David Luiz readies to answer Chelsea in the Champions League

If often happens when a player is going to meet his old side in European or any league that he recalls time he spent residing with the old side and usually as well reveals the real reason behind him making a switch. Former Chelsea’s defender David Luiz is one such player who has had been an integral part of the Bleus for a long three years but had to leave the league side for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain after being fed up off the internal politics within the team. The 27-year-old Brazilian made a high profile switch last season at around 50 million pounds making him amongst the few players to be sold off at such an impressive figure by North Londoners. Though, Stamford Bridge side also offered him an extension but he chose otherwise and shifted to Paris. Now, he is back again to face his old charm when Blues will visit Parc des Princes for a Champions League round of last 16 tie. He is obviously expected to capitalize over the shortcomings of his former side and Laurent Blanc is also optimistic Luiz will forget everything about his past and play with his full caliber.

Talking about the old days, Brazilian vice-captain refuses he has had any clash with Mourinho over there and says it was his own decision to leave England for PSG. He said, “When Mourinho left Real Madrid he said he wanted to go when he felt good — I was not feeling good and I said I wanted to leave. Chelsea offered me a new contract and I said, ‘I’m not feeling the same thing I was feeling years ago.’

“People tried to make stories about me and Mourinho, but we never had any history. He was the boss and he decided who plays and who doesn’t. When he didn’t put David Luiz in, it was – ‘Oh my God’ — but I’m just one more player, no problem.

“But it was all natural. I said ‘thank you’ to everyone. I was very happy in Chelsea but I decided now is the moment for another place and it became a great opportunity for me to come to a big project. Fantastic club. And I said ‘now I want to go to PSG.’ Mourinho is a coach who has a different style. He doesn’t talk to you about your life. As a player you will not know too much about his personal life and he will not know too much about his players.”

Nonetheless what happened in his career, he now wants to score against his former side and show them what they are missing right now. Who knows he is even trying to answer Portuguese if his spat rumors with him are true!