Bodog Asia to Sponsor Asian Basketball Championships


Leading online gaming firm, Bodog Asia, is thrilled to announce that it has entered into major a six figure sponsorship deal in terms of which it will feature prominently over the course of the 2013 FIBA Asia Basketball Championship which is a scheduled to take place in Manila, Philippines between 1st August and 11th August, 2013. The Championship will be a qualifying event which will see the top three teams from the FIBA Asia Championship earning the right to represent FIBA Asia at the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Bodog Asia’s sponsorship is due to cover the entire 2013 FIBA Asia Championship and will include in stadia LED advertising of Bodog Asia, perimeter boards as well as their world famous Bodog “ambassadorettes” inside as well as outside the stadium so as to ensure that there is a great party atmosphere at the event.

The Marketing Director for Manila based Bodog Asia, Izhar Biran, said that the event is not only on the doorstep of their headquarters in Manila but it will also be broadcasted throughout the region and that it is expected to reach in excess of 100 million TV audiences. Biran added that there are not many events on earth that are able to offer them those sorts of numbers so it was very easy for them to decide to sign the sponsorship deal. Biran also said that he is confident that the online gaming firm will bring their own brand of glamour to the Asia Championships.

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