Pants Joker Banned for Paddy Power Logo

Nicklas Bendtner, the Danish striker who displayed his sponsored underwear recently while celebrating a goal during the European Championships during Denmark’s game against Portugal has been fined a whopping 100,000 Euros (GBP 80,000) and has also been banned for one competitive international fixture for this stunt on the field last week.

Bendtner pulled his shirt up and revealed the “Paddy Power” branded underwear that he was wearing in Lviv on Wednesday, June 13, 2012. This act resulted in the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body taking this drastic action against him.

The Danish striker has three days to appeal against the written decision sent to him that applies to his ban from Denmark’s next 2014 World Cup qualifying match. His fine of 100,000 Euros is also almost as much as the fine issued to Russia due to their fans having attacked stewards during their match against Poland. A fine of GBP 96,000 was taken from Russia for the violence which occurred in the stadium.

Russia was also fined GBP 24,000 due to the fact that its fans were misbehaving and displaying illicit banners in the stadium, while Croatia paid GBP 20,000 because of “spectator incidents” and letting off dangerous fireworks, throwing missiles and a pitch invasion by a supporter.

In a statement issued by PaddyPower it was said that they are absolutely appalled with the severity of Nicklas Bendtner’s fine for displaying Paddy Power on the waistband of his lucky underpants as it is a much greater penalty than recent UEFA fines which were for much more serious incidents.

Paddy Power sports betting will be offering Mr Bendtner their full support for his appeal to the fine.

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