Lundekvam admits Betting Scam

Claus Lundekvam, the Norwegian born former Southampton Premier League skipper admitted during an interview with the Norwegian media that he had been involved in a huge betting scam with fellow team members.

According to Lundekvam, he and other members of his team regularly wagered on their own games and pooled hundreds of pounds. He added that they would make deals with the opposing captain about betting on which player would start with the ball, a yellow card or penalty and on the first throw as they were in possession of inside information on both starting line ups as well as who took penalties etc. He also admitted that they could manipulate and control small things in the game.

However, Lundekvam insisted that despite the fact that what they did was illegal, they had done it all just for fun and that he is not proud of his actions that continued each week for a number of years. Lundekvam also revealed that the results were never on the agenda as they were professional competitors and that it is something that they would never have done.

The 39 year old Lundekvam said that other clubs also took part in the Premier League betting scam which was part of their lifestyle and excitement and that they would bet on whatever they could bet on.

After retiring from the Saints in 2008, Lundekvam fell into a downward spiral of alcohol and drugs.

Lundekvram’s allegations which include the fact that he had colluded with other players and captains are currently being investigated by FIFA.