West Bromwich Albion FC Announces K8 Group as Team’s New Shirt Sponsor

Premier League football club West Bromwich Albion Football Club is thrilled to reveal that it has signed a deal with Asian iGaming operator K8 Group in terms of which the group will act as the team’s new shirt sponsor from the beginning of the 2016-17 season.

The record commercial deal will initially run for two years and will support K8 Group in the launch of its UK online casino via the Microgaming powered UK-K8.com site while it works with the team in an endeavor to reach and engage with new customers in the UK. In addition, West Bromwich will work together with K8 in the Asian market, where the brand is exceptionally strong.

According to Albion, the new deal will give them a key opportunity to enhance its following and attract fans in new markets. The pair will also embark on the development of video content in order to further engage supporters and sponsors.

Vincent Huang, the Chief Operating Officer at K7, said that K8 Group has had a long standing interest in working with a Premier League club and they are at last with one of the most respected clubs in the league.

Huang went on to say that this partnership is delivered as a true partnership for both parties and they are working on a joint marketing play to focus on raising awareness of UK-K8.com in the UK while at the same time ensuring the development of the West Bromwich Albian brand in Asia.

K8 Group’s full launch, under license from the UK Gambling Commission, is scheduled to take place in the next few months.



Canadian Government closely follows US to encash multi-billion-dollar online sports betting industry

While the importance of online sports betting is now being taken seriously by almost every region around the world, Canada and US are still its biggest hubs where it roars billions of dollars every year. Since, most of the sports bettors are virtually unware with the legitimacy of placing bets online in their region, almost every online betting giant happens to be situated offshore rolling your money without paying a penny to the state government and this is something that was sensed by the US government and Congress acted promptly and passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act back in 2006. This law disabled any offshore sports betting operator to accept money for placing on sports, yet it had little impact on the operators who kept accepting offshore bets without coming its state tax ambit. Now, when Canadian government seems to have followed their neighbors, at least in regulating online sports bets, US is taking next step to smoothen the internet betting with a nationwide converge.

As per an estimate, Government can roar millions of dollars in license fee, tax, and luxury add-on if they allow everyone to place online bets and then all the offshore operators would also have to open their arms within the State itself creating job opportunities in technical as well non-technical sectors. Talking about the developments in this segment, Dan Etna, co-chair of the Sports Law Group at Herrick Feinstein, said, “You offshore operators, your business is illegal, you are violating federal laws. But these operators put their thumbs and fingers on their nose and waved at the United States.

“They would go after PayPal, or if you were making a payment through Chase Manhattan or TD Bank in the United States, whoever was providing a funds transfer from your account to this offshore website was violating federal law. That’s how Congress the offshore sites, by crimping something they had domestic control over.”

Moreover, NDP MP Brain Masse, who initiated a private member bill in the House of Representatives recently, added, “Just modernize it and move it towards a regulated market. So that this offshore betting activity is actually translated back to the taxpayer.” Likewise, Toronto lawyer Michael Lipton, says, “The way they have to do this is to say we need to protect the public, we need to gain more revenue, and the way to do that is to step in and regulate single-game sports bets. The lottery corporations, as long as they have a monopoly, at least make them competitive because right now they can’t compete against offshore sports books.”

Fantasy Sports Betting Bill gets a strong objection from The Chicago Crime Commission

Though pressure is building up on the Gaming commission to legalize betting on Fantasy sports here in Chicago, its possible fallouts are now being taken seriously by the crime division. According to recent statement from The Chicago Crime Commission, they have raised some serious concerns over the legality of fantasy sports in the State and how it could lead to serious organized crime in association with big Sportsbooks. Talking about the issue in great detail, Commission board member Jeff Johnson explains how a possible gamble on fantasy sports could lead to growth of organized financial frauds and hamper the reputation of established betting operators with a proven record. He points his fingers over the loop hauls that should be taken care of before anything is decided on legal front and calling every concern to look at the example of video games where gaming board had to recall the regulation to fill the loop hauls in the system.

Johnson, who has a rich experience of dealing with gambling frauds, is no longer a unknown name in sports betting, in fact, he has been a prominent name when it comes to name strictest watchdogs of sports betting and talking about the issue and how it could lead to severe financial frauds, he said, “We’ve seen this before in the area of video gaming where the gaming board after the fact would propose certain rules to try to close loopholes and the legislature shot that down. When you’re dealing with the wild wild west of internet gaming those kind of problems can happen more readily. There’s less transparency here.”

Based on what he says about the Fantasy sports betting, he smells lack of transparency over the system where there is no clear cut window to know whom you are wagering with, or, in other words, a bettor is simply playing in the air without any physical approach. Moreover, if such a practice gets popularity, it could overshadow the traditional betting which is based on real time games and their results. Alongside, it is generally not taken as a form of gambling, perhaps, many calls it a skill based habit where you need to have some kind of skill to correctly place your money on the outcome of hypothetical combination of players which makes it even more out of the reach of lawmakers. Let’s hope Crime Commission’s concerns would be taken care of before Fantasy sport betting sees light of the day.

Nevada readies to legalize Online Sports Betting in all 50 US States


Even though U.S is the biggest hub for gamblers across the world, yet online sports betting is not being taken legally over here and everyone surprises over this regulation. But if reports are to be believed, this rule can soon change and anyone can place online bets. Yes, you read it right; The Nevada Gaming Commission is seriously considering legalization of online sports betting not only in Vegas but across all 50 US States. However, there will be small changes to online gamblers, i.e., they would still have to visit their online casino’s offline division for physical verification to avoid any foul play as it is being assumed by all. Gamblers across the world are happy to see such an initiative by online gambling industry which would make it easy for genuine gamblers to sign up and go through with their genuine bets.

Actually, the attempt to make online sports betting a legal practice across US is not new, perhaps vice president and deputy general counsel at gaming technology company CG Technology, Quinton Singleton, has submitted his proposal to amend the state’s gambling regulations to Nevada Gaming Commission back in February, and according to coming reports, commission is expected to take a decision by next year. Although, sports betting is already allowed at least within Nevada but was very tedious for new aspiring bettors to initiate his online betting campaign and now after the new proposed regulation, anyone can simply sign up with any sportsbook with just one time physical verification process and start wagering money on his favorite sports.

The biggies of the industry are closely watching the developments in this initiative; they include Boyd Gaming, MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and William Hill. Apart from them, there is a big list of small operators who are ready to capitalize the opportunity by bringing in a maximum number of bettors into their vicinity. If online betting takes a legal shape in the US, it would help open a biggest employment sector as well coz of mobile technology requirements mobile sport betting is largely expected to grow faster than traditional computer base online betting. Let’s wait and see how Gaming Commission takes the proposed offer and if we can see a legalized online sports betting industry across US this year itself!

‘The Best of It’ – documentary that talks about dark side of Sports Betting – releases today

Gambling, especially sports betting, has always been a first choice of aspiring bettors who want to make some fast cash without risking much of their hard earned money, but is that really as simply, is something that needs to be understood before anyone starts wagering his first bet. Actually, there have been countless professional sports bettors who accept they made their fortune with betting and over the time the insides of online sports betting are being showcased on television either via documentaries or via Hollywood flicks and latest addition to this library is “The Best Of It,” which is a 116-minute documentary film and talks about the life of four gamblers: Alan Dvorkis, Alan Denkenson, Lem Banker, and Ken Weitzner. The storyline is typical where four aspiring betters coming from different backgrounds start placing their bets professionally only to know the difficulties professional bettors pass through every day and one of them later took the extreme step by committing suicide after incurring heavy betting losses.

The documentary is written and directed by Scott Pearson Eberly and is released today and most surprising part of the venture is its tenure that took a long six years and eventually come out to be a completely different documentary than what director had earlier expected. According to him, he shot more than 1400 hours of real time footages, complied them, and edited them, to bring out the finest 116 minutes that should be in liking of professional as well aspiring sports betters. The first two and a half minute promo of the documentary is getting rave responses on YouTube with already over forty thousand views and forty seven liking. Further, critics are as well praising the concept though it carries lots of dark shades but according to many betting experts, it is going to be helpful for all the newcomers who want to join this money rolling industry without sharpening their knowledge first.

Even though, this documentary is actually not going to be helpful for Sportsbooks as it reveals the darker side of their business, yet everyone is very open about it and wants to show it to the world and director is as well excited to see his first venture on professional sport betting is being liked by the community. Next few days would decide the commercial success of the documentary until than you too watch it and learn what you should not do while placing your bets!