BetVictor Leaves Russia Due to Government’s Strict Measures

Leading UK betting group BetVictor recently forwarded its customers a communication wherein it informed players that it has decided to suspend its service, transactions and wagers from the Russian online betting market and will be cutting off the country from its sports betting and casino services.

The betting group has revealed that it is endeavoring to close all Russian customer accounts and is recommending that all affected players withdraw all their remaining funds and balances in their accounts.

The betting giant’s decision to withdraw from the market comes after the announcement that Russian government authorities are planning to increase their efforts to penalize unlicensed bookmakers that are targeting Russian consumers and making operators submit to heavy licensing terms or face very stiff penalties.

It has also been reported that the Russian Ministry of Finance is in the process of targeting further digital restrictions to international banks as well as online payment providers that are mediating unlicensed operator transactions.

Russian Media regulator, Roskomnadzor, is said to have grown its blacklist of European operators that are deemed to have been breaching Russian gambling regulations throughout last year and authorities have already IP blocked Bwin Casino, Unibet Casino, Favbet Casino, Triobet Casino as well as a number of other websites.

BetVictor have been in the business since 1946 and is a UK online bookmaker that players can trust. BetVictor Limited currently has over half a million customers in more than160 countries with operations in Europe, the United Kingdom and the Far East with betting and gaming sites available in a number of languages.

SNAI Enters into Marketing Deal with Betgenius

Italian betting operator SNAI is pleased to reveal that it has entered into an agreement with Betgenius in an endeavor to enhance its online sportsbook through a series of new digital marketing activities.

The agreement signed between the parties will see Betgenius work with SNAI in order to attract new customers to its sportsbook through the development of a multi-faceted digital marketing campaign.

The deal will also include the use of Betgenius’ “Betslip Retargeting” technology, which will give SNAI the ability to track their customers’ unconfirmed bet slips and serve up relevant offers.

Betgenius’ “Popuar Bets” tool will also be made available to SNAI, while powerful in-play and video banners will serve up relevant content to the operator’s customers.

Jack Davidson, Managing Director of Betgenius, commented on the new deal by saying that they are extremely proud to have been chosen by SNAI to drive growth of its online sportsbook. Davidson added that their proven track record in harnessing unique, data-driven solutions will enable them to attract new customers while maximizing their turnover.

Chief Executive Officer of SNAI Group, Fabio Schiavolin, added that their partnership with Betgenius continues to be very important to the growth of their sportsbook, enabling them to deploy a test and learn approach on new creative and acquisition strategies.

Schiavolin went on to say that they truly believe this will lead to consistent and successful campaigns and look forward to even more success with Betgenius in the future.

Betgenius agreed a landmark partnership recently that will see it provide a multi-channel sportsbook platform to Greek gaming giant OPAP.

Betgenius to market SNAI sports betting services

Even though online sports betting industry is big and gigantic with countless participants offering their services over here for years. Yet, every operator needs to market its services using professional tools to not miss the train in highly competitive sports betting market.

SNAI Group’s online sportsbook is one such operator who has witnessed quit a lesser growth in last couple of seasons hence it has decided to revamp its marketing department with the help of industry top notch professional marketing services provider. So, they have tied a knock with Betgenius to market its services using its series of digital marketing activities. For those who do not know about Betgenius, it is one of the leading digital marketing service providers in online gambling industry and serving more than hundred clients under its den and with this deal, now it has enhanced its scope to the SNAI’s traditional market.

Obviously, under the deal, Betgenius will work in association with SNAI’s marketing team to develop a multi-faceted digital marketing campaign and whole focus would be on attracting new customers. Moreover, the key details of the deal is that SNAI will be using Betgenius’ ‘Betslip Retargeting’ technology, which has a feature to enable SNAI to track their customers’ unconfirmed betslips and serve up relevant offers, as well as the Betgenius ‘Popular Bets’ tool. This is amazingly helpful to bring back dissenting players on the board.

Talking about the deal and how it can help them market their services around the world with minimum affords, SNAI chief executive Fabio Schiavolin said, “Our partnership with Betgenius continues to be very important to the growth of our sportsbook, enabling us to deploy a test and learn approach on new creative and acquisition strategies. We truly believe this will lead to consistent and successful campaigns and look forward to even more success with Betgenius in the future.”

Likewise, Jack Davison, managing director at Betgenius, also added few good words about their new partner and how their rich solutions can help them grow faster than ever, he said, “Our proven track record in harnessing unique, data-driven solutions will enable us to attract new customers while maximising their turnover.”

Kiron Interactive Launches New Virtual Winter Sports

Kiron International has revealed that it has become the first virtual sports provider to introduce an aptly-themed winter sports service to its already large and varied virtual games portfolio.

There is currently a vast range of markets and jurisdictions looking for new ideas and Kiron has moved quickly to roll out two winter sports to its players with the release of “Hockey Shots” and “Speed Skating”.

Hockey Shots comes with superb graphics and sounds to immerse players into the sudden death scenario of ice hockey shootouts and a tense sudden-death level that is bound to raise players’ pulses and give them a thrill.

Hockey lovers will never have to wait long to play their favorite game as games are available every couple of minutes, with multi-concurrent events of six games scheduled into each time slot.

Speed Dating is the second exciting new addition to Kiron’s 17-game portfolio, which will not only appeal to players who love the excitement of the winter Olympics, but to all those familiar with the thrill of virtual horse racing as it offers a realistic 3D representation of speed dating.

Speed Dating comes with spectacular audio visual features, with players having an opportunity to choose different competitors from up to six different countries in the adrenaline-charged game.

Punters will find both Hockey Shots and Speed Skating on the suppliers’ Betman Online RGS, which provides a fixed odds betting platform to give players a chance to bet on virtual sports on desktop as well as on mobile devices.


Ladbrokes Signs Sponsorship Deal with Alice Springs Turf Club


Online bookmaker Ladbrokes Australia is pleased to announce that it has signed a long-term horse racecourse naming rights deal in terms of which Australia’s Northern Territory’s Alice Springs Turf Club (ASTC) will be renamed the Ladbrokes Pioneer Park.

Alice Springs Turf Club revealed that the five-year deal signed between the parties will see the iconic Pioneer Park racecourse being renamed Ladbrokes Pioneer Park that showcases the support of the wagering company while at the same time upholding the traditions of the region.

Jason Cornell, Chief Executive Officer at Alice Springs Turf Club, commented on the new deal by saying that the Alice Springs Turf Club and its members are extremely proud of the history and legacy of racing at Pioneer Park and it was, therefore, vitally important to have a respected brand and long term deal for naming rights.

This is Ladbrokes’ second major partnership with the Northern Territory Racing as the online bookmaker also entered into a successful deal with the Darwin Turf Club in the territory’s capital city, which it signed last year. This new five-year deal with Alice Springs Turf Club re-affirms their association with Northern Territory racing.

Jason Kibsgaard, Chief Marketing Officer at Ladbrokes, said that racing is a nationwide pastime and that is why they are so thrilled to partner with race clubs at various ends of Australia. He added that racing in the Territory is very unique and at Ladbrokes they pride themselves on innovation so the “Outback Races” branding of the Alice Spring Turf Club is a great fit.