Sports Betting: Understanding the Underdog

“Bet the underdog” is one of the most common tips being passed around in sports betting circles. However, the real truth is that most people still don’t do this. Sometimes, they simply can’t help it. “Favorites” are called ‘favorite’ for a good reason, and people often get drawn to them like moths to a fire. But the underdogs are, most often than not, the better bet compared to the favorites, mostly due to miscalculations in how the people perceive the odds.


Underdogs are often Undervalued

The secret to a good betting strategy would be to always do your research. Try to distance yourself from the situation, get rid of all the preconceived notions brought about by rumors or what not, and actually look at the facts. Check the histories; is the ‘favorite’ team really that good? Do the ‘underdogs’ have a chance at winning this thing? An underrated underdog would be exactly what you need if you want a big win. More often than not, the favorites are overrated, and people go for them due to the bandwagon effect. They’re also very prone to disappoint their fans, and underdogs often end up winning. It’s not their fault per se. It’s just that fans can get their expectations unreasonably high. When that happens, and fans go overboard with their bets, those who went for the underdogs will get their day.


The Underdog Psyche

Of course, you can’t always bet for the underdog, especially when the odds are that they will lose. Sometimes, it takes a bit more delving to see if the team is really worth betting for. One way to know when and when not to bet is to try to understand the circumstances in the game. Are the ‘favorites’ arrogant enough to underestimate their enemy? If the answer is yes, then by all means, vote for the underdog. Also, examine the underdogs themselves. Are they motivated? If a team is playing on its home turf, it will usually perform above expected standards. As such, it’s often very wise to vote for the home team, despite the performance of the opposition in the current seasons. When the players know that the audience is personally familiar with them, then they usually play extra hard. This formula hardly fails, and it’s often very practical to stick with it.

Of course, when all is said and done, remember that you shouldn’t always vote for the underdog. Sometimes, underdogs are underdogs for a reason, and voting for them would be like throwing caution to the wind. Only do so after much research and if you’re certain that you’ve spotted an underrated underdog.