Real Madrid refuse to have an interest in Paul Pogba

A 100 million offer has become a fashion these days, especially if we are talking about any transfer rumor initiated by any of the big sides including of course Real Madrid. Since, Los Vikingos enjoy the services of two former world priciest players in the world, media often fuels the rumors that they are up to hire another promising youngster at much higher figure to what they paid for Bale. Juventus’ 21-year-old midfielder Paul Pogba is one such player who had been on the radar of some of the best European clubs and Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has as well hinted to bring him at Santiago Bernabéu if player and his club want so, in fact, many news sources also reported that they are ready to shell out some hundred million Euros for the youngster. But now, two senior figures at the cub have refused to have any truth behind these rumors and these high ranked officers are none other than Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane and both of them nulled down the reports that Real has any interest in Pogba – at least for the time being.

Club boss Carlo Ancelotti also said the similar words while speaking on the occasion of him including in Italian football’s hall of fame, he then said they are not ready to spend a heavy amount for a young player. On the other side, Pogba himself is not weighing these hearsays linking him to a world record price tag; however, he said to have been concentrated over his game off late with greater emphasis on his ball holding techniques. He knows if he could continue showing good in the field, many clubs would aspire him for even higher figure and Real Madrid is one of them. What he said reacting over his 100 million euro rumors, is, “I’m worth zero euros. You’re worth nothing if you don’t work hard on the pitch in every game. I’m happy because we’re playing well. I’m happy personally and I want to give everything for this team. I want to do more, be a champion like Pirlo, Buffon and Chiellini. I hope to win the Ballon d’Or in the future, but I have a lot of work ahead.”

This is not a news now that Real agents have long been in contact with Serie A side for a possible deal for the Frenchman and when they failed to convince Massimiliano Allegri even with their cheque containing countless zeros, they start refusing to have any interest in the player – this is an age-old practice being followed by every big side!

32Red Links Up With Transversal


32Red Sport, a leading British company licensed in Gibraltar and part of the award winning online gaming group 32Red Plc. has revealed that it has appointed Transversal, a provider of enterprise knowledge solutions for the cloud. Transversal will deliver its self service functionality on 32Red’s sports betting website.

32Red topped an independent customer service audit in 2013, beating 15 major casino brands, in their ambition to maintain this level of service across the new 32Red Sport brand.

32Red Sport users will in future have access to the site where the service will be available to them through a desktop, mobile or tablet device 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

32Red will also benefit from the use of Transversal’s Promotion Engine which works together with the web self-service solution in order to offer targeted, personalized and contextual adverts to customers, based on the information that they have been searching for.

According to Pat Harrison, an Operations Director at 32Red, the scalability of the platform is one of the reasons that they chose Transversal as their partner for this project. Harrison added that it will allow for straightforward expansion to other 32Red product areas in the future.

The Chief Sales Officer at Transversal, Marc Quantrill, added that nowadays, with consumers approaching companies for information on multiple devices from multiple locations it has become more important than ever before for organizations to streamline their customer service process.

Quantrill also said that they are absolutely delighted that 32Red has chosen to work with them on a self-service solution that will help them to further enhance their already excellent reputation in customer support.

GoBetGo Sports Betting Site Finally Folded


Following several player complaints of “slow pay” as well as a short break in operations to change to a .net domain, GoBetGo, the Curacao licensed online sports betting site has finally folded.

The registered owners of the sports betting site Sommerville Management Co. Ltd, advised visitors that their strategy to offer players the best odds on the planet with very low margins did not prove to be a successful one, given the clientele that they attracted and the payment processing and marketing costs that they incurred. It went on to say that during the period of November/December 2014, there was a huge withdrawal wave, which entirely emptied their company balances and as they stand, they are insolvent and that they deeply regret to inform that they are effectively closing with immediate effect.

The advisor did not in any way commit to meet player obligations with the sports betting information portal Sports Book Review recording an amount of $130,000 of outstanding complaints against GoBetGo with the possibility of there being even more.

The GoBetGo Online Sports Betting site was launched by Sommerville Management in 2013 and it is presumed to have three locations – a Tortola, BVI registration address; a Costa Rica restaurant address in San Rafael as well as a British support address or at least telephone contact number at + 44 20–3239–1838.

The failed GoBetGo online sports betting site is one of 5 online gaming sites owned by Sommerville Management’ the other being Ball2Win Live Dealer Casino, Ball2Win Sports, and OdinBet.

Arsene Wenger readies to take Manchester City with even higher moral

A good manager is not the one who only fires his decisions on players during the game, but every good manager should try to raise the moral of his teammates ahead of any high profile games, especially if their record against the upcoming opponent is not welcoming. We are talking about Arsenal and their Sunday clash with Manchester City – the threatening league giant. This is not a news now that City is on the verge of replacing Chelsea on the top of league table and this is as well not a news that they enjoy a brilliant track record against Gunners, hence it is obvious manager Arsene Wenger would try to encourage his team for weekend game and make them optimistic about a possible victory against league defenders. Actually, 65-year-old French is passing through a bad phase in his career that is why he had been subjected to several unwelcoming things off late including his hooting during a game. Even then, he is positive he can bring Gunners back among the top four if they could demonstrate a good play against Manuel Pellegrini side which will boost players’ moral.

Arsenal is undoubtedly having a serious shortage of defenders after Mathieu Debuchy’s absence for next three months; manager also accepts this and talks about his plans to hire few more options in the back this January. He said about his requirements, “Believe me, we would have bought a defender by now if there was one to buy, but we don’t find one yet. We are not the only one in the world with this problem. We have targets, but this is not a supermarket where you go in and buy a defender. It is a market that is very restricted and the players that can improve the 10 best teams in Europe, you don’t find many. It’s the same for everybody.

“Arsenal is a big attraction, of course we are. If it was easy, we would do it. We have made enquiries, but who wants to sell a central defender in the middle of the season? They say come back in June or July and maybe we will sell.”

While talking about Sunday game, he added, “Let’s see on Sunday, but I believe, yes, we are on a level. Winning big games makes you stronger and we should not question our potential to do it. We just have to turn up with the right level of performance.”

Jose Mourinho now questions rules being applied over Chelsea these days

When you become insecure to your position in any ranking, you start fearing even off your shadow and this is something that seems to be happening with Chelsea’s manager Jose Mourinho who thinks everyone is after his side in England including referees, FA, and all. He has already said over several occasions that his side is being targeted under a well-planned campaign and believes each attempt is just to derail their victory march in current league season. Notably, Blues run in the English season has until been brilliant and they are still holding their top board position that could be itching their enemies – this is what former Everton manager thinks these days. Now, after lambasting everything that went against North Londoners, Mourinho says different rules are being levied over Chelsea, he pointed the match against Newcastle where he was indicted by the Football association for misconduct; he said over that, have you seen anyone indicted for similar violation ever in England? He categorically recalled the incident happened with Arsene Wenger last October.

Actually, this anxiety could also be the result of Manchester City who is fast approaching them over the top and second term serving manager does not want to repeat the last English season where they were ousted by the Manchester giant exactly at the same time. Calling it a part of calculated plan, Portuguese said, “Would you think such a penalty against Chelsea would have a reaction in the media and with managers in the same way after that reaction?. I don’t think so. After that the reaction would be double or treble, so obviously a referee needs to feel free, relaxed and with no pressure to do the best they can.

“With Chelsea and with me the reactions are different. Do you think if I push a manager in the technical area that I don’t have a stadium ban? I have a stadium ban. So referees are not guilty, they want to do their best but clearly there are measures and there are ways of reacting and clearly with my club and in relation to myself there are different standards, it’s as simple as that and you know that.”

Many are advising him to stay calm at this stage when he is so close to parallel his last successful spell with the Stamford Bridge side while some are also assuming he could go long further if City wins next few games and replaces Blues on the top.