Colossus Bets Signs Up Betdaq as Its First B2B Partner in the UK


It is official: Colossus Bets, the online sports betting company has signed up Betdaq as its first live B2B partner in the UK. Betdaq is a global wagering exchange operator, while Colossus Bets operates the £10,000,000 Colossus, an entity that offers the largest jackpots in football and sports.

Speaking about the partnership, Lewis Findlay, the CEO of Betdaq said, “With the £10,000,000 Colossus on offer every few days of the World Cup, our clients can win £10,000,000 on a jackpot every time England plays, so we are greatly looking forward to providing our betting exchange customers with this proposition which is truly unique and groundbreaking for this World Cup and into next season’s Premier League.”

The partnership is significant because of the timing and the sheer volume of prize pools potentially on offer. It would allow Betdaq to make available to sportsbetting enthusiasts at betting exchanges a prize pool of a total of more than £100 million, or €123.3 million/$168.1 million. This money would be made available during the course of the FIFA World Cup currently in progress.

In a statement, the founder and CEO of Colossus Bets, Bernard Marantelli, said, “With our products, Betdaq has the ability to offer their exchange customers, unprecedented lottery-sized football jackpots and our patented fractional cash-in feature, a world first in betting.”

“Fractional cash-in allows players to bank profits on part of a ‘live’ ticket whilst retaining the remaining part of the ticket to play for a corresponding share of the jackpot prize and should become industry standard given the ever increasing popularity of multiples and in-play betting,” Marantelli added.

Betfair Confirms Highest Recorded Revenue and Profit in 2014

While a number of online gambling companies struggle to capture market share and stay on top, Betfair has done extremely well in 2014. The company confirmed that between April 2013 to April 2014, Betfair has been successful in posting record profit margins. Early results reveal that Betfair had made £393.6 million when compared to the previous 12 months where it recorded £387 million. This was an increase of 2% when compared to the previous year.

Betfair believes that one of the main reasons it succeeded in the last 12 months was because of the innovative products it released along with a creative market campaign that helped promote Betfair’s products and services. The company confirmed that their earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization rose to £91.1 million which is an increase of 78%. Profit after tax also recorded a significant increase from a loss of £49.4 million in 2013 to a profit of £61.1 million in 2014.

In a statement, Betfair chief executive officer Breon Corcoran said: “Our strategy is working. The emphasis on sustainable revenues and our product and marketing investments are paying off, resulting in record revenues and profits. The focus in FY14 was on creating a competitive sportsbook and we are now entering an exciting phase of product development to leverage both our exchange and sportsbook to stand out in a crowded marketplace”.

One of the areas Betfair concentrated on expanding and promoting was mobile gaming and the results confirm that it was a strategic move that resulted in mobile revenue increasing by as much as 70%. Teams Up with Alexandre Ruiz

Ladbrokes, one of the leading French online sports book operators, has announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Alexandre Ruiz, the well known French journalist and broadcaster that will see football fans being provided with fresh awareness and information on this exciting game.

The deal, which was set up by SportFive, the international sports marketing agency and part of Lagardere Unlimited, will run for the duration of the 2014 – 2015 sporting season.

Ruiz is the anchor for the BeIN Sports Television channel and has been in charge of presenting and hosting some of the biggest football events for the channel since 2012. BeIN Sports viewers have found that Ruiz’s TV show on European Football “The Sunday Club” has become a very important source of information for them.

Prior to NetBet forming the partnership deal with Alexandre Ruiz, the renowned journalist, it built partnership deals with several football clubs in the Premier League. However, NetBet endeavored to put a new angle on things by forming the partnership with, who they described as a “key figure in French football”.

According to a spokesperson for, Alexandre Ruiz’s presence as an ambassador for NetBet allows them to highlight their values and the French broadcaster’s precise predictions is bound to bring true added value that their players love.

Ruiz revealed that this approach is a first for him and that he hopes to embody the brand’s core values while joining bettors in their choices as much as possible. Ruiz added that it is his aim to use his position alongside football’s biggest names in order to bring added information to users and to create a link with everyone on the site.

Illegal Sports Betting Thrives In Hong Kong As Punters Spend HK$500bn


Macau, which is a ferry ride away from Hong Kong has surpassed Las Vegas a number of years ago and is now recognized as the gambling capital of the world and is home to just about every recognizable gambling company. Hong Kong on the other hand is more known for its sky scrapers than it’s casinos.

Yet, South China Morning Post newspaper reports that illegal gambling in Hong Kong has grown in leaps and bounds and is now officially a HK$500 billion dollar industry ($64.5 billion). Betting in Hong Kong is not illegal but it’s just that the illegal gambling market is much more appealing and lucrative to punters.

The illegal gambling scene in Hong Kong is controlled by the syndicates and covers a wide range of sports betting such as horse betting, football and basketball. The syndicates are far too powerful for local law enforcement to crackdown and break up these illegal gambling rings. It would require the Hong Kong government to formulate a strategy and then execute it to curb illegal gambling in Hong Kong.

The FIFA 2014 Football world cup which is currently taking place in Brazil runs for over a month and is the perfect setup for illegal gambling and sports betting activities to thrive. The expansion of illegal gambling in Hong Kong stifles the growth of regulated and legalized sports betting establishments such as the Jockey Club.

Martin Purbrick, the director of security at the Jockey Club said “We need a strategy that includes the media to highlight the criminal problem, banks to prevent payments to and from illegal betting operators, police to priorities cross-border efforts against operators and a legal betting product range to compete with illegal bookmakers.” Extends Sponsorship Deal for Sunderland PL Football Club


Sunderland Football Club, the leading English Premier League team has landed an extension of its partnership deal with the Asian based online gambling site, TLC188.COM. The renewal of the contract will mean a sponsorship deal from the 2014-15 season to 2016-2017.

Since 2012, the gaming group has been a strong backer of Sunderland, and, as such, the team has taken part in pre-season trips to the Asian continent to spread the brand name. Sunderland also took part in the Asia Trophy pre-season tournament in Honk Kong in 2013.

The strategy director for Mike Chong said: “The Excitement for Premier League football teams such as Sunderland has grown fast in Asia since we signed our original contract and with frequent promotions, we expect to grow both TLC 188 and Sunderland’s international fan bases.”

Also commenting was the commercial director of the Premier League football club, Gary Hutchinson, who said: “We are really pleased to extend a strong partnership and we look forward to exploring new areas of innovation with TLC188 and Sunderland in the future.”

He added that Sunderland and would continue to build on their relationship throughout Asia and the club is becoming extremely popular with a growing worldwide fan base.

Over the years, many top online gambling companies have joined forces with iconic football clubs to ensure maximum brand exposure.