Mourinho has the backing of whole team: Asmir Begovic

Jose Mourinho seems to have been riding high on sympathy these days after his sacking rumors are flashed by the leading sports dailies. Even though, fans are standing behind him but according to close club sources, he is given two more games to prove he can revive Blues board ranking by the end of this year else he will be asked to leave the side. If we look at the social support in favor of highly demotivated Portuguese, there is a positive vibe everywhere which is forcing club owners to wait and watch the developments especially after hearing the pleasing chants to keep him with the side. Blues recent loss to Stoke by 1-0 could have been the last affair for the former Everton boss had fans not raised the slogans in his support despite being just three points above of relegation zone. Apart from team performance, Mourinho is fighting to deal with his tolerance and has already been booked for abusive remarks over referees on two occasions this season including one stadium ban and if he does not take care while delivering public statements, he could land in more trouble. Interestingly, club did not send anyone for media brief in his absence which happens to be the second time in last three games that there was no one from management to answer media questions in post-match new conference.

Goalkeeper Asmir Begovic reiterated team support for their captain notwithstanding what is being flashed in the media. He said, “Jose Mourinho did the prematch talk at the hotel and that was it. (Any action) is out of our control. We are behind the manager you can see that from our performances. We think he is the right man and someone we work hard for. His spirit and his presence is always there, we wanted to get a result for him.”

Stoke manager Mark Hughes also believes more time should be given to the underperforming boss who has been a terrific performer last year, he said, “We have all been in that situation, you just have to keep winning so the focus goes elsewhere. I have had similar situations and sometimes you go under. Jose Mourinho has enormous credit at Chelsea, he has delivered trophies and surely people should cut him a little bit of slack.

“I see no reason why they should make a change but there is always focus in the Premier League.”