Messi decides to rest until fully fit

Proving his true dedication to soccer, one of the all-time favorite strikers, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi has made a commitment to his global fans that he would only enter into the field again when he is completely ready. Reportedly, his legs are not so firing this season as they have been in the last few seasons and reason being told for his failure is his shattering fitness and an ego cash with his new teammate Neymar though he never accepted this in public. His statement could be surprising to many, especially in today’s competitive environment where everyone fears of being overshadowed by his competitors in his absence. Actually, he sustained another hamstring injury during Barca clash with Real Betis which could reside him in the stands for next two months and it would be a great opportunity for other top notch forwards in the team to prove they can lead the forward line without Messi. Many of his well-wishers, including teammate Cesc Fabregas and Arsenal manager have advised him not to come back in a hurry as it could make him vulnerable for further blows and finally he decided to wait until attends his fitness again

Last few months have been a kind of flip flop for Argentine ace where he faced tax evasion charges along with a comparison with other new entrants to his Spanish team, but at no time he showed rumors are overtaking him or affecting his gameplay. Now, after his persisting injuries, he is being managed by some top dieticians in his native country and is on preventive diet to recover more utterly. Further, many of his closed associates informed to the media that he has completely changed his diet off late and only taking natural sources to gain enough amount of calories. The starlet also confirmed this in his media byte that “The plan is to resume playing when the body tells me I’m fine.”

During last few seasons when he was breaking a new record every other day, many soccer experts were taking about his fitness and how it is being maintained by this 26-year-old ace, and now the same fit player is facing continuous fitness problem this season – this is what we called an evil eye. Anyways, let’s hope to see a speedy and thorough recovery along with his fifth Ballon d’or award and many more achievements in the seasons coming ahead!

Barca’s president finally speaks on Messi’s tax evasion case

Last few days were busier for Argentinian star Lionel Messi than they used to be after state federals have accused him and his father for evading tax dues worth more than £3.4million. According to them, he did not furnish complete information about his earnings from the period 2007 to 2009 which owns him big tax dues to the state though they have only applied for a court case permission on the matter. Neither Messi nor his father has accepted any of state allegations perhaps they are repeatedly calling it a confusion which will be sorted out very soon. Until now, Messi club Barcelona was silent citing it is a personal matter and they can’t interfere between State laws about forward’s tax liabilities, but now Barcelona’s president Sandro Rosell has spoken out in striker’s support and said Messi can never do anything wrong. The four-time World Player of the Year award winner is on his national duty in South America at the moment, and he also said that he is surprised to listen about the news through media. Messi broke his silence via a Facebook post where he wrote, “We have just known through the media about the claim filed by the Spanish tax authorities. We are surprised about the news, because we have never committed any infringement. We have always fulfilled all our tax obligations, following the advice of our tax consultants, who will take care of clarifying this situation.”

Rosell also said in a press conference that “Messi’s family is calm. They have all of our support. I do not doubt their innocence. We have treated him like a footballer, not someone who is ill, because that’s what he asked of us. I think the club have treated him in an excellent manner and been honest with him, when he was a footballer and when he was ill.”

Actually, the news made billions of Messi fans stunned when they came to know that such a case is being filed against their superstar who has always been a law abiding citizen, in fact, not many of them believe on the case and say it is just an opportunistic step taken by the federal government. On the other side, many soccer legends who know the player have also denied any merit in this case; hence it is most likely that court will dismiss the case at first hearing itself. Likewise, Barca’s president also told about his plans to offer coach Tito Vilanova a new contract denying rumors that he is still not fit enough to take on the responsibilities.

Anyways, let us see how Argentinian tax authorities proceed with the case against their most loved soccer starlet.

Barcelona release Eric Abidal after his return from liver transplant

French left-back Eric Abidal, who was on the sidelines for more than one year coz of his tumor surgery and then for liver transplant, finally released by his long playing club Barcelona. His contract with the club is going to expire in coming June hence he was expecting to have another deal to stay at Camp Nou. Notably, Blaugrana offered a full support during his surgeries, therefore it is complete wrong to say that club is not helping its players in needy days. Despite, the most unfortunate thing is the timing when the news has been confirmed from Barca’s den, coz it has only been few weeks he returned from his liver transplant surgery after he diagnosed of a cancer. However, Barca has agreed to hire him but for a technical director role. Emotional Abidal released his words about his journey playing with Barcelona via Twitter where he said, “It’s a very difficult day for me. I have played for Barca for six years and it’s been the biggest experience of my life. I understand and respect the decision of the club. I’m going, but I’ll be sure to return. I want to thank all the fans of the club who have supported me and have been looking after me. The team is my second family. We have gone through a lot together and I’ll remember this forever.”

His career started with Barcelona back in 2007 when he replaced Dutch left-back Giovanni van Bronckhorst. He shared some memorable wins for Barca, including four domestic league successes, two Champions League winners’ medals, and three Copa del Rey triumphs. But last few years had been not so lucky for him coz of his persisting injuries one after another. Barca president Sandro Rosell also praises his long association with the club, he said, “Abidal has won our heart and has demonstrated such important things about life. The doors are open for Abidal to be the technical director of all of our football academies. Abidal has the ideal profile to be the director of all of our football academies.”

The end of Barca deal is being taken as the end of playing career for 33-year-old. Looking at his age and absence period from the field, it is highly recommended for him to accept Barca offer and becomes a technical director where he can serve the game in a more creative role.

Messi takes Barcelona nearer to Spanish title

Lionel Messi

Barcelona is its magnificent form after their humiliating exit from Championship League by Bayern Munich. Perhaps, at the moment, they were badly needed a win that could suit their standard they have maintained throughout the league. They are right on the top in Spanish league now and need just one more win to take home the title. Their arch rival Read Madrid, who is closely following them, can, however, delay their wait for the crown if Madrid could surge its points tally. Messi was again the gladiator of Barca win with two goals in quick succession; perhaps it was his 60th goal this season which include 46 in the league itself. So, in a way, Messi actually ruled the Spanish league this year by breaking many records. In the beginning, it was a poor show of Barca defense by looking at how easily they let Colombian striker Dorlan Pabon to run into their penalty area and scored the first goal of the game. Though, Barca took the revenge in just two minutes when Alexis Sanchez capitalized on Andres Iniesta’s cross came from the left. Then came the devastating game show by David Villa who missed at least four clear opportunities to score a goal, and Barca had to face its consequences when Betis regain the lead for his team just before the half time.

After the half time, Villa gave his fans a treat by collecting the ball on the right time and scoring a fine goal. By now, score was leveled with 2-2 on the scorecard. Now, came the Messi into picture and changed the whole scenario in just few minutes. Messy took Villa’s position after he fired the second goal and did not waste any time in scoring a brilliant goal off his free-kick from the right corner of the penalty area. He did not stop even then and repeated his earlier shot in exactly same style and took his team to an invincible 4-2 lead.

So, Messi represented his fine form after entering into the field as a substitute and changed the whole picture in just fifteen minutes. Final score remained 4-0 and Nou Camp club won an important match to bring itself at the threshold of the Spanish title. After looking at the form of Messy, many were jokingly saying that if he can hit two goals as a substitute, he needs not to play for whole ninety minutes coz he can do the same within few minutes of his stay inside the ground!

Lionel Messi’s injury not as bad as first looked: Barca

There have not been many occasions when Lionel Messi missed a match for any health problem, and that is why he could make so many records in past one year. Barca clash at Parc des Princes could have been a major setback for Camp Nou club had Messi got a severe hamstring injury. During the second half of the match he had to leave the pitch citing his hamstring problem. Initially, it looked to be a series contraction, but later, after a thorough analysis, it was discovered that record smasher could soon play again; perhaps he can be a part of return leg matche at the Nou Camp next Wednesday. Barcelona issued his health bulletin and confirmed his hamstring deepness without exaggerating anything whatsoever. The statement reads as, “The club’s medical services have revealed that Leo Messi’s hamstring injury will definitely rule him out of this weekend’s game against Mallorca, whilst his availability after that will depend on how the injury progresses.

“The Barca number 10 felt a twinge in his right hamstring towards the end of the first half last night and failed to reappear after the break, with Cesc Fabregas taking his place.”

“The last time Messi suffered a similar injury was on March 4th 2008 against Glasgow Celtic in the second leg of the Champions League quarter finals and on that occasion he was out for five weeks.

“His last muscle injury came in November 2009 in a game against Athletic Bilbao when he pulled a muscle in his left thigh, which meant he missed the following week’s important Champions League game against Inter – though the team won 2-0 anyway. He suffered a similar injury on March 29th 2011 when he was away with Argentina, although he didn’t miss any games with Barça as a result.”

Despite all, his absence from weekend’s match will bring an unexpected end of his dream run. He became the first player to score in every league match this season, and if he could play few more matches continuously, he would definitely surge his tally to an amazing top. Anyways, it is always better to miss one or two matches rather missing a series of club fixtures. Messi also interacted with his 44 million odd fans via his Facebook page where he posted his injury status as, “I will return soon, thankfully it was not so serious.”

While local media was flashing the news that he could be outlined for as long as three weeks, but after a confirmation from both Barca and Messi, fans can relieve a bit to see their starlet wearing his shoes again.