José Mourinho confirms Cesc Fàbregas unavailability for PSG game

Upcoming Champions League showdown between Chelsea and PSG has already created a buzz in soccer fraternity hence billion of fans are eagerly waiting for the live action by league topper in the European circuit when they head with German powerhouse in the last-16 clash of the UEFA tourney. But a bad news saddened Blues fans a bit, i.e., manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed the unavailability of in-form Cesc Fabregas for the game. According to close insiders, Spaniard is passing through heavy cold and despite being there during training on Monday; he may not appear among the last eleven this Tuesday. This could indeed be a setback for Mourinho who has already given lots of aggressive statement about their performance outside England. Anyways, what Portuguese said about the illness of 27-year-old, is, “Fabregas has been ill. We are a different team with Fabregas, I’m not saying better or worse, I’m saying different. The team grew up from preseason with him on the team and the team went in a certain direction with a style of play.

“Without him, we lose some control, some possession, we become the same team, well organised, good in transition. But with him, we control the game better, we have more control of the game. We have possession of the ball because of the nature of the style of player he is.”

As far goal post in concerned, second term serving manager also needs to make a fine selection between Thibaut Courtois and Petr Cech whom he has already used in last 1-0 win over Everton. He added, “He doesn’t know if he plays or not, so I can’t tell you. He has to know from me, not from the media. But I repeat Chelsea have the two best goalkeepers in the Premier League. I’m very happy with both. Every time one plays, the team are very confident because they know that they have a top goalkeeper.”

In any case, upcoming game between English and German giants is going to be exciting and fans from all round the world are eagerly waiting for firing action even if Blues carries no Cesc Fabregas as former Everton manager has already had several options to substitute any injured player. While on the other side, PSG fans are also eager to see how their side crushes North Londoners on European circuit where they have ever been a strong contender. In the meantime, we should wait for the cheer on good soccer!