PSG give up on Eden Hazard

There is nothing new with the trend where your star or in-form players are inevitably come under the radar of your competitors, and it holds specifically true if somehow someone gets to know about uncool relations between player in question and his bosses, but this is not necessary that every time an inside war ends with a split. This is something that is being happened with Chelsea’s 23-year-old midfielder Eden Hazard who recently got media attention for an interest shown by German club PSG. Actually, this is not the first time he has been in the target list just before a transfer window, as he has always been a hot cake during both summer and winter windows since he switched from Lille to English side back in 2012 for his consistent and proven performance in the English topflight. Until few weeks back, German side was exaggeratedly talking about offering him a lucrative offer, but now their interest seems to be gone by – thanks to Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho who apparently played a mind game in the backend and convinced player for a longer stay at Stamford Bridge. Hence, PSG manager Laurent Blanc now seems not to be interested in the Belgian footballer and says “may be Chelsea needs him more!”

His ambitions were tarnished recently when Hazard himself said that he would love to stay in England longer than expected hence there is no reason he should look around for any offer for that matter. Close sources are accusing former Everton manager for convincing him for some luring rewards and as a result he now refuses to go anywhere else – if he continues playing with good results for North London Club.

Refusing any talk with Belgian, 48-year-old French football manager, said, “Some players will ask to leave, we’ll have to see. For the moment, that’s not the case. We’re going to bring in some players, one or two, of great quality. Hazard is a top player, but I think Chelsea want to keep him. A lot of players are going to be mentioned, but we have already got our priority, David Luiz. We’re going to wait a bit before making any more signings. Be patient.”

Anyways, let us make it a history for PSG now and concentrate how midfielder recovers off his toe injury he undergone a scan for as he is in the Belgium national team as well who is going to play with Maracana in Rio on Sunday.