Real Madrid’s exaggerated €100m bid for Bale

Many would call Real Madrid an insane club for bidding a mega amount for the Spurs’ Bale, in fact, this is something that has surprised the whole soccer fraternity coz this amount is too much considering the player’s skills, though he is a fantastic player of the game. The news is also not confirmed whether Real has actually put forward that amount, or it is just a media created joke to pinch winger’s uncertainty at White Hart Lane. Everyone knows that Gareth Bale has been passing through a great dilemma over his future coz he has not yet been offered a contract extension from Tottenham Hotspur and they are also not willing to depart him. As far Spurs are concerned, they are yet to reply on Real bid, and if this news is genuine, they can’t afford to refuse this mega amount for a winger who is uncertain and doesn’t want to play for them anymore. Actually, they can buy three of four young and promising players for that amount. Spurs chief executive Daniel Levy has until been kept saying that they would not part ways with their player doesn’t matter how much amount they are being offered – may be he made this statement before looking at the offer price!

In recent years, Ronaldo has been the only player who attracted a figure near to 100 million euro mark and that too was braved by Real, and if current deal sees the day of light, Bale would surely be on the world map and on the radar of many other aspiring clubs who would now like to hire him believing on Real’s homework on his credentials. There is also news coming from the club manager who has now been seeing a growing tension between him and Bale, coz according to media reports, player wants to sign the deal but manager is in no mood to let him go. This could be a biggest mistake from their side if they ever decide to refuse this offer – if there is one!

Media repeatedly trying to ask Villas-Boas about the developments on the offered deal and they finally found him after Tottenham Hotspur’s crushing 6-0 win over South China. Reporters asked him about Bale and he confusingly replied, “I don’t want to comment on anything like that. I cannot speak about anything.”

His answer was more like a distress rather joy to have a great offer for a dissent player. Let’s see how things develop in coming days.