Canada Stalling Sports Betting Bill


According to an op-ed published by Bill Rutsey, the president and chief executive officer of the Canadian Gaming Association last week, lawmakers should be harshly criticized for delaying the bill, C-290, and depriving the country from earning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Rutsey queried why the bill, despite testimonies from numerous sources which include gaming regulators, law enforcement and legal experts, has been stalled in the Senate.

The bill aims to repeal the Criminal Code section and to allow gamblers across Canada to bet on one sports event at a time.

Betters must currently wager on a minimum of three games at once and are required to correctly predict all three outcomes to win, which is known as a parlay bet and is not as popular among gamblers who find it more difficult to win. Bettors are prohibited from betting on a single race, sporting event, fight or athletic contest.

In the op-ed published by Rutsey, he points to the huge success of legal sports in Vegas and says that what is preventing something similar in Canada is a handful of unelected senators in Ottawa. Rutsey added that while sports wagering has been legal in Canada for decades, they are not permitted to bet on the outcome of a single event and that if someone wishes to bet on the Super Bowl they are required to “parlay” their bet with two other events and that this usually results in the bet being a loser even before the pre-game commences.

Rutsey also said that by delaying the bill, billions of dollars are wagered by Canadians on sports to illegal offshore operators and organized crime with more than $26 billion wagered since the bill entered the Senate almost two years ago.

New Advertising Strategy to be launched by Ladbrokes


Following a pitch process, Ladbrokes, the leading UK bookmaker, has appointed one of the leading advertising agencies, Bartie Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London to help the group advance to the next level by developing a new marketing strategy in their aim to become the top brand in the gambling industry in both the retail and the digital markets.

Ladbrokes ended its agreement with creative agency Sapient Nitro with which it has been in partnership with for the past two and a half years. The current campaign that features Tiziano Crudeli, the Italian football commentator and Chris Kamara, the UK football guru will now come to an end. It is possible however, that Karma may continue to work with the group.

Work has already begun on a new advertising strategy and Ladbrokes has revealed that the new campaign will be launched within the next few months.

The Director of Brand and Research at Ladbrokes, Andy May, said that the group felt the need for a new approach in their advertising due to all the innovation in the business as well as the excitement and opportunity that they see for the business going forward.

May added that their retail stance enhanced its customer offer last year with a greater choice of sports for customers to view and place bets on, targeted “price lock in” promotions, more access to wi-fi as well as the introduction of self service betting machine terminals.

May also said that they have a new Ladbrokes mobile offer and a new sports book offer in digital and that further enhancements will be seen across both in the year ahead.

Jon Peppiatt, the Deputy Chairman of BBH, revealed that they are extremely excited with this appointment which will assist Ladbrokes in becoming the number one multi-platform gaming and betting destination.

Bulgaria Awards Second Online Sports Betting License


The Bulgarian State Commission of Gambling (STG) has approved a license for the country’s state-owned operator Sports Totalizator (Sport Toto) to offer its sports betting services online. This is the second sports betting license to be issued by the country.

It has been confirmed in a notice on the regulator’s website that Sport Toto has now been licensed to offer betting on sports, dog and horse racing via the internet to its customers in Bulgaria. Sports Toto has also been licensed to offer a variety of lottery games online, with all products being available through the domain.

The State Commission of Gambling approved the first sports betting license in Bulgaria when it awarded an online gaming license to Malta licensed operator Eurofootball in September of last year. Eurofootball Malta was founded in 2006 and operates the online gaming brand which offers players a range of products that includes sports betting, online casino and poker.

Established in 1957 the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator holds exclusive rights to operate several lottery games in the country and is a leading source of financing for sports in Bulgaria that gives 17 percent of revenues to the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports, with its corporate tax comprising 15 percent of earnings also going to the government department.

In December, 2013, the Bulgarian parliament approved an amendment to its Gambling Act which resulted in the gaming tax rate being slashed. This was followed by the awarding of Bulgaria’s second iGaming license.

Many operators have reportedly been deterred from applying for a license in Bulgaria due to the high rate of tax

New iOS Betting App Launched by Paddy Power

Leading Irish based bookmaker giant, Paddy Power, has announced that it has launched a marketing campaign in order to introduce its new sports betting app to the industry.

Paddy Power claims that its Paddy Power Messenger is an iOS app that is the first fully personalized sports betting app in the world and that the launch campaign by “if” the popular Altrincham based creative agency will enable players to learn more about this platform.

The creative agency has revealed that the launch’s most important aims and objectives is to create general awareness of the new app, its features and benefits as well as to drive downloads and installs.

A tutorial video which is embedded in the app can be watched by players in order to give specific instructions as to how to enjoy Paddy Power Messenger.

The Messenger app has been created by Paddy Power so as to enable players to trim down their sports betting action to the sports really enjoyed by them.

Players are able to choose their favorite football teams, jockey, leagues, racecourses or horses and request to follow them via the app. Constant updates about these selections will be sent by the Paddy Power Messenger enabling players to remain updated and to place their bets based on prior information and calculated decisions.

Paddy Power Messenger will allow players to

• place bets on any sports simply and conveniently by using brief instructions (eg. 10 Double Man Utd or Sprinter Sacre).
• have complete control over messages sent.
• receive reminders on preferred sports.
• receive fast live text commentary on football matches.
• receive access to Paddy Power account functions.
• enjoy shortcuts to account management in order to check balances, withdraw cash and more.
• take advantage of all special offers and promotions with minimum effort..
• advise Paddy Power how long they want to be logged in for and, after that, are logged out automatically.

Legal Fees Escalate in New Jersey Sports Betting Case


According to the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, although he agrees that the cost of the ongoing attempt to legalize Sports Betting in the state is exorbitant, in the long run it will be well worth it.

Matt Friedman, a reporter for the Newark Star Ledger, revealed that taxpayers have already run up accounts of $2.3 million for state and international legal firms that employ many of the most popular names in the legal world in their attempt to overturn the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

The Christie Administration hired the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher who billed the state in excess of $1.6 million for a combined 4,353 hours of work done by nineteen of its partners and 16 of the firm’s associates. A further amount of $183,943 was also spent by the state on travel, research, court fees and other necessary expenses.

In response to Friedman’s statement, a media outlet stated that despite the fact that it is a “big hand” the stakes are very high and analysts are predicting that an amount of $100 million a year could be generated by Sports Betting for New Jersey’s state coffers.

Supporters are also saying that although the odds of legalizing sports betting are getting longer, the end prize is definitely worth pursuing.

State Senator Ray Lesniak, was quoted as saying that the money spent on legal fees for this Sports Betting initiative was an investment in a potentially priceless outcome. Lesniak also said that Sports Betting could result in billions of dollars streaming into the economy and thousands and thousands of jobs.