Barca is more than Messi, Suarez, and Neymar: Luis Enrique

If we look at any big side who is ruling the game for a while, there must be a combination of players who could be performing that great for it and along with other teammates that team gradually becomes one of the bests. Spanish giant Barcelona is of course one of them who is enjoying the services of three great players: Messi, Suarez, and Neymar and all of them contribute their best to take their side into top of the domestic league. But team manager Luis Enrique has an equally difficult responsibility, i.e., to keep other players motivated so they could not be overshadowed by the big names hence it is necessary he undermines the dominance of just three players in the team so others could as well consider themselves an integral part of the side. Enrique seems to be doing just that especially when they are up to the final of the Championship league against Juventus. He strategically said his team is much more than just three players and whole team will do whenever they can to overcome their Italian rivals this weekend. Nonetheless, it is a fact that these three players took the glory of Barca to an unprecedented height thanks to the Messi who contributed 58 goals in the domestic season along with other two who added another 62 to take their group tally to 120 goals this year.

Apart from having a brilliant attacking line, Camp Nou side also has the firmest defensive line which is hard to breach by opponents and it is proved with the fact that they only conceived nine goals in 12 games in the Championship league season. Talking about his trio and why they are getting too much attention, Enrique said, “We are all aware that the front three get so much attention, especially having Leo as best player in the world, and also Ney and Luis who have had great seasons.

“But to be here, to have won both trophies, and players know that, we have needed a block which attacks and a block which defends. Just attacking with three, or defending with eight, we would not have won so much. That we are in position to win the treble means the set-up of the team has worked marvellously well. We are happy that are fans have sense of euphoria, that this is lasting some months. The players and coaches are going into the game as serious as possible.”