Messi decides to rest until fully fit

Proving his true dedication to soccer, one of the all-time favorite strikers, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi has made a commitment to his global fans that he would only enter into the field again when he is completely ready. Reportedly, his legs are not so firing this season as they have been in the last few seasons and reason being told for his failure is his shattering fitness and an ego cash with his new teammate Neymar though he never accepted this in public. His statement could be surprising to many, especially in today’s competitive environment where everyone fears of being overshadowed by his competitors in his absence. Actually, he sustained another hamstring injury during Barca clash with Real Betis which could reside him in the stands for next two months and it would be a great opportunity for other top notch forwards in the team to prove they can lead the forward line without Messi. Many of his well-wishers, including teammate Cesc Fabregas and Arsenal manager have advised him not to come back in a hurry as it could make him vulnerable for further blows and finally he decided to wait until attends his fitness again

Last few months have been a kind of flip flop for Argentine ace where he faced tax evasion charges along with a comparison with other new entrants to his Spanish team, but at no time he showed rumors are overtaking him or affecting his gameplay. Now, after his persisting injuries, he is being managed by some top dieticians in his native country and is on preventive diet to recover more utterly. Further, many of his closed associates informed to the media that he has completely changed his diet off late and only taking natural sources to gain enough amount of calories. The starlet also confirmed this in his media byte that “The plan is to resume playing when the body tells me I’m fine.”

During last few seasons when he was breaking a new record every other day, many soccer experts were taking about his fitness and how it is being maintained by this 26-year-old ace, and now the same fit player is facing continuous fitness problem this season – this is what we called an evil eye. Anyways, let’s hope to see a speedy and thorough recovery along with his fifth Ballon d’or award and many more achievements in the seasons coming ahead!