Allen calls Liverpool to triumph Basel convincingly if they want to secure a place in the Champions League’s next stage

Champions League has ever been one of the most desired leagues to play in, and for that reason, almost every side around the world wants not only to play in it but also take this highly acclaimed European crown to their home. When it comes to English clubs they could never been a threat for any European club participating in the UEFA cup that is why, though, there are four English clubs in this season but none of them could until ensure its space in the second stage and Liverpool is of course one of them who is still in the race but with several ifs and buts. Those, who have seen them playing in the last English season, had been expecting them to offer a much better performance than the last year, but on the contrary, Reds are not only way too behind of their previous show but as well not showing any significant improvement in the games ahead, especially in European circuit. The 24-year-old midfielder Joe Allen is the first one who has said this openly –ignoring how much it can cost him if Brendan Rodgers minds it.

According to available Championship data, Anfield side can surge to the next stage if they could show a brilliant performance in the Tuesday game with Basel and Welsh international says his side owns a good performance to home fans who have long been expecting them to tally last season’s show when they were near to outstanding. Adding about the upcoming game, he said, “It’s a huge game and we owe the fans a performance. Our home form last season was so good. We blew so many teams away. It must have been frustrating for the fans at times so far this season with the way results have gone.As players, we really appreciate the support they continue to give us. We will make sure we give it everything to get the result for them.

“We all worked so hard to get back in the Champions League and it would be a blow if we didn’t get beyond the group stage. When the groups were announced we thought we were good enough to get through and that hasn’t changed. We’re in a position where we can do that and we need to take this chance. We have the ability and talent to make that happen.”

Alex advocates sin-bins in Champions League

Soccer has now been a century old game hence has witnessed countless changes for the good from its original form. Still, whenever someone advocates any new thing to be implemented, a silent worldwide approval is necessary including, of course, European and World Governing Bodies who always clash when it comes to take initiatives. Recently, when UEFA president Michel Platini suggested to introduce a White Card against any player protesting referee’s decision, almost everyone welcomed the move except FIFA president Sepp Blatter who rejected the suggestion and there is no need to explain why. Now, a similar suggestion has been made by former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson who currently is the member of UEFA technical study group and he says time has come to introduce sin-bins in football. Sin-bins has been an ice hockey, rugby league, and rugby union term which simply means any player breaching anything is asked to sit on a particular place in the ground for a limited time, This way, he is not in the game despite being on the field and according to many this solution is way better than Platini’s white card solution where player would have to leave the game for ten minutes.

Since current initiative has been taken by none other than Alex, it is obvious FIFA would take a serious note over it and decide whether time has come to include a new rule in the game of football. Notably, UEFA has already announced to wipe out Yellow Card from this Championship League after quarterfinal stage to allow every player play in the finals. What former Scottish football manager said about his idea is, “I chair a forum of elite coaches that meet every year and I’m a member of the technical study group of the Champions League and the European Championship. So I’m still involved in football at the highest level. Right now, we’re looking at the possibility of introducing sin-bins like they have in rugby — a 10-minute suspension during the match. But we want to be careful that somehow it isn’t exploited if it’s introduced.

“We’re also looking at allowing 11 substitutes on the bench for big finals in Europe. That way you can recognise the contribution the squad’s made and allow a wider range of substitutions.”

Talking about the worst effects of current Yellow Card system, he added, “We lost Darren Fletcher from the 2009 Champions League final against Barcelona and also missed Keane and Scholes for picking up cards in the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich. Now, they’d all played in all the previous rounds, so it wasn’t fair that they missed out.”

Messi becomes the first player to score over seventy goals in Champions League

Lionel Messi

There have ever been cold wars in the game of soccer, in fact, every decade we witness at least one pair of two players who follow each other in record making and that is why these players are commonly known as arch rivals. Today, Barcelona Lionel Messi and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo are the two hottest arch rivals with several records registered into their names. Recently, when Portuguese broke the record of scoring a maximum number of goals in first ten La Liga games, Messi fans expecting their star Argentine to answer this feet by scoring another milestone to his name and rightly so, Barca forward has become the first player to score over seventy goals in the Champions League. He broke the record until held by former Madrid and Schalke’s Raul who made this record in 142 CL games played from 1995 to 2011. However, this is also a coincident that Ronaldo is as well closely following this record with seventy goals in 106 games already into his name and had he scored against Liverpool last Tuesday he would have already entered his name into the record book. But anyways, fans like this cat and mouse fight between two brilliant forwards of contemporary soccer.

Messi, who should have enjoy this glory, seemed to be rather upset with result of the game hence almost underplayed his personal feat and said, he would be happier, had they won the game. Had they won the game, they would get a surest entry into the last sixteen securing the second spot in their group just below the Paris Saint-Germain. What Messi exactly said after the game is “I am happy, the truth is this was not most important today. That was to the get the important three points to try and keep fighting with Paris to win the group. But I am happy to have achieved it. I cannot choose one, but the goals in the finals are the nicest to remember.”

However, his colleague Xavi Hernandez did not mind spreading the brilliance about Messi’s successful run in the UEFA event and said, “I’m happy for Leo because of the work he does for the team and because he is number one, the best. Leo has a free role along with the others up front, but they also have some important defensive work to do. At this club we all work and when we all work the team functions.”

Arsenal let a 3-0 lead slip in the Champions League game with Anderlecht

It always itches to the core when you are on the top at once and suddenly opponent came from behind and either draw or win the game. In fact, these days, even a single goal initial lead is often considered as a sure shot victory then imagine how Arsenal fans would have been feeling after Gunners could only draw the game with Anderlecht at the Emirates on Tuesday night despite having been leading the scorecard with good three goals at once. There can never be an excuse for this humiliating performance from the league side and that is why no one is willing to talk about them now. Moreover, it was the collective hard work of Mikel Arteta, Alexis Sanchez, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain that gave them a big initial lead but nothing eventually worked for them in the Champions League clash. Accordingly, experts all over Europe are bashing out over Reds manager and his strategy for the game that left them nowhere in the European circuit.

Former midfielder Paul Merson has openly lambasted the whole team especially its coach for his field spread in the defensive area after having a lead of three goals. He did not hesitate to censure even the manager who virtually did nothing in the game and was behaving like he has no interest in entering into the next stage of UEFA event. Merson said in his TV interview, “I think they are tactically clueless, that’s an honest opinion. This is not the first time it’s happened, it’s happened a lot. It’s absolutely clueless. For me the manager has to get a message on, but these are international footballers, they are not little kids.

“They play for their countries, in World Cups, in the Premier League, and they are all bombing forward. Surely something in your head, if you know football, you say let’s stop here, let’s have two banks of four, leave two up front and let them us break us down. It’s clueless as football knowledge.

Major soccer news daily highlighted this draw over Liverpool vs Real Madrid showdown and prominently marked it as one of the worst performances in the defensive area by the Arsène Wenger side who also added after the game, “We had a poor defensive performance from the first until the last minute. We never looked comfortable and we got punished. Annoyed? Yes. It is very disappointing. We were very poor.”

Liverpool fans to face Ronaldo’s factor again but against Real Madrid this time

Have you ever seen fans hooting a player who has once been extra lethal for them? Yes… quite often? It’s true this is a growing trend where fans don’t easily digest that any player who used to be a headache for them plays against them again especially if he has now become the world reckoned player. We are talking about Real Madrid’s star performer Cristiano Ronaldo and one of his former clubs Manchester United who is going to test his firing legs in the Champions League. Portuguese, undoubtedly, is in brilliant form these days and looks like breaking every record of the game and fans’ expected reaction could just be the regression about facing him again. Notably, Liverpool is playing in European league after a long time and their next game with Spanish giant has already created a buzz in the media that is why reports about fans’ possible hoot to Ronaldo are continuously running across media channels. To streamline the atmosphere and provide a quality ambience Real coach Carlo Ancelotti has asked the Reds to control their fans in the Wednesday’s CL’s Group B showdown at Anfield.

Notably, Ronaldo has played for more than six years for the league side Manchester United who is considered the biggest hurdle for the Brendan Rodgers to win English topflight, but there is a psychological relief for the league giants too, since, as per record book, Ronaldo has not scored on this pouch in five previous appearances so Liverpool fans can relax a bit if they rely on historic data. Anyways, talking about if current Ballon d’Or holder would fail again on the pitch, Ancelotti said, “No, ha, ha, he won’t be more motivated because it’s Liverpool. Cristiano is always super-motivated. But if the atmosphere is hostile it motivates him more.

“I followed Liverpool from 1984 when I faced them with Roma in the European Cup final and we lost on penalties. It’s always been a club that make me emotional. You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is incredible. No one sings it the way Liverpool fans do. “

Recalling the Istanbul game back in 2005, when he was with AC Milan, he added, “I remember how they sang it at the end of the first half in Istanbul. Incredible. One of the memories which had the biggest impact in my career. When we play I will go out early at Anfield because I want to hear fans sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’ It gives me so much emotion. I go on the internet and I listen to it and I make friends watch it. It’s really unique. Really.”