Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis denies interest in Mario Balotelli

Italian club Napoli has turned down the rumors that they are going to buy Liverpool’s Mario Balotelli this winter. The rumor spread in the air after Balotelli disastrous show in the English premier league and later when Liverpool manager hinted his sale this January. But Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis has clearly said they already have Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk’s Ivan Strinic along with Sampdoria’s Manolo Gabbiadini hence they don’t need to hire more especially Balotelli who has been infamous for non-soccer news. PSG’s Lavezzi is another player media recently linked with the side but De Laurentiis nulled his chances as well. Napoli has always been an underdog in Italian or European league yet their bosses never shy issuing confident media speeches sooner or later. But, for a change, Laurentiis accepted their mistake of issuing hyperbole statement in the last season, he said, “I made a mistake in preseason when I talked about the title. Napoli’s objective is to be competitive always. Sooner or later, we’ll win the scudetto, but it doesn’t happen just by signing one or two new players.

“You win when you have a united front formed of a team, the club and the fans. The scudetto will arrive when we are more mature.”

In recent years, like any other boss, he kept trying strengthening his club by various means including hiring a new coach Benitez who has had the rich experience of English premier league. What he said adding about his new and experienced coach, is, “I hope he wants to stay because that would give some continuity to our project, and it would be the best solution. We’ll know everything within the next two months, but one thing is certain: the international mentality which I wanted to offer by appointing Benitez will not change.

“We will carry on along this path, making it become our principle. We want to grow and remain competitive in the league, in the Europa League and in the Coppa Italia, having just celebrated winning the Supercoppa. We may be quite a way behind Juventus and Roma in the league, but we move forwards with faith; with the objective of not fearing anybody, like Benitez says. Napoli are the only Italian club to have won two trophies in the 2014 calendar year.”

Nonetheless, this is not a new thing where few problematic players are being linked with their home sides while current sides have not hinted clearly if they want to get rid of them. Anyways, Monday onward we’d have the clear picture of who is joining whom!