Australia to Ban Betting Ads during Live Sports Events

Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s Prime Minister, has confirmed that the country will be introducing a ban on gambling advertisements on radio, television as well as the internet during sports events that are broadcast live before 8.30 pm.

A report in The Guardian newspaper revealed that Turnbull had told reporters in New York that there will be “no more gambling ads” before the cut-off time, except for horse racing.

Turnbull commented on the forthcoming ban by saying that parents all over Australia will be thrilled when they hear that there will be no more gambling ads during football matches, cricket matches and live sporting events before 8.30 pm.

Australia is currently endeavoring to overhaul its broadcasting industry and the ban on gambling advertisements before 8.30 pm form part of this wider initiative.

Included in the overhaul is a decrease in television license fees in an attempt to offset the revenue that broadcasters will be losing as a result of the advertising ban.

According to Mitch Fifield, Communications Minister for Australia, the new ban will come into effect from five minutes before play is scheduled to begin until after the broadcast events ends or 8.30 pm, whichever comes first.

Fifield went on to say that these things are also a balance between recognizing that commercial media are required to have sources of revenue but at the same time they need to protect families and children.

The ban was criticized by a number of leading broadcasters in Australia with Free TV, the free-to-air television lobby group, branding the proposal as “unnecessary” and “unwarranted”.

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