German Sports Betting Body Calls on Government for License Resolution

Deutsche Sportwettenverband (DSWV), the German sports body, has made an appeal to its members to refrain from taking any wagers whatsoever on any amateur football leagues due to the fact that the operator wishes to set an example in supporting sports integrity and social responsibilities in an attempt to initiate dialogue between sports associations and regulatory bodies.

Mathias Dahms, the President of the Deutsche Sportwettenverband, has also once again made an urgent request to legislators calling on them to end any legal uncertainty with regard to sports betting licenses, which has now been in limbo for a period of over two years.

Dahm is endeavoring to see an end to the “booming black market” and would like to see it being replaced with goal orientated consumer protection.

In a recent statement to the press, Dahms continued to say that it is with great concern that they are observing a growing black market at the moment. He added that it is very unfortunate that it is only a logical consequence to the German licensing chaos where, it is not only consumers and reputable suppliers that suffer, but also the State.

Dahms also said that without having a legally valid license, their hands are tied and that if it were not for this fact, they would have immediately initiated legal action against any illegal vendors themselves.

Brendan Rodgers’ advice to Mario Balotelli – improve strike rate

It is the duty of every manager to keep backing his players even if he knows any player has been making mistakes continuously on and off the field. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is one such mentor who is following this basic rule for his controversial Italian striker Mario Balotelli. This is not a news now that 24-year-old former AC Milan forward failed to mark an impact even in his second English spell after having been through an unsuccessful run playing for Manchester City. Liverpool, on the other side, is also passing through a bad phase after being an accused of making several immature decisions that prominently includes releasing Suarez for quantum of money. Rodgers has now backed his optimistic Italian player after his impressive show against Crystal Palace and Besiktas coming out of the benches. He advices the infamous player to improve his strike rate if he wants to secure the first place in the Reds starting lineup. Notably, Balotelli has had a good run at home for Milan but since his behavior was getting intolerable for the side, they decided to release him for league giant.

Refusing to copy what Steven Gerrard recently said about the Italian forward, Rodgers said, “No, not really no. We need to ensure that whatever level of the game we are playing at we have everyone working as a team and once we got the penalty he stops working.

“So he needs to improve on that facet of his game to play in his position, rather than standing on the side of the football field. He has contributed against Besiktas, he has got the penalty and scored the goal, but that is what he is paid to do. He needs to keep that efficiency in his game and show that he can affect the team whether he is asked to play from the bench or from the start.

“In a different country and a different style of football that would be all that matters but in this team there is more to it than that.”

He also talked about another hot issue regarding new captain Henderson who is reportedly going to replace him when he joins LA Galaxy in July, he said, “People see Jordan as that automatic next captain but that is not necessarily the case. He is a young player and you have to go steady with Jordan. Everyone is trying to catapult him into the next Steven Gerrard and he is not that.

“I have said it many times he is not that type of player. Jordan is a real honest boy, a hard-working player, a great team player. Steven is a totally different player to that.”

Poll Reveals Huge Pro Athletes Support of Legalized US Sports Betting

According to a recent poll conducted by ESPN, the US pay-television broadcaster, among professional sportsmen in the United States it was revealed that 63% of professional athletes polled feel that sports betting should be legalized on a larger scale in the United States.

A set of betting related questions was conducted by ESPN to a pool of 73 players from across the NFL American Football league, NHL Ice Hockey League, NBA Basketball league and Major League Baseball.

The poll shows an opposite stance to the NCAA bodies and National Pro Leagues who are endeavoring to ban sports betting in the state of New Jersey.

It was also revealed that 58% of the athletes who had taken part in the poll had participated in some form of gambling activity in the past, with 34% admitting to wagering on sports.

However, the poll also highlighted that there was concern amongst players that betting could have a potential negative impact on the professional sports industry.

Forty-one per cent of the athletes questioned felt that sports wagering could possibly cause a threat to US sports integrity while 37% suspected a current or former team-mate had a gambling problem.

The poll also revealed that 10% of athletes said that they had been approached for information about their team while 3% had suspicions that they had participated in a fixed game.

Michelle Roberts, the Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) told ESPN Radio this week that the body had commenced engaging players in discussions with regard to the possibility of allowing sports betting on matches and that they would be researching the potential effects of sports betting in the United States, regardless of whether it became legal or not.

Betway and West Ham United Sign Football Sponsorship


Betway, one of the leading iGaming operators, has announced that it has signed a long-term partnership with Barclays Premier League side West Ham United in terms of which it will serve as the club’s official shirt sponsor.

As the Club’s new principal sponsor, the Betway logo will appear on the front of all of the Club’s senior teams’ playing shirts and training wear and Betway will also have the naming rights to the Boleyn Ground West Stand.

Betway replaces foreign exchange broker Alpari, whose deal as shirt sponsor collapsed after the company went into administration last month.

The new sponsorship is Betway’s first football sponsorship agreement with West Ham describing it as the club’s biggest ever commercial partnership.

According to Bob Dutnall, Betways Executive Director, West Ham United is a club with a rich history and passionate supporters and they are, therefore, thrilled to have secured this sponsorship at a time when the team is performing so well and enjoying a successful season.

Dutnall added that the Barclays Premier League is the world’s most popular football competition and the sport is synonymous with excitement and betting, make it a perfect fit for their growing brand. He also said that they are looking forward to supporting the Hammers on the pitch and rewarding their fans with innovative Betway offers and special markets.

Karren Brady, Vice-Chairman of West Ham United, said that they are pleased to welcome Betway to the Club as their new principal sponsor in what is their biggest ever commercial deal. She added that Betway is joining them at a most exciting time as they prepare to say farewell to their home of over 110 years before moving into their amazing new Stadium in 2016.

Wayne Rooney apologized to me after penalty: Thorsten Stuckmann

Manchester United’s last win against Preston has been in the news not only for its result but as well for the sportsmanship shown by the Red Devils captain Wayne Rooney. Everyone knows about the controversy surrounding his mess up with Preston goalkeeper Thorsten Stuckmann and how it later gained media space for Rooney penalty which converted into a goal. Stuckmann has now told in an interview about apology shown by the English captain about the spot kick rewarded to 29-year-old. Although, the diving was criticized heavily from every corner after replays proved it was done intentionally hence was unethical from a player of Rooney caliber and only to show his personal grief about the incident Englishman could have apologized to the goalie. Moreover, Monday FA Cup fifth round tie was also important for the North End Football Club since a loss could debar them from the event and it exactly happened the way they never expected to be.

When national English team manager Hodgson was asked about the diving of his favorite player, he clearly took himself apart and said, “Not for me. I just think he was taking evasive action. ‘If you are a referee in the run of play without replays I don’t think any of us would have said it is not a penalty. ‘The goalkeeper has gone with both feet. Wayne has touched it past him.” Maybe he did not want to be a part of this dispute but anyway, revealing the details of the post-match talks between the two players, Stuckmann stated, “After the game Rooney told me: ‘Sorry, it was my chance to get a penalty. I had to use that.’ I say it clear: That was no penalty. I also believe that if the situation had happened the other way around, one of our strikers against the United keeper, the ref wouldn’t have given the penalty. I have no doubt about that.”

On the other side, North End manager Simon Grayson has a completely different view over the incident despite of its effect over their standings in the league; he thinks otherwise and says, “I am not saying it wasn’t a penalty. I’m saying there was no contact. It wasn’t a dive. He’s gone to get out of the way and taken evasive action.” Don’t know why he is favoring opponent especially when it caused them an ousted. Anyway, Preston fans are sad to know their side is no longer in FA cup while United is gearing up for the next stage amid sportsmanship shown by their captain.