Nevada Will Allow Bets on National Football League Draft

Nevada’s gaming regulators said in recent days that gamblers will be allowed to place bets on the upcoming drafts for the National Football League. According to regulators, bets will need to be made before April 26th, at the close of business time. Licensed sports book in Nevada will be eligible to offer odds on the NFL draft.

The gaming board said that the decision to allow NFL draft betting was made on April 6th, days after NFL owners voted to allow the Oakland Raiders team to relocate to Las Vegas. Bookmakers will use the site as their official source of results when paying out bets.

The Gaming Control Board’s statement read: “The setting of odds is at the discretion of the book; rules governing these wagers shall be made available to the public.”

Not all wagers will be accepted. For example, punters won’t be able to wager on whether a certain player will be drafted, or whether a certain team will take player X as their number one pick. However, a variety of wagers will still be available to make NFL draft betting a reality in Nevada for the first time. This is also the first time that the state is allowing betting on a pro sports draft.

It remains to be seen whether this new policy will raise questions of a potential problem with the federal sports betting ban, PASPA.

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