Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema case finally begun in a French court

Soccer stars enjoy the shining world where every move they make is on the radar of the media, but sometimes this also becomes a nightmare for them coz each of their impish moves is also trapped by news hungry peoples. The thirty-year-old French footballer Franck Ribéry who plays for German club Bayern Munich and his 26-year-old countryman Karim Benzema who plays for Read Madrid are the starlets who are like the eye candies for sport media around the world these days. Don’t worry; they have not done anything brilliant on the field but coz they are accused of having a relationship with a minor prostitute – something that they are obviously denying right from the beginning. Since, the incident belongs to Spain their case was also subjected for Paris Jurisdiction, but they have until been denying to appear before any court of law for obvious reasons. Now, there is a bad news for them as a court in Paris has accepted an application to proceed with a trial on them. Notably, if they are found guilty of doing anything wrong in this case they can be penalized up to 45,000 euros or three years imprisonment or both.

First hearing of the case was on Monday and none of them appeared in person therein though their legal representatives appeared and explained their absence. This is not the very recent case perhaps something that happened back in September 2009 when Police got the tip from an anonymous source and investigating agency had since been trying to levy such charges on them. Earlier in June, proceedings could have started but court deferred it until January 2014. Lawyers of both players prominently said that victim Zahia Defar, who now owns a lingerie company, was then a prostitute and lied about her age therefore none of the players is guilty doing anything intentionally.

According to investigating agencies, Ribery paid somewhere around €700 to Defar for making a sexual relationship in a Bavarian city hotel room while Benzema paid somewhere around five hundred pounds for sleeping with the same minor girl. Ribery’s lawyer Carlo Alberto Brusa explained, “It’s not a lack of respect for the justice system. We’re in a case where we are going to ask for it to be dropped and there is no complainant.”

Good news is both clubs are backing their players and not letting them alone. Bayern Munich sporting director Matthias Sammer even said, “Of course we are concerned with it – we cannot pass on a topic like this. We have a responsibility to our player and will signal to him that we are on his side, and he’ll get the best support from us.”