Lionel Messi’s golden foot to go on sale on Thursday

Lionel Messi has achieved so many millstones in his glorious career that many of his fans were long saying that this Argentinian player has been gifted with a golden foot, and guess what, a Japanese jeweler took this phrase more seriously than others. He designed a replica of Messi’s left foot with pure gold; his artistry is so concrete that foot clearly resembles the soccer starlet. Even Messi’s brother himself commended his brilliant job by creating a natural replica of his brother’s foot. The foot is being valued at $5.25 million at the moment, but its actual value will only be revealed in the sale which is scheduled to open on Thursday where many richest fans of him are expected to bid aggressively to take away a Messi’s foot with them. Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka took the prototype of Messi’s foot back in 2012 and started working on it then, and finally, it unveiled his masterwork on Wednesday which he takes as his own way to pay homage to his all-time best soccer player. When Rodrigo, Messi brother, had a look at the golden foot, he was surprised to see how each of his foot’s lines are crafted so beautifully, he said after looking it, “It’s exceptional. You can see each line in the foot. It’s an impressive piece of work.”

Leo Messi’s Foundation is going to promote this sale and a major part of its proceeds will be used for Messi’s charity that is working for the help of needy children who were affected by earthquake and then Tsunami in Japan back in 2011. Besides golden foot, other golden articles which are going to be on sale as well are Messi’s golden footprint which is worth $94500, and a mini golden foot which is half in size of actual golden foot and valued at $42000. Tanaka’s president Masakazu said about their noble idea of making a model of a soccer player, he said, “We loved the sound of making the ‘golden left foot,’ and it being gold, it was our goal to make the project of recreating Messi’s left foot a reality.”

Recently, David Beckham did some charity work for children and this time Messi is doing something similar to that. However, Messi’s notable cause is more commendable considering the density of earthquake and then Tsunami that hit Japan. Thousands were died and equal numbers of them were missing. So, if you have some millions of dollars in spare, be there and try to have one of the best soccer player’s left feet!