most successful franchises, right in their backyard.

Liberman also said that the Patriots are one of the league’s model franchises and that they are extremely pleased to align themselves with them. He added that they are looking forward to bringing the excitement of daily fantasy sports into the game-day experience.

Daily fantasy sports are continuing to fill the void that was left after the U.S. Department of Justice cracked down on online poker and other gambling during 2011. DraftKings and FanDuel are amongst other sites that allow their customers to compete for cash prizes in short term contests that are based on the real-life outcomes of sporting events. The contests are legal as federal law treats fantasy sports as games of skill and therefore not gambling.

New Jersey Sports Betting Bid Challenged by Sports Leagues


Shortly after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie approved a new intrastate sports betting law, the US national sports leagues, led by NCAA and NFL noted that they are totally opposed to the new betting law and that they intend challenging the state once again.

A lawsuit was filed by the sports organizations a few days ago attempting to block the expansion of gambling that the new law represents by applying for an injunction from federal Judge Michael Ship, who ruled against New Jersey in its original attempt.

According to the league this latest initiative to legalize sports betting in the Garden State is an attempt to circumvent federal law. The bodies are supported by the fact that they have generally been successful in preventing New Jersey’s sports betting initiatives in previous court actions.

Court documentation shows that the legal challenge is being lead by the N.C.A.A., the N.F.L., the National Basketball Association and the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball.

It has been reported that New Jersey’s first sports book will have a soft opening on Sunday, 26th October, 2014 at Monmouth Park racetrack where operators plan to have 10 tellers taking bets on the National Football League only, and all by hand.

In order for a judge to grant an injunction, the leagues will have to prove that it will suffer irreparable harm from having sports wagered at Monmouth Park on Sunday.

State Senator Raymond J. Lesniak, who sponsored the bill that was signed by Governor Christie, said that he has a hard time believing that a judge will determine that the leagues can prove that they can be irreparably damaged by Monmouth racetrack’s taking bets, when people are placing bets every single day legally in Nevada. He added that they want a monopoly and want to have their gambling through fantasy sports.

Real Madrid manager would refuse Barca job if ever comes to him

When you make a switch between arch rivals, pressure is always over you to perform even better than what you have done for the former side and it holds true for players, managers, and coaches. Like in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona have ever been the arch rivals of each other and they share a healthy rivalry as well even then whenever a player decides to move from one to another crowd remembers him and expects him not to do his best against their side. Real manager Carlo Ancelotti is one such person who has played for both the sides during his playing career and is often recalled for his performance for Barca against Real during 1996– his former side. To make sure this does not happen again with him, he said in his recent interview that he would not take over Barca job if he is with Real. This looks like unrealistic statement but is true that Italian pro is finding a comfortable zone working with President Florentino Perez hence even a lucrative call to switch among arch rivals would not entice him.

Calling his tuning with Real president as the perfect, he said, “I like to compare Florentino with Berlusconi because they are fans. They are different to those who buy a team, like Roman Abramovich or Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who become fans over time. It is more difficult working with presidents without experience in the world of football.

“I really like my relationship with him. From the start, we have always been in total agreement. It would be difficult to find a better place to work. To be 24 years at Madrid is impossible — but I would like to end my career at this club.”

For many, this is just an exaggerated statement from a manager towards his boss which looks more like flattering attempt than any intelligent declaration. Anyways, what he said calling everyone not to do this, is, “I think that if I train Milan, I could never coach Inter out of respect to Milan and also to Inter. It is the same with Roma and Lazio.

“So if I train Madrid, I could never coach Barcelona or Atletico either. I must respect my own history and also the history of the club I have coached. I do not believe a Barca fan would be happy with someone who had been a Madrid coach.”

Balotelli suspected to complete his contract term with Liverpool: Brendan Rodgers

There are some players who always live up with a kind of assumption about them; sometime these guesses are related to their form, salary, and consistency while most of the time, it relates to their stability with any particular side. Former AC Milan’s controversial striker Mario Balotelli is one such player who has ever been in the news for his notorious activities inside and outside of the field. In fact, he used to be a Manchester City man pre Milan era and then City had to release him after being fed up with his continuous media coverage for wrong reasons. Later, he moved to his home side AC Milan and there too he could not spend more time despite having been the highest goals scorer for the Italian side. Now, he is a Liverpool man where he has signed a rather long term deal but many believe he won’t be able to carry his full term citing his bad form on the field and manager Brendan Rodgers is one of them who doubts about his long term stay at Anfield even in this English spell.

Many would call it premature to judge anyone knowingly if he had just spent two months with the new side, but Rodgers thinks otherwise. He suspects his disciplinary conduct as the biggest hurdle for his career including one incident where he openly exchanged his t-shirt with Real defender Pepe. The 24-year-old has until played ten games for his new side and scored just one goal which is rather unexpected from a player of his class especially when he had been the highest goals scorer for Milan during his one year stay. Anyway, Rodgers refuses to have taken any disciplinary action for his t-shirt swapping act and said, “Any action we take, we’ll keep to ourselves. We’ve had a conversation on the culture in this country, and in particular at Liverpool, and that was it — the matter closed.

“I think there’ll be that, of course. It’s something will happen maybe if you aren’t scoring or the team aren’t playing well. Whether the criticism is deserved or not, it’s a part of the game, and you have to accept it. No one likes it, however it comes, but as an individual, as a team and as a coach, you have to accept that.

“It’s one where the boy is genuinely trying very, very hard. Longer term, we’ll see how that works out for him. Certainly, he is working hard on the training field to improve his opportunities to play in the team and to score goals.”

Liverpool fans to face Ronaldo’s factor again but against Real Madrid this time

Have you ever seen fans hooting a player who has once been extra lethal for them? Yes… quite often? It’s true this is a growing trend where fans don’t easily digest that any player who used to be a headache for them plays against them again especially if he has now become the world reckoned player. We are talking about Real Madrid’s star performer Cristiano Ronaldo and one of his former clubs Manchester United who is going to test his firing legs in the Champions League. Portuguese, undoubtedly, is in brilliant form these days and looks like breaking every record of the game and fans’ expected reaction could just be the regression about facing him again. Notably, Liverpool is playing in European league after a long time and their next game with Spanish giant has already created a buzz in the media that is why reports about fans’ possible hoot to Ronaldo are continuously running across media channels. To streamline the atmosphere and provide a quality ambience Real coach Carlo Ancelotti has asked the Reds to control their fans in the Wednesday’s CL’s Group B showdown at Anfield.

Notably, Ronaldo has played for more than six years for the league side Manchester United who is considered the biggest hurdle for the Brendan Rodgers to win English topflight, but there is a psychological relief for the league giants too, since, as per record book, Ronaldo has not scored on this pouch in five previous appearances so Liverpool fans can relax a bit if they rely on historic data. Anyways, talking about if current Ballon d’Or holder would fail again on the pitch, Ancelotti said, “No, ha, ha, he won’t be more motivated because it’s Liverpool. Cristiano is always super-motivated. But if the atmosphere is hostile it motivates him more.

“I followed Liverpool from 1984 when I faced them with Roma in the European Cup final and we lost on penalties. It’s always been a club that make me emotional. You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is incredible. No one sings it the way Liverpool fans do. “

Recalling the Istanbul game back in 2005, when he was with AC Milan, he added, “I remember how they sang it at the end of the first half in Istanbul. Incredible. One of the memories which had the biggest impact in my career. When we play I will go out early at Anfield because I want to hear fans sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’ It gives me so much emotion. I go on the internet and I listen to it and I make friends watch it. It’s really unique. Really.”