Pellegrini says they were forced to choose weak team for Chelsea game

Manchester City suffered a devastating 5-1 defeat to Chelsea yesterday at Stamford Bridge and it happened not because Blues were in their best form but for City’s strategy to field a weaker team for the game. It is still not clear why they chose to play with rather young players and whether it has anything to do with the timing they were asked to play the game in since according to City manager they were not happy with a Sunday showdown especially when they needed to play crucial Championship draw with Ukraine in less than 24 hours and Manuel Pellegrini did want to his side to tire down playing a FA Cup game and not to forget City is already missing six players to respective injuries. If we look at the team composition, Manchester side played with, they carried as many as five young players which is possibly the first time they did so in the season.

Talking about the game and how come they lost the game to rather Stamford Bridge underdogs who are out of form this year, Pellegrini said in the post-match news conference, “We are forced to do it. Unfortunately we couldn’t play another day. We couldn’t have more players fit for this game so we knew before the game it was a very difficult chance to continue in the FA Cup. But if anyone didn’t want to put the game in the current day we couldn’t do anything about it. If we play on Saturday it’s better for us and to play for England in the Champions League.

“The second thing is we have six players injured and we don’t have more than 13 players so we cannot take the risk to have another injury in the players we have. And after that we play against a very good team with six young players — that’s why they won.”

Although, Chelsea scored the initial goal but visitors shredded their lead in less than two minutes thanks to 19-year-old Faupala who helped City resist the hosts until half time thereafter. But second half proved lethal for Manchester giant when they conceived four back to back goals taking the score five down to one. Talking about the course of the game and how it went against them, Pelegrini added, “I feel we made a very good 45 minutes and we equalised the game. After that, in five minutes we threw away the game because we conceded two goals too easily — especially one on the counter-attack and one on a set-piece. Of course, after that they played well and scored more goals.”