AC Milan’s Michael Essien nulls reports of his Ebola virus infection

Would you believe if I say a player is infected with Ebola virus especially if we are in the beginning of a season? Yes? Of course, coz we all have become so depended over media reports that we don’t even think twice before believing over the genuineness of anything being flashed by the media channels. Last night could be the most dramatic one for the Ghanaian midfielder Michael Essien who plays for AC Milan as he found himself in a unique situation where chief medical officer of the club himself asked him if he is infected by Ebola. First, Essien laughed over the news and then he and club both had to issue the denial over the false stories being run by a group of media channels who just trying to gain publicity out of nothing. In fact, 31-year-old became so upset with the news that he even threatened to sue the media group who continued spreading the rumors without having enough supporting evidence.

Explaining the whole incident, infamously known box-to-box midfielder said, “It was Sunday night and I was at home in the best possible situation — relaxing on the couch, watching English Sky Sports. I was in my element. The phone rang and it was Dr Tavana. I thought ‘what does he want at this time?’ I replied and he says ‘there’s somebody on the internet saying that you’ve got Ebola. It’s not true, is it?’

“I burst out laughing, and he was laughing with me. I told him I’m as fit as a fiddle. Five minutes later, our head press officer Riccardo Coli calls me saying:’ ‘Somebody’s spreading a comment from me that we’re stunned by your illness, but obviously it’s all fake.’

“I was still laughing and he sent me the link where these rumours were and that was it. Only then, the following morning while I was out like a light sleeping, I got a call from my mum in Ghana, worried to death, and she asked me how I was.”

Since, it has now been confirmed as well by the insiders that it was just a joke nothing else, but what would happen to the player who has been dragged into unnecessary controversy especially in the beginning of the season. Midfielder has confirmed to have been in touch with his legal experts to discuss if this is the right time to drag all the responsible into court.