Dr Steve Peters levels Rodgers with Sir Dave Brailsford

English Premier League offer a complete soccer entertainment where players, managers, and fans enjoy the best of both worlds, but at the same time, they also feel like being under a double edged sword that builds a continuous pressure on them to perform well otherwise no one can save them – remember Moyes. If we talk about the most promising performance of the season, it is undoubtedly Liverpool along with Chelsea of course, but more significantly, it is Liverpool who had been kept away from the league title for twenty four long years. Now, when they are just few matches away of holding their first big title in over two decades, they are getting appreciation calls from all around the world, and one such notable is none other than Reds’ official psychologist Steve Peters who has compared the manager Brendan Rodgers with former Cycling team boss Sir Dave Brailsford. This is not a new trend in soccer when someone starts comparing you with any of the greats if he likes you as we have seen off late how a player is being compared to players like Maradona or Pele. But, Rodgers’ appraisal has come from an unorthodox source who has not been closely associated with any soccer team, or in other words, he is the master of reading minds and predicting how far it can go.

Dr Steve Peters is not an ordinary man making a sentimental statement, perhaps he has guided the whole world about various techniques to manage your mind, and if he liked the way 41-year-old Northern Irish football has prepared his team mentally that brought them to the bank of first league title in many years, there would have been a reason behind this. This English sports psychiatrist has been associated with some world known talents in various sports, like Sir Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton. He specifically called Irish manager ‘very psychologically minded who wants to make sure he’s got it right. He will question what I do, engage with it. To me, it is just magic to work with somebody like that. You work as a team again. And I can’t tell him what to do. He will say to me: ‘What do you suggest? What do you recommend?’”

Anyways, the biggest threat for Liverpool is from Manchester City, who has played one lesser game, and to some extent from Chelsea because of its very confident manager, but in any case, it has been a great season for Rodgers and he surely deserves to be among the league winners!

Sunderland defeated Chelsea and Mourinho’s “congratulation” to referee

Things are getting hotter day by day in the English Premier league and that is why tone of the criticism has also taken a new shape. Yes, we are talking about last Chelsea vs Sunderland match that went against Jose Mourinho’s highly confident army and they lost an important game at a crucial stage. They are now two points adrift off Liverpool despite playing one extra game which means they are losing hopes to lift the League title under former Everton manager’s mentorship. Perhaps, if we look at the aftermath of the match, Mourinho not only accepted his defeat but also congratulated – not the winner – but referee Mike Dean and his boss Mike Riley for putting an important contribution to his side’s loss. Notably, Blues lost off an important penalty that later argued to be a wrong one and this is what is itching the 51-year-old Portuguese football manager who is known for or his furious attacks over referees if any decision goes against them.

Apart from match referee, he also applauded referee’s boss Mike Riley who, according to him, orchestrated the whole episode against Stamford Bridge side. Those who were watching the game live know how this Portuguese did not only restrain himself from confronting with the referee, but also asked his assistant Rui Faria not to disobey referee’s decision. Many experts are calling it a result of recent sanctions against the firing manager for his recent clashes with the referees on similar ground. However, current episode not only pressurizing referees to clear their stand, but Chelsea fans also look to be in full support of their side. What Mourinho said after the match is, “Mike Dean’s performance was unbelievable and when referees have unbelievable performances it’s fair to congratulate them. He came here with one objective, the objective to make a fantastic performance and he did that.

“Congratulations to Mike Riley, because he’s the referees’ boss, and what they are doing during the whole season is fantastic, especially in the last couple of months, especially in matches involving the teams that were in the title race – it’s absolutely fantastic.”

Looking at the leaderboard, Chelsea position is in dramatic stage as their remaining matches are against some high profile sides, including Liverpool. If they somehow manage to defeat Liverpool in away match and Liverpool lose other games too, North London side can dream of holding the League title into their hands. Let’s wait and watch the exciting finish to English topflight this season!

Liverpool on the bank of the League title, Rodgers advices his team to play fair

Soccer has ever been labeled as a gentlemen game, but practically, it could never hold true if we leave apart few exceptions. In fact, in contemporary soccer, managers intentionally use every trick of the world just to win a match or title no matter if they are following the right path for it. Anyways, there are still many managers/coaches who do not support using wrong ways for any title and Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is one of them. Liverpool is on the top the table with a lead of two points from Chelsea and six points from Manchester City who has played one game less than Anfield side. This scenario is especially important coz there are just four games remaining in this season and if Rodgers side could triumph all the remaining games, they would surely be the winner – after a long time. The 41-year-old Northern Irish football manager is highly positive for their win this season and seemed to have been motivated thoroughly as well. He is among the few managers who are known for their gentleman spirit and that is why he has told to his teammates that he wants they win but win in a style without using any untold practice that could harm their goodwill of one of the most admired sides.

Though, their position is strong on the table, but other teams like Chelsea and City can’t simply be ignored as they are also in good form and are capable of surprising anyone. Well, Rodgers still believes his side can win the ‘Fair Play League!’ He told about their game plan to a news source, “We will try to do it in the right way. I take great pride in winning in the most sporting way we can. If you look at us, we are top of the Premier League and we are top of the Fair Play League. We don’t surround referees. We want to win, but it shows you a mark of our behavior.

“They are the values of this club. It’s a club that has won many trophies in the past but had the humility and the class. One word I always had in my mind when I joined Liverpool is ‘class.’ So that is important to me – that those values are restored. I believe you can’t affect refereeing decisions. There will be little bits of luck that go for and against you, but I like to think, as a sporting team and a team that’s trying to work well, we’ve got our rewards this year.”

The biggest hurdle in Liverpool path is Chelsea showdown that would be on 27th April and if they could overcome José Mourinho side, they can dream of holding the League title for sure!

Barcelona: Frightening one week and criticisms from every corner

Barcelona has indeed been passing through a bad phase, especially in the last seven days when they were not only thrown out of the Championship League but slept to the third place in La Liga as well. If this was not enough, they also lost Copa del Rey final to arch rival Real Madrid. These fallouts require an emergency solution as none of the world class Barca strikers could score against their opponents in last one week and a demand has now being raised from every corner that there is something seriously wrong with this combination of manager, coach, and teammates. One man, who is expected to rejoin the defending champions, is Pep Guardiola who had been one of the most successful coaches for Spanish giant in recent era. Johan Cruyff, a former Dutch footballer and current manager of the Catalonia football team, has suggested Barca bosses to immediately call Guardiola back as only his experience can streamline their performance on the ground. He, in fact, has asked to call former president back as well since he used to have a fine tuning with Guardiola in the past which brought them some magnificent feats. Actually, the demand for a serious change is being made after Spanish media bashed Camp Nou side for its bad show off late, in fact, many channels lambasted not only players with headlines like ‘This cycle is cover — another must begin,’ but team’s think tanks too for the overall failure in recent days.

Cruyff told about his suggestions during an interview where he said, “The best thing for Barca would be for Guardiola to come back. He is a magnificent coach and there is nobody better. If Laporta is president again I am going to say that the best thing would be to sign Pep, and as he is an intelligent person, I am sure he will do that.”

More importantly, some of the media houses purposely targeted Messi for his failure in these matches despite the fact that he performed quite decently. Xavi Hernandez, the fabulous center back, has raised the intentions to raise a voice against Messi only. He said, “It is not about looking for individuals to blame. The guilty party is the team, all of us, starting with the players and the coach. We made mistakes and Madrid damaged us on the break. Obviously we are leaving here very down, but we must lift our heads. Some day it will happen, but I have been hearing all this about the end of a cycle for five years now.”

Pellegrini defends his decision to include “injured” Kompany for Liverpool showdown

Playing with an injured player is not a new thing in contemporary soccer, in fact, there have been cases when a not so fit player played brilliantly and saved his side. After allegations that Real Madrid manager played with injured Bale just because he is the biggest star in the side, Premier league is following the trend with rising contention over City manager role just because he included Vincent Kompany for high profile derby with Liverpool. Since, both Liverpool and City are among the top four and fighting to take home the English crown, each of their faceoff is highly awaited by fans across the world as everyone knows a win at this stage can upraise their lead decisively. The Sunday defeat cost City full three points and a trail of seven good points from the closest rival. Moreover, even after criticism from left, right and center, Chilean football manager is not ready to accept it was his fault he picked an unfit player and said this is mare a coincident he imparted in all three goals City conceived at Anfield. Notably, Kompany got injured during training session on Saturday and visibly not fit to be played in the high profile match like this one.

Pellegrini is continuously claiming that Belgian footballer was perfectly fit to play this game irrespective of his injury state. He, however, avoided censuring his captain while defending his choice over the selection. He said in a press meet that “He started the game because he is the captain. He proved before the game, he said he was okay and the doctor said that so I don’t regret that.I don’t like to analyse the individual performance with the media. I talk with the players and when we win or lose, it is the responsibility of the whole team.”

City would have to win their remaining matches if they really want to win English title and their next match is with Sunderland on Wednesday, and more importantly, they would have to play without midfielder Yaya Toure who sustained a muscle injury on Sunday. Pellegrini believes he has enough meat in his side to win remaining matches hence there is no need to worry at least about lack of enough talent. He added, “I have a lot of confidence because I know what those players can give. We have played the whole season with a lot of injuries. Now we’ve Yaya, we’ve had Kompany, Aguero, Nasri. But we have a squad and must replace him in this moment. I am sure we are going to do it with no problem.”