Online Sports Betting’s 2015 Week Special: The First Week of May!

In a year that seems destined to be a good one for online sports betting, there is one week in the near future that seems likely to stand out, and that too solely for the sheer number of events lined up during that period. The week in question at this point in time is the first week of May 2015. And if you want to know why this week is special, all you need to do is check out the sheer number of events scheduled for that period. There are some medium-sized ones, some fairly big ones, and one monster of an event, at least by online sports betting standards.

For starters, 2nd May is the day when the face-off between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, two big draws in the world of boxing, is slated to happen. The magnitude of the event can be gauged by one single piece of statistic: online sportsbooks are already on overdrive with regard to bets on the fight, and it is still a good two months away!

And then there are the other events apart from the bout slated for the week. Take football and that is the period when the action is slowly reaching a deafening crescendo as the teams head into the final stretch of their domestic league commitments. That is when, unless one team is so far ahead of the rest that their leadership is unquestionable, most teams are taking that last stand in the league title tilt. Come to the USA and there are the NBA and NHL playoffs scheduled in that time period.

And of course finally there is that all-American favorite, baseball. And it cannot get any more heavy duty than a game featuring the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, and that game is scheduled for the first week of May this year, 2nd of May to be precise. So that is why we are calling that week the Action Overload Week, and you would definitely be a happy person knowing the field is open for you to place your sports bets on.

German Sports Betting Body Calls on Government for License Resolution

Deutsche Sportwettenverband (DSWV), the German sports body, has made an appeal to its members to refrain from taking any wagers whatsoever on any amateur football leagues due to the fact that the operator wishes to set an example in supporting sports integrity and social responsibilities in an attempt to initiate dialogue between sports associations and regulatory bodies.

Mathias Dahms, the President of the Deutsche Sportwettenverband, has also once again made an urgent request to legislators calling on them to end any legal uncertainty with regard to sports betting licenses, which has now been in limbo for a period of over two years.

Dahm is endeavoring to see an end to the “booming black market” and would like to see it being replaced with goal orientated consumer protection.

In a recent statement to the press, Dahms continued to say that it is with great concern that they are observing a growing black market at the moment. He added that it is very unfortunate that it is only a logical consequence to the German licensing chaos where, it is not only consumers and reputable suppliers that suffer, but also the State.

Dahms also said that without having a legally valid license, their hands are tied and that if it were not for this fact, they would have immediately initiated legal action against any illegal vendors themselves.

Poll Reveals Huge Pro Athletes Support of Legalized US Sports Betting

According to a recent poll conducted by ESPN, the US pay-television broadcaster, among professional sportsmen in the United States it was revealed that 63% of professional athletes polled feel that sports betting should be legalized on a larger scale in the United States.

A set of betting related questions was conducted by ESPN to a pool of 73 players from across the NFL American Football league, NHL Ice Hockey League, NBA Basketball league and Major League Baseball.

The poll shows an opposite stance to the NCAA bodies and National Pro Leagues who are endeavoring to ban sports betting in the state of New Jersey.

It was also revealed that 58% of the athletes who had taken part in the poll had participated in some form of gambling activity in the past, with 34% admitting to wagering on sports.

However, the poll also highlighted that there was concern amongst players that betting could have a potential negative impact on the professional sports industry.

Forty-one per cent of the athletes questioned felt that sports wagering could possibly cause a threat to US sports integrity while 37% suspected a current or former team-mate had a gambling problem.

The poll also revealed that 10% of athletes said that they had been approached for information about their team while 3% had suspicions that they had participated in a fixed game.

Michelle Roberts, the Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) told ESPN Radio this week that the body had commenced engaging players in discussions with regard to the possibility of allowing sports betting on matches and that they would be researching the potential effects of sports betting in the United States, regardless of whether it became legal or not.

Betway and West Ham United Sign Football Sponsorship


Betway, one of the leading iGaming operators, has announced that it has signed a long-term partnership with Barclays Premier League side West Ham United in terms of which it will serve as the club’s official shirt sponsor.

As the Club’s new principal sponsor, the Betway logo will appear on the front of all of the Club’s senior teams’ playing shirts and training wear and Betway will also have the naming rights to the Boleyn Ground West Stand.

Betway replaces foreign exchange broker Alpari, whose deal as shirt sponsor collapsed after the company went into administration last month.

The new sponsorship is Betway’s first football sponsorship agreement with West Ham describing it as the club’s biggest ever commercial partnership.

According to Bob Dutnall, Betways Executive Director, West Ham United is a club with a rich history and passionate supporters and they are, therefore, thrilled to have secured this sponsorship at a time when the team is performing so well and enjoying a successful season.

Dutnall added that the Barclays Premier League is the world’s most popular football competition and the sport is synonymous with excitement and betting, make it a perfect fit for their growing brand. He also said that they are looking forward to supporting the Hammers on the pitch and rewarding their fans with innovative Betway offers and special markets.

Karren Brady, Vice-Chairman of West Ham United, said that they are pleased to welcome Betway to the Club as their new principal sponsor in what is their biggest ever commercial deal. She added that Betway is joining them at a most exciting time as they prepare to say farewell to their home of over 110 years before moving into their amazing new Stadium in 2016.

Kiron Interactive and Sportech Sign Racetrack Partnership

Kiron International, one of the leading online gambling games developers and virtual games software provider has announced that it has signed an agreement with pool and tote betting technology provider Sportech Racing and Digital, a subsidiary of UK listed operator Sportech in terms of which it will supply its virtual racing products to racetracks in Latin America.

The partnership will continue for a period of three years and will see Kiron’s virtual racing games being integrated onto the Sportech Racing and Digital Quantum System wagering platform to complement the on-course action.

Kiron’s virtual racing games will initially be rolled out in Peru at the Jockey Club Peru racetrack as well as via a network of over eighty off-track betting agencies during the first quarter of this year prior to being distributed to additional Sportech customers in Central and South America.
According to Sportech, most of these racetracks will be offered virtual racing for the first time.

The Sportech Racing’s Quantum datacenter in New Jersey will broadcast Virtual Racing and offer clients a schedule of each day’s races from two virtual tracks, including commentary.

Steven Spartinos, a co-chief executive at Kiron, revealed that they are extremely excited to partner with Sportech Racing and Digital on this significant project for the Latin American market. He added that Sportech are best qualified to maximize the value of virtual racing to their clients and that based on initial indications, they are expecting a big take-up by race-goers and are looking forward to entertaining them with their popular products.

Andrew Gaughan, Sportech Racing and Digital’s president added that they are thrilled to expand their Quantum System tote software to include the virtual sports offering.