New iOS Betting App Launched by Paddy Power

Leading Irish based bookmaker giant, Paddy Power, has announced that it has launched a marketing campaign in order to introduce its new sports betting app to the industry.

Paddy Power claims that its Paddy Power Messenger is an iOS app that is the first fully personalized sports betting app in the world and that the launch campaign by “if” the popular Altrincham based creative agency will enable players to learn more about this platform.

The creative agency has revealed that the launch’s most important aims and objectives is to create general awareness of the new app, its features and benefits as well as to drive downloads and installs.

A tutorial video which is embedded in the app can be watched by players in order to give specific instructions as to how to enjoy Paddy Power Messenger.

The Messenger app has been created by Paddy Power so as to enable players to trim down their sports betting action to the sports really enjoyed by them.

Players are able to choose their favorite football teams, jockey, leagues, racecourses or horses and request to follow them via the app. Constant updates about these selections will be sent by the Paddy Power Messenger enabling players to remain updated and to place their bets based on prior information and calculated decisions.

Paddy Power Messenger will allow players to

• place bets on any sports simply and conveniently by using brief instructions (eg. 10 Double Man Utd or Sprinter Sacre).
• have complete control over messages sent.
• receive reminders on preferred sports.
• receive fast live text commentary on football matches.
• receive access to Paddy Power account functions.
• enjoy shortcuts to account management in order to check balances, withdraw cash and more.
• take advantage of all special offers and promotions with minimum effort..
• advise Paddy Power how long they want to be logged in for and, after that, are logged out automatically.

Sports Betting Sites Offering Bets on Royal Baby

Sports Betting sites are getting ready for the busiest betting month of the summer with the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton due to give birth to her Royal Baby on 13th July, 2013.

The Duchess gave her final official engagement when serving as godmother for the newest ship for Princess Cruises recently before going on official maternity leave.

Paddy Power, the Irish bookie and many other Sports Betting sites are offering punters a huge range of Royal Baby traditional as well as totally obscure betting odds.

Bookies appear to have made girls’ names their favorite for some time now, with the name Alexandra constantly being number one with odds of 2/1. Diana and Elizabeth follow with odds of 6/1 while Charlotte and Victoria make a third favorite at 7/1.

The Royal Palace has not confirmed the sex of the baby and it is, therefore, surprising that the first boy’s name only appears as George when the odds hit 14/1 while the top 6 names are all girls at the Sports Betting sites.

Several Sports Betting sites are also running some obscure odds giving punters a chance to wager on the name of the Royal Baby’s first boyfriend or girlfriend with Robert being a favorite at 33/1 followed by Edmund and Howard at 40/1.

Paddy Power is also carrying odds on which magazine will get exclusive first picture rights of the Royal Baby, as follows –

  • Hello – 11/8
  • Tatler – 5/2
  • Elle – 4/1
  • Vogue – 8/1
  • OK – 8/1
  • Now – 12/1
  • Grazia – 20/1

Odds on the date of Royal Baby Number 2 are as follows –

  • 2013 (in the case of twins) – 7/1
  • 2014 – 11/10
  • 2015 – 7/4
  • 2016 or later – 4/1

Cannes Festival Betting Heating Up

One of the most prestigious events in the film industry’s calendar, the Cannes Film Festival, runs until Sunday, 26th May, 2013, when the winner of the Palme d’Or will be announced.

There has already been a high level of betting at UK bookmakers as punters speculate as to the winner.

Bookmakers such as Paddy Power, the Irish sports betting and online gambling giant, have given two films, the Japanese Like Father, Like Son / Soshite chichi ni naru (Hirokazu Koreeda) and the Iranian The Past / Le Passe (Asghar Farhadi), the lead.

Both films are on top of Paddy Power’s list of favorites to win the Palme D’Or at 5 / 2.

The Immigrant, which has a 1920’s New York storyline, follows close behind the first two films.

Despite the fact that Steven Spielberg has not had a movie at the Cannes Festival in decades, he will head the jury that will determine the outright winner. Nicole Kidman and Taiwanese contemporary filmmaker, Ang Lee, are also on the panel.

According to Robbie Collin, a film critic for the UK publication, The Telegraph, the makeup of the jury could possibly give punters a few hints regarding the types of films could win the Palme d’Or.

Collin added that it is very difficult to choose the best film so early on in the festival due to the fact that nobody has seen many of the films that are being screened, but by looking at the jury, one can draw some conclusions from the type of films you think they might enjoy.

Blue Square Put on the Market by Rank

Blue Square, the online sports bookie division of the Rank Group is currently running at a loss, partly due to the sports betting market being highly competitive.

Rank purchased Blue Square in 2003 and the company has approximately 120,000 patrons which is a small portion of the group’s income and continual market advertising is required in order to generate revenue. A huge marketing campaign worth £2 million increased revenue at Blue Square by 19% recently.

A proposed new tax regime that is due to take effect in 2014 is bound to see small sports betting operators such as Blue Square’s revenues to decline. Although operators such as Paddy Power, Betfair, Ladbrokes and William Hill will also feel the pinch it will not be to the same extent as smaller operators such as Blue Square.

Blue Square has, therefore, been put on the market by its owner, casino operator Rank who said that it would “undertake a review” of the business.

It is understood that Rank has begun early discussions with certain parties to sell Blue Square as the group would like to consolidate and focus its efforts on its casino and bingo brands, Grosvenor Casino and Mecca. Rank, like other operators, is completing a £205 million deal to buy Gala Coral’s casinos. The Competition Commission is due to hand down a ruling on potential monopolies in a few cities in the United Kingdom that would be created by the deal in February, 2013 but Rank officials appear to be pretty certain that the deal will be approved.

Two Tap Mobile Betting Introduced by Paddy Power

UK based Paddy Power, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing online bookmakers, has announced that it now enabling punters to place a wager with just two touches of the screen with their updated betting app.

Paddy Power’s new 2 Tap Bet Placement feature is being described as the fastest single bet placement in mobile sports betting and has resulted in the number of steps taken to place a mobile bet being reduced dramatically.

Punters will find that pre-events bets can now be placed within 3 to 4 seconds which has been reduced from the previous time of 16 to 20 seconds while the time taken for live betting has been reduced from 20 to 25 seconds to 6 to 8 seconds.

The only thing left for punters to do in the punting process is to follow two steps which are to choose a selection and then to tap the “Place Bet Now” button that appears on the screen.

According to a message on the Paddy Power blog, the online bookmakers will be saving their customers thousands of hours of time each month. The blog also read that it is up to punters to use these extra hours to help dolphins or merely to sit around in their pants.

Paddy Power has also made another change to the app that will see a player’s most recent stake become their default stake.

Paddy Power was formed following the merger of three Irish bookmakers in 1988 and is currently one of the top three bookmakers in the U.K.