Nevada readies to legalize Online Sports Betting in all 50 US States


Even though U.S is the biggest hub for gamblers across the world, yet online sports betting is not being taken legally over here and everyone surprises over this regulation. But if reports are to be believed, this rule can soon change and anyone can place online bets. Yes, you read it right; The Nevada Gaming Commission is seriously considering legalization of online sports betting not only in Vegas but across all 50 US States. However, there will be small changes to online gamblers, i.e., they would still have to visit their online casino’s offline division for physical verification to avoid any foul play as it is being assumed by all. Gamblers across the world are happy to see such an initiative by online gambling industry which would make it easy for genuine gamblers to sign up and go through with their genuine bets.

Actually, the attempt to make online sports betting a legal practice across US is not new, perhaps vice president and deputy general counsel at gaming technology company CG Technology, Quinton Singleton, has submitted his proposal to amend the state’s gambling regulations to Nevada Gaming Commission back in February, and according to coming reports, commission is expected to take a decision by next year. Although, sports betting is already allowed at least within Nevada but was very tedious for new aspiring bettors to initiate his online betting campaign and now after the new proposed regulation, anyone can simply sign up with any sportsbook with just one time physical verification process and start wagering money on his favorite sports.

The biggies of the industry are closely watching the developments in this initiative; they include Boyd Gaming, MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and William Hill. Apart from them, there is a big list of small operators who are ready to capitalize the opportunity by bringing in a maximum number of bettors into their vicinity. If online betting takes a legal shape in the US, it would help open a biggest employment sector as well coz of mobile technology requirements mobile sport betting is largely expected to grow faster than traditional computer base online betting. Let’s wait and see how Gaming Commission takes the proposed offer and if we can see a legalized online sports betting industry across US this year itself!

‘The Best of It’ – documentary that talks about dark side of Sports Betting – releases today

Gambling, especially sports betting, has always been a first choice of aspiring bettors who want to make some fast cash without risking much of their hard earned money, but is that really as simply, is something that needs to be understood before anyone starts wagering his first bet. Actually, there have been countless professional sports bettors who accept they made their fortune with betting and over the time the insides of online sports betting are being showcased on television either via documentaries or via Hollywood flicks and latest addition to this library is “The Best Of It,” which is a 116-minute documentary film and talks about the life of four gamblers: Alan Dvorkis, Alan Denkenson, Lem Banker, and Ken Weitzner. The storyline is typical where four aspiring betters coming from different backgrounds start placing their bets professionally only to know the difficulties professional bettors pass through every day and one of them later took the extreme step by committing suicide after incurring heavy betting losses.

The documentary is written and directed by Scott Pearson Eberly and is released today and most surprising part of the venture is its tenure that took a long six years and eventually come out to be a completely different documentary than what director had earlier expected. According to him, he shot more than 1400 hours of real time footages, complied them, and edited them, to bring out the finest 116 minutes that should be in liking of professional as well aspiring sports betters. The first two and a half minute promo of the documentary is getting rave responses on YouTube with already over forty thousand views and forty seven liking. Further, critics are as well praising the concept though it carries lots of dark shades but according to many betting experts, it is going to be helpful for all the newcomers who want to join this money rolling industry without sharpening their knowledge first.

Even though, this documentary is actually not going to be helpful for Sportsbooks as it reveals the darker side of their business, yet everyone is very open about it and wants to show it to the world and director is as well excited to see his first venture on professional sport betting is being liked by the community. Next few days would decide the commercial success of the documentary until than you too watch it and learn what you should not do while placing your bets!

SIS and Genius Sports Sign Exclusive Deal

SIS, one of the leading suppliers of products and services to the global betting industry is thrilled to announce that it has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Genius Sports, a world leader in sports betting and gaming technology, in terms of which Genius Sports   will distribute official Spanish soccer in-play data that will include matches in La Liga, the top division of soccer in Spain and one of the most esteemed sports competitions in the world.

SIS has been La Liga’s official, exclusive partner for the collection and distribution of live betting data since the year 2014 and has the rights to 2,500 matches which cover three of the top leagues as well as two cup competitions per season. In terms of the new deal, Genius Sports will also be allowed access to the only official pre-match, in-running and post-match data feed available for Spanish football.

SIS Strategic Development Director, Paul Baker, commented on the new deal by saying that as the official, exclusive data partner with LaLiga, SIS are thrilled to work with Genius Sports in order to greatly expand the reach of their high-quality, low latency data distribution.

Mark Locke, the Chief Executive Officer at Genius Sports, revealed that they are excited about partnering with SIS and LaLiga, which is one of the most prestigious and well-respected sporting brands in the world. He added that this deal reflects their ongoing commitment to working with the best official data in the market place so as to ensure that sports are protected and opportunities maximized.


Betfair US to Create Betting Exchange in New Jersey

Betfair US, a leading internet betting firm, is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with the Monmouth Park race track that will see it create the first betting exchange in New Jersey.

The new betting exchange will give players in New Jersey an opportunity to bet on the races via the internet using odds that are only determined at the commencement of each individual race and are, therefore the very same for all customers. Players who would prefer better odds may request so if they wish.

Kip Levin, the Chief Executive Officer at Betfair US, commented on the launch of the new betting exchange by saying that their experience in the UK and other markets has proven that exchange wagering is a very attractive prospect for consumers and that it has the ability to bring new customers, increased engagement as well as new revenue to horse racing.

Denis Drazin, the President of Darby Development (which owns Monmouth) also commented on the launch by saying that they need to embrace technology for horse racing in order to attract new participants, new customers as well as new revenue streams. He went on to say that they are confident that exchange wagering can help them to do that. Drazin also said that they think that this can be a net positive for their industry and that it can complement traditional wagering.

After entering a beta period on Monday, 18th April 2016, the new service will officially launch on Tuesday, 10th May 2016.

Dafabet Signs Sponsorship Deal with Celtic

Dafabet, one of the leading global online gambling firms, is thrilled to reveal that it has signed a four year Main Club Sponsor agreement with Scottish professional football club CELTIC in terms of which Dafabet will replace Magners as the main sponsor on the Celtic 16-17 kits and grace the front of the iconic hooped jerseys from the begging of the 2016/17 season.

John Cruces, the Head of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship at Dafabet, commented on the new agreement by saying that to have Dafabet at the heart of Celtic sponsorship is a milestone event and a very proud moment for them. Cruces added that having already formed a strong partnership with the club (Dafabet became Celtic’s official International Betting Partner in 2015) they can only go from strength to strength over the following four years.

Peter Lawwwell, the Chief Executive at Celtic, revealed that they are absolutely delighted to make this announcement, which is fantastic news for the Club as well as their supporters and ensures a positive, long-term and high-value partnership for the future.

Lawwell went on to say that Celtic continues to be one of the world’s great football clubs and one which is delighted to attract such high-calibre associations. He also said that partnerships such as this one allow them to look forward with confidence as they ensure that Celtic maintains its position as the biggest and best in Scottish football.