Milan replaces Allegri with Dutchman Clarence Seedorf

Italian club AC Milan seems to be determined to refine their team with some new ideas that is why they hire Dutchman Clarence Seedorf as new coach within few days they sacked former Massimiliano Allegri. The news made public by a local sports’ news source that claims that new coach is being signed for at least one season after Milan sacked Allegri for not delivering what they had expected from him. This is not a new thing in soccer fraternity where top officials are being treated like hangers hence everyday seems to be like the last day if a manager or coach is not able to provide what his bosses expect from him. Allegri dismissal is the latest example of how Italian clubs are copying their English counterparts when it comes to penalize non performing teammates. The 37-year-old Dutchman is currently associated with Brazilian club Botafogo and if close sources are to be believed, he has everything that Milan requires to rejuvenate its players. In fact, many former players have supported this decision to bring Seedorf at San Siro, like former defender Thiago Silva, who applauded his qualities to revive a team like Milan, he said during Ballon D’Or ceremony on Monday night, “If Seedorf arrives, he will do a great job because he’s a great person and very serious – he will change the mentality of the players.

“I’m sorry for the situation Milan are in, but if Seedorf arrives, something will certainly change. I’m sure big names will arrive.”

It would not be the first spell for Seedorf at San Siro as he has earlier been associated with them as player; indeed he played an important role when Milan won two Champions League titles and that is why he is being taken as the most eligible coach to lead them. Carlo Ancelotti, who used to be his mentor when he was just a player and in charge of Real Madrid these days, also supported his return to Italy, he said, “Seedorf was my player, he has a very big personality. He has the capacity and knowledge to do everything in the world of football. He is going to get experience in an atmosphere he knows very well.

“Milan have often made this type of decision, first Arrigo Sacchi who had no experience, then Fabio Capello… now Seedorf. Every time that decision has gone well for him. I wish him a lot of luck.”

Paul Pogba regrets missing EPL, yet satisfied with Italian club

English clubs have ever been a destination to die for for young players around the world, in fact, if we ask any aspiring footballer which team he would love to play with, he would definitely answer in favor of a league club ahead of Barcelona or Real Madrid. Paul Pogba, the 20-year-old French international footballer is one such new entrant to international soccer who plays for Italian club Juventus, agrees on the prevailing theory that English clubs are on the top of every player’s aspiring places. However, he also says that he is happy playing with Italian club though he always dreamed of playing with English or top notch Spanish clubs. Despite the fact that he is not actively associated with any English club now, he has spent around five years under supervision of legendry United manager Sir Alex Ferguson during his training days, hence he is well conversant with English playing culture. As far his preferred positions are considered, he loves to play in the midfield, however, he can equally command over defensive and forward positions.

He gave an interview recently and shared his childhood dreams he always lived with, he said, “I won’t hide that when I was a child, I dreamed of playing for Arsenal or Barcelona. Now, my dream is to play in the national team, against my brothers. Ferguson told me there’s too much racism and I’d not be happy here, but I disagreed. Also because I’d had lots of difficulty settling in there with the language, which I didn’t know. It was six months of hell trying to learn English and if you don’t already know it and you’ve got to learn it, it’s not like they are very nice to you in Great Britain.

“As far as racism goes, I told him that it’s everywhere — nobody’s immune, less so England as you could see with John Terry and Luis Suarez, who called Evra a negro seven times. Even our fans don’t realise that, when they insult an opponent for the colour of his skin, they are also hurting me.”

He knows he would always miss English football but satisfied with his decision to move to Italy right in the initial stage of his professional career. He accepts that Italian football is missing its commanding touch it enjoyed during early nineteen century in the world football, but equally agrees that Serie A is still one of the best soccer leagues in the world.

Balotelli complaints of refereeing after loss to Inter Milan

It is very hard to accept a defeat these days, in fact, this has become a trend that losing teams start shouting about referee, players, manager and all after they lose an important match. Mario Balotelli, who has himself been a player of mischiefs, accuses refereeing after his team reached just on the relegation point in Serie A after they lost to Inter Milan by just one goal in the last moments of the game. Throughout the game, both teams were equally favorable to win the match, but it was Rodrigo Palacio who found an opportunity in the 86th minute and capitalized on it. Post match season was not less fury than the game itself from Rossoneri and they start raising eye brows over referee’s mistake that survived Inter off a deep foul. Though, Milan captain immediately tried to bring it into the notice of referee, but was offered a Yellow card on excessive arguments with the referee. Now, battle ground has shifted from match pitch to social media where Balotelli is continuously trying to keep this incident alive, especially with respect to the possibilities that they can eventually be relegated by this tiny mistake from match adjudicator.

Manager Massimiliano Allegri moved one step ahead and accused of being treated unfairly throughout the series. Though, he is still confident his team would not only survive of relegation but would also end its campaign residing at a respectable position on the leaderboard. He said after the match, “We could have defended better against Palacio’s great goal, but I didn’t have the time to send Mexes on because the game was not stopped, as it should have been, for a foul on Balotelli. Instead, they raced up the field from there and scored.

“We’re being fouled more than anybody else, yet we get more yellow cards. We even got a red card this time. Something doesn’t add up. I’m pretty annoyed with what I’ve seen on the field.”

While comparing their chances against top positioned Juventus, who is a good 27 points ahead of them, he added, “They’re going at a rate of knots at the top. Juve are doing something incredible and all we can do is get back to winning ways. We’ve got the last 16 of the Champions League, and we’re the only Italian side still in that competition, and we’ve also got the Coppa Italia. We may only be five points above the relegation zone, but I believe 2014 will be different.”

Inter Milan’s controlling stake goes to DC United

There would be no exaggeration if one says money rolls in soccer, and it holds true with everything saleable here. Even then, it is generally rare to see a club is agreed to transfer its controlling stake to someone else. It happens only in two circumstances: one, if it is making losses continuously, and second, if its owners have shifted their interests to somewhere else. This time, we are talking about Italian club Inter Milan who now belongs to an Indonesian businessman Erick Thohir who reportedly bought 70% of the stake in the club. The amount, though not confirmed officially, is said to be somewhere $475 million which is much more than many financial advisories had predicted for the loss making Serie A club. As far Erick Thohir is concerned, he is a famous multitalented entrepreneur having interest in several fields along with soccer, in fact, he also has a controlling stake in MLS side DC United apart from co-owing of Astra International automotive group. After this switchover, who will be there on the presidential post is not yet decided coz new owner has refused to be on the job as he has other priorities too.

Intel Milan is one of the popular Italian outfits with its comfortable fourth position in Serie A. This season, it has won four matches out of seven played, which means, there is no reason they are losing money coz of bad display on the field, perhaps they must have been lacking professionals at the top management and Thohir, with his long experience, can refine their long term financial Balance Sheet more fruitfully. Milan’s current president Massimo Moratti informed about the MoU and said, “Everything has been signed, in a few hours there will be a press release. Satisfied? Yes, this has taken a long time, but eventually we have got there, everything seems to be in balance.

“About the role of president, that does not have to be decided yet, but it will depend only on me. There is all the love, but also the relief of leaving the club to respectable people in terms of their character. Now I will try to adapt to a new rhythm.”

The first interaction between new boss and board of director will be on October 28 when both Moratti and Thohir are expected to join and share their views about future goals. The 68-year-old also cleared rumors about the new president and added, “In the role of President, that does not have to be decided yet, but it will depend only on me. There is all the love, but also the relief of leaving the club to respectable people in terms of their character. Now I will try to adapt to a new rhythm.”

Milan not giving up on San Siro closure

Racial chants are now being taken with priority around the world that is why whenever any case of discrimination is reported anywhere, a prompt action is initiated by the disciplinary committees. AC Milan is the one who is facing the course of racial chants by some of their fans against Juventus on Sunday. Italian FA punctually decides to play their next match behind the close doors, which means, no one would be allowed to enter inside the venue to avoid farther chants. Actually, Milan fans are known for their over sentimental nature and this is the second time they are being punished by Serie A’s disciplinary committee. Apart from Milan, who would be facing its consequences, many experts are also condemning these rules that warrant such sanctions coz this can easily be misused by a group of peoples who can exploit it as a weapon against any team. Club’s vice-president Adriano Galliani takes it like a ringing bell and asks FA to take a note on this as this can be very dangerous if any wicked mind decides to abuse it; in fact, Serie A’s own president Maurizio Beretta calls such enforcement as “risk (of) giving the keys to the stadiums to the minorities.”

Milan’s attempt to oppose this sanction can further deepen the gap between their fans and opponents, coz Juventus fans are happy that a quick action has been taken by the governing body, and if any overruling is done, they will not let it go and surely take a revenge in upcoming Oct 20 clash. Galliani revealed their homework for an official appeal, he said, “I won’t say what I really think because I’ve spoken with our solicitor and he’s told me I’ll be banned for life if I do so. We’re going to take our appeal to every court possible. I hope that our stadium will be full for the Udinese game. I hope so.”

UEFA president Michel Platini also talked about the incident while picking up an award in Cuccaro Monferrato, he said, “Racism is a social problem which regards politicians, who need to help normal fans come to the stadium. Territorial discrimination is Italy’s problem. It’s the FIGC who decides, we just give the general disciplinary guidelines.

“It’s no use turning to UEFA for territorial discrimination, it is up to the Italian FA, but I feel it is incorrect to propose taking points off clubs for racist incidents. That way, it would be the players who are punished and not the fans. We need to punish those fans by not letting them into the grounds, by closing part of it if needs be.”