Manuel Pellegrino doesn’t want to answer questions about City

Manuel Pellegrini has been one of the favorite contestants to be the next City manager since EPL club fired its manager. Even media recently flashed a report that he has been given a target of wining at least five titles in next five years if he wants to join the club. Since that moment, he was everywhere whenever anyone talks about who will be the next City manager. In fact, he has also been subjected to countless questions about the issue and now he seems to be fed up of all these questions without any base whatsoever. This is a fact that he has announced his departure form Primera Division side Malaga once next weekend’s final game of the season completed. Hence, he wants to concentrate rather on his last match for the club right now and possibly enabling their European qualification. To avoid impractical questions about where he would go next season, or how his talks with City are going through, he has started refusing any question related to City or his possible move to Etihad Stadium.

He said about his refusal to answer questions related to City that “I have answered this many times. Once we have played Deportivo we will see about my future and where I am going. I haven’t signed any contract yet. Once I have finished here in Malaga – Malaga have qualified for Europe – and completed the match we will see where my future lies. But now I will only discuss my present position with Malaga.”

Earlier, many were saying that how he would manage a club like City with so many big names in the dressing room. Since he has been associated with Real Madrid earlier, he can surely take on the pressure to handle them in crucial moments. At the moment, his decision to avoid City related queries is correct coz any of his answers can undesirably shun his chances to join The Sky Blues. Former Arsenal player Pires also advocates his skills to manage big players, he said, “There are many strong characters in the dressing room at City – players like Carlos Tevez, Vincent Kompany, Joe Hart, Sergio Aguero and Samir Nasri. But Pellegrini will not be concerned about that. He will not be intimidated. He has handled big players before at Real Madrid and at ­Villarreal and has not had a problem with the situation. If there is some kind of ­confrontation, he will not lose.”

Van Persie shines in 1-1 draw with Arsenal

Manchester United has already been named as the EPL title winner for this season and in its last few matches it was expected to face a stiff competition from other teams. Arsenal, who recently announced to offer a guard of honor for United’s triumph in the EPL, played with them in style on Saturday night. It offered them an honor and then it made them taste a strong competition and ended the match as 1-1 draw. A draw means, United cannot defeat Chelsea’s highest score record in the EPL, while it was also a loss for Arsenal, coz they are now displaced by Chelsea on the third place. Chelsea interim manager has already said on several occasions that he wants his team to finish on top four positions this season. It was Robin van Persie who capitalized a penalty and deteriorated his former team Arsenal’s chances to make it to the Champions League. It was his 31st goal in the season since he made a shift as a part of hefty 24 million-pound package and includes a hat-trick last Monday when defeated Aston Villa to clinch their 20th top-flight crown. United wait for being the higher scorer in the EPL is yet extended coz they only have three games left in the league.

It was more a devastating show for the home crowd coz they were looking at their former star player playing against them, and more importantly, snatching a win from them. Arsenal took the lead within two minutes of the game via Theo Walcott shot, but when Van Persie was called on the pitch just before the halftime, he quickly found the net and leveled the score. Van Persie, who used to be a main player of Arsenal, proved to be the biggest threat for his own former team. Perhaps, how used to he has been for Arsenal can easily be understood that he went into their dressing room and returned when he realized his mistake. Nobody knows if he was unaware of the deal entered by him in last August or it was just a genuine mistake!

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson told Sky Sports after the match that “It takes bottle to take a penalty when the crowd are booing. We have a great spirit of applauding players when they come back to our club. I expected the booing to be honest with you.”

Mancini is willing to tie-up Tevez beyond his current contract term

Carlos Tevez

Argentinian footballer Carlos Tevez is in the news around for his on the field and off the field deeds, and of course; his on the field performance is more worthy than whatever he does outside. He recently scored a hat trick during Manchester City vs. Barnsley FA match which proved to be a one-sided affair for the EPL club looking at its comprehensive 5-0 winning margin. The match is more in the news for hat trick scored by Tevez along with Aleksandar Kolarov and David Silva who also found the net. Since, Tevez is in great form this season and this is his last season playing for City, manager Mancini is much skeptical about his next season or rather where he would be by then. Right now, he is willing to extend his contract term, but it depends upon the Argentinian whether he would like to continue in England or he would like to return back to Argentina as he has hinted on several occasions. Discussing about his future, Mancini said,

“Now it is important that Carlos continues to score because we need his goals until the end of the season. After that I don’t know what commitment in the summer. Carlos has another year contract. It depends on him. At the moment we can say nothing. Our focus should be only on the last two months. Carlos has said many times that he wants to come back to Argentina and it depends on him for this, but now we don’t think about this situation.”

Obviously, he wanted him to stay at Carrington as he is in great need of his goal machine. Actually, manager had an argument with Tevez during last match when he called him off during last 14 minutes, but he later said, it was just a discussion and nothing else. Another City player Edin Dzeko, who is also looking to end his term with City, is similarly in aspiring players’ list of Mancini whom he would like to tie up with the Blues. Mancini also discussed with Edin Dzeko over his lack of interest in the club and his recent failure to score; he said, “I asked him if he had a problem in his hamstring and he said no. That was it. I’m very sorry for Edin because it was very important in this game that both strikers scored a goal but sometimes that isn’t possible. But three goals is good for Carlos.”