Mourinho refuses asking his future assurance again and again


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is not a kind of mentor who easily digests failures and that is why when he has failed completely to defend Chelsea’s league title, he is finding no place to hide hence exhausting his frustration with his outspoken behavior. Knowingly, he has already been sanctioned for confronting with referees two times this season and now when media is highlighting the story of his sacking, Portuguese seems to be losing his temper again. Recently, when his sacking news first broke into the media, Blues owners issued their support for the second term serving boss, though did not clearly said they will continue with the former Everton boss and Mourinho took it as their promise to keep him on the top club post. Again, taking about his future and if he will be heading the side after Roman Abramovich clarification, 52-year-old expresses his happiness and satisfaction over boss’ encouragement and refuses asking for it once more. This is actually not the first time a manger is heading for sacking but since it is Mourinho who has already experienced this phase of professional career, even media is carefully publishing stories that go against him.

Talking about his morale at this stage when North Londoners have lost seven of last fifteen games, former Real Madrid boss said, “My general situation is fantastic. I have a day off tomorrow, I have a fantastic family, I can sleep well every night. And Thursday is one more day like I have in the last 15 years of my life. If I have to blame someone it is the ones who tell the manager ‘I don’t want to take it’ and run away.” While adding about the meat he still has in the team and their morale that seems to have gone down off late, he said, “(We have) a lot of quality, a lot of attacking quality, a lot of attacking football and emotional control. Everything was good apart from the penalty shootout. I think in the first half it should be 3-0 or 4-0.

“Honestly, you think the players are not with me and didn’t give everything to win the game? That is really sad; not sad for me but sad for the players. That is a lack of respect to the players, not to me. For me it would be a fantastic situation if the players are against me, I can say we don’t have results because the players are against me.

“I think what some people write and say is really bad for the players and because most of the people that does that, they were players. Maybe they think my players are like them when they were players.”