Gaal hints retirement post United job – giving up?

Generally, newly appointed manager of a leading side talks about his longest association with the team, but Manchester United’s highly admired manager Louis van Gaal seems to be following a different path especially knowing the importance of his arrival at Old Trafford. He is supposed to prove his mentoring skills in England with a side that has been in devastating form in the last season, but if he says it would be the last spell in his managerial career that too in the beginning of the season, everyone would ask why he is giving up so early. This could also be his honest revelation about the career or it could also be a signal that he does not mind if anything that happened to former manager Moyes also happens to him should he fails to improve United ranking on the leaderboard. Right now, it is just another professional discloser by the Dutch pro when he said he would like to rest his 23-year-old running professional career after completing his current three years contract with the English side.

During his over two decades career he mentored teams like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Ajex, and AZ Alkmaar and explained why he decided to join the most pressing job in England. He said, he earlier planned to join United back in 2001-02 when Alex first announced his decision to leave the Reds during his tenure with Netherlands and added, “There was always a rumour in 2001 or 2002. At that time, I was very honoured my name was in the rumour section. Now I am the manager at the end of my career because I shall do this. I think it is the end of my career.”

Van Gaal made many visible changes in United after signing the contract with 2012-13 league winners including presenting Wayne Rooney in the role of captain of the team along with hiring a list of new players for improving team’s ranking in upcoming season. We indeed saw a change in team’s overall vibes on the field during preseason matches but somehow they could not capitalize the newly formed confidence in the initial league matches. Anyways, former Barca pro is confident they would make up earlier loss in subsequent matches. Adding about Rooney, he said, “I think I shall always line up Wayne Rooney. The captain has to always be a fixed player in my squad. He likes to play in my system which can help me to inspire the other players to play in this system.”

CG Technologies Upgrades Mobile Sports Betting App


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Gaal disappoints with United’s season start

Louis van Gaal tasted his first defeat in England after United lost to Swansea by 2-1 in their debut league match. Until now, Dutch manager has won all the preseason games with confirmable margin but final battle begins only now and he came to know why it has always been difficult to lead a side in English environment. Though, United show was not as devastating as it had been in the last season, still they missed the touch or more precisely looked disjoint throughout the ninety minutes. First surprise was given by Ki Sung-yueng who capitalized the available opportunity and gave hosts a haunting start in the first half. Captain Wayne Rooney equalized the lead shortly after the first half and Gylfi Sigurdsson later finished the job just when United looked to be the winner giving first shockwave to the 2012-13 league winners. First setback in the very first match always opens the eyes of team think-tank and then they usually refine their approaches for the rest of the season and Gaal is also looking for modifications in his earlier plans either by hiring more strength or by placing key players on better positions.

Talking about the first loss that too in front of the home crowd, former Barcelona boss said, “We didn’t reach the level we have shown in the past matches and that is disappointing because this is the most important match. We were disappointing in defence and we are disappointed with ourselves and that’s why we lost today.”

Experts are calling it a mistake to place just three players in the back in the first half, but Gaal quickly rectified his mistakes and added one more to defense making them more comfortable in the second half but it was too late by then. Garry Monk’s side is enriched with using there defenders in the back but it was probably first attempt by United to use maximum power in the forward line. Gaal explained his tactic and said, “They made the pitch very big and then we have to press more in front and the system 4-3-3 is a better system to press the ball.

“We started to do that very well and we scored a fantastic goal and then we have chances to make it 2-1 but chances is not enough, you have to take the chances. The result is what counts.”

The first defeat always put lots of pressure on every side and if it is ManU, we can assume what manager would have been feeling like especially after revealing his desperate ambition to win the first match last week. “The first thing that I say is that we are not reaching our level and we have to evaluate why because they have done their utmost best,” he added.

Rooney named as the captain of ManU

Manchester United finalized its captain and vice-captain for the English season under newly appointed Dutch manager Van Gaal. Though, the selection was obvious and has already been in circulation for some time but final announcement is only made now via club official website. The name of new captain was intentionally made available on the portal only after the first preseason match with Valencia, and like always, Dutchman took his time to select best man to lead his team and looked cooler and calmer post announcement. He explained his choice in his known style and said, “For me it’s always very important the choice of captain. Wayne has shown a great attitude towards everything he does. I have been very impressed by his professionalism and his attitude to training and to my philosophy. He is a great inspiration to the younger members of the team and I believe he will put his heart and soul into his captaincy role.”

Fletcher has been named as the next to Rooney for the league season. Actually, maybe Rooney has been shortlisted only now but rumors were in the air since United visited America for preseason tour and it is now up to the new man in the skipper’s shoe to prove he is ready to take on the challenge and recover from the debacle state of mind they went into after the disastrous season last year. Calling it an honor for him, 28-year-old forward said, “It is a huge honour for me — and for my family — to be named captain of this great club. It is a role I will perform with great pride. Team spirit has always been very high in our dressing room and I am very grateful to the manager for the faith he has shown in me. I look forward to leading the team out on Saturday at our first match of the new season.”

Notably, Gaal has been the news ever since he signed a deal with Old Trafford club coz he is among the few United bosses approached to to replace Moyes and later when Dutchman put a condition that he can only join the side after the world cup, fans took a deep breath and start expecting their glorious days they were enjoying once. Now, after he is given permission to hire Dutch players for his aspiring team, he is even more confident to achieve the success on his very first English tour.

Now FIFPro condemn FIFA for Suarez four months ban

Former Liverpool starlet Luis Suarez is like a hot cake these days and media guys are keener to show any news related to his biting episode, but surprisingly, this time his firing teeth got the support of The international players’ union FIFPro who, broadly, condemned FIFA action over the Player of the year. Though, FIFPro lambast his inhuman act during a game, but they also heavily criticized governing body to isolate him from rest of the world by debarring from any soccer related activity for four long months which not only included crucial world cup games but initial weeks of the Spanish season as well. The undue support from players union has come when final verdict of Suarez appeal in front of The Court of Arbitration for Sport is yet to be announced in next few days and this backing can help Uruguayan international to assure the magistrate that he did not do that wrong as FIFA understood and ousted him from the game including club related activities.

It is actually strange to see all round change in the perception of his act during a world cup game where he bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini, coz, initially, whole world convicted him and start asking FIFA why they can’t take strict action against star players and later when disciplinary committee took stringent action, whole world changed its mood and start supporting the player who missed the crucial games for his national soccer team in Brazil.

Notwithstanding whatever has until happened to his biting episode, FIFpro argued, “The four-month ban from all football-related activity… is unfair for Suarez as it infringes his right to work at club level. In the international arena, where the offence was committed, a nine-match ban for Uruguay is also too strong as it effectively equates to a two-year sanction.

“The educative nature of the sanction mentioned by FIFA in the ruling can be much better achieved by making it partially conditional, including the obligation for Luis Suarez to receive treatment.”

The diehard punishment could have been reduced since the victim Chiellini himself appealed to the hearing committee that Suarez should not be punished austerely after he apologized for his act. With a mounting pressure over CAS, it would be interesting to see how it can afford to dismiss his appeal to either reduce the ban or completely forgo it for the sake of the betterment of the game and to give another chance to a player who has accepted his wrongdoing in front of the world.