Battle of Tactics and Wits on the Cards in Saturday’s Six-Nation Rugby Game, Says Peter Stringer

Rugby is an intense physical game that has offered itself well to betting enthusiasts over the decades. It is one game where sports betting fans have a field day regardless of what game is on, be it a regular league game or a championship fixture. The Six-Nation Rugby tournament is on and sports betting enthusiasts have been following it enthusiastically. Saturday’s game between Wales and the Emerald Isles promises to be exciting, and Peter Stringer’s belief is that behind the physicality will be an intense battle of wits and tactics. Wales is currently priced at 2.10 and Ireland at 1.72.

Stringer, a former scrum-backer for Ireland, thinks the game will be a study in the way the coaches of the two teams approach the game, a mental game as much as a physical one. Joe Schmidt has been in charge of the boys based out of Aviva Stadium since 2013 and has done well, bringing home the Rugby 6 Nations championship title in 2014. A win against the Red Dragons will mean a second consecutive title, and that is something you cannot really ignore.

However, they are going to be playing in Cardiff and that is never easy for an outside team. Add to that the fact that the Wales team coach Warren Gatland has managed to put his team in top gear with a triumph over France in Paris and you have a cracker of a contest in the offing.

Speaking about the impending game, Stringer said, “Joe’s approach is the tactics, the detail which is down to a tee – no stone is left unturned. Ireland is playing a very simple game plan, it’s about the execution with accuracy, it is not a flash game where they’re off-loading the ball a lot. It is very structured, very disciplined and they’re a very difficult team to beat at the moment.”

“Gats’ approach, like it has been over the last couple of years, is about getting the forwards into the game and just seeing how the game turns out. When you have quality players that are able to create something from nothing, they sometimes rely on that, but once Wales get that momentum, there is no better team to play off quick ball,” he added.

McCoy Sizzles with Amazing Win at the Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival has a lot going in it always, and every year there are some special feats and events that come out in this amazing event. This year, the horse was amazing, the rider was even better: Uxizandre, trained by Alan King, let himself be ridden expertly by AP McCoy and the result was phenomenal: a superb victory for the awesome twosome.

What made the victory even more sweet was the fact this pair came at 16/1 odds heading into the race. And that was not all; for McCoy it was even sweeter because this was his final appearance at the Cheltenham Festival. Speaking about it after the race, he said, “The thrill this horse gave me, I’ll miss riding horses like this, the ones that run away with you and jump like stags. It has to happen at some point. It’s a bit sad, but we will worry about it this time next year.”

McCoy rode expertly – he was quick and always ahead of the pack, something that took the competition by surprise. Helping him along was Uxizandre, a horse that McCoy thinks is amazing, and a natural. He broke ahead at the start and never let the hooves off the pedal, so to speak, throughout the race. He got the better of the one horse that came close to throwing down the gauntlet, Ma Filleule, and ended up the winner.

The crowd also took to the win and McCoy in a big way, and he loved it, given that this was his last appearance here. The grandstands were packed obviously, and there was much cheering for McCoy from all across on his trip back to the winner’s enclosure.

UK Election Betting to be Biggest in History, Feels Ladbrokes


Betting has expanded today to all spheres of life, including sports, games, online gambling, and also big ticket award ceremonies like the Oscars. One more area where it has a presence is politics. The concept of election prop betting has its own set of followers. It may not be as big as regular sports betting, but it exists, and successfully so. In this context, Ladbrokes, one of the big names in sports betting in the UK, has said the coming elections in the UK could be the big thing in election betting this year.

The amount of money betting folks would be putting up during this year is massive, according to industry experts. Matthew Shaddick, head of political betting at Ladbrokes, predicts that amount to be more than £100 million. If it actually reaches that amount, it would be almost twice or probably even thrice more than the amount that bettors spent during elections in 2010. Speaking about it, Shaddick said, “We are pretty sure it’s going to be the biggest betting election, probably two or three times as big as we saw in 2010.”

The betting pattern is, of course, not likely to be uniform across all constituencies in the country. There are some constituencies where the amounts wagered will be far more than in others. One instance is most likely Kent, where there is fierce competition between the two candidates, Nigel Farage and Al Murray. As of now, the favorite continues to be the UKLP leader, with odds at 1/3. However the others are hot in pursuit as well and rushing to play catch up. The Tories stand at 3/1, while Labour is currently at 8/1.

Online Sports Betting’s 2015 Week Special: The First Week of May!

In a year that seems destined to be a good one for online sports betting, there is one week in the near future that seems likely to stand out, and that too solely for the sheer number of events lined up during that period. The week in question at this point in time is the first week of May 2015. And if you want to know why this week is special, all you need to do is check out the sheer number of events scheduled for that period. There are some medium-sized ones, some fairly big ones, and one monster of an event, at least by online sports betting standards.

For starters, 2nd May is the day when the face-off between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, two big draws in the world of boxing, is slated to happen. The magnitude of the event can be gauged by one single piece of statistic: online sportsbooks are already on overdrive with regard to bets on the fight, and it is still a good two months away!

And then there are the other events apart from the bout slated for the week. Take football and that is the period when the action is slowly reaching a deafening crescendo as the teams head into the final stretch of their domestic league commitments. That is when, unless one team is so far ahead of the rest that their leadership is unquestionable, most teams are taking that last stand in the league title tilt. Come to the USA and there are the NBA and NHL playoffs scheduled in that time period.

And of course finally there is that all-American favorite, baseball. And it cannot get any more heavy duty than a game featuring the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, and that game is scheduled for the first week of May this year, 2nd of May to be precise. So that is why we are calling that week the Action Overload Week, and you would definitely be a happy person knowing the field is open for you to place your sports bets on.

German Sports Betting Body Calls on Government for License Resolution

Deutsche Sportwettenverband (DSWV), the German sports body, has made an appeal to its members to refrain from taking any wagers whatsoever on any amateur football leagues due to the fact that the operator wishes to set an example in supporting sports integrity and social responsibilities in an attempt to initiate dialogue between sports associations and regulatory bodies.

Mathias Dahms, the President of the Deutsche Sportwettenverband, has also once again made an urgent request to legislators calling on them to end any legal uncertainty with regard to sports betting licenses, which has now been in limbo for a period of over two years.

Dahm is endeavoring to see an end to the “booming black market” and would like to see it being replaced with goal orientated consumer protection.

In a recent statement to the press, Dahms continued to say that it is with great concern that they are observing a growing black market at the moment. He added that it is very unfortunate that it is only a logical consequence to the German licensing chaos where, it is not only consumers and reputable suppliers that suffer, but also the State.

Dahms also said that without having a legally valid license, their hands are tied and that if it were not for this fact, they would have immediately initiated legal action against any illegal vendors themselves.