Van Gaal expects a ‘horny’ show from United against Midtjylland

Manchester United FC

While bosses at Manchester United are gearing up to finalize a possible deal with former Chelsea manager José Mourinho, current manager Van Gaal is not in a mood to give up that easily hence he is trying hard to first convince fans and then his bosses that he is the only man who can revive United hopes in English soccer. The well-known Dutch mentor has been center of criticism off late for his defensive style and not able to win games even at home and fans don’t want him to lose another one when they host Midtjylland Thursday night in second leg of Europa League round-of-32 game. This is noteworthy that Manchester giants are already trailing by 2-1 in aggregate and to win they would have to win the upcoming game by at least two goals difference. Looking at recent form of the Old Trafford side it looks highly unlikely especially when Jess Thorup side is having been in good form off late.

Anyways, without putting too much weight to the current Midtjylland form, former Netherland manager asks his team to deliver a ‘horny’ performance that could entice the fans, although, he did not describe the strange word he used in his appeal. Describing his choice of words, 64-year-old said, “A lot of times I use the word ‘horny’ to my players. They showed fight against Shrewsbury but every game is different and every game players and managers want to fight for the victory. But we are human beings also. You are not always in the same shape and form.

“I think maybe criticism of me can be an influence because there is a lot, but they have to use their tools to ignore it because that’s very important. Not only the criticism of their manager, but also of themselves.”

Talking about the Danish opponents and if they are the threat for United in Europa showdown, he added, “I don’t know what you mean. When I see the data of Midtjylland, they have always won against English opponents. Everyone thinks it’s nothing but you have to analyse every opponent on their own qualities and I think they have a lot of qualities. I was not a great player, as you know, but when I played for full stadiums I was always at my best. It is not a good signal for us. Most of the players shall be excited and it will be the match of their lives for most of them.”

Manchester United’s £25m bid for Cesc Fabregas

These days, United’s new manager Moyes is working around the clock to shortlist players of his choice, and after his recent statement that they have no scarcity of funds; it is quite evident that Scottish would not mind taking more player into his army. He is actually strengthening every area of his team including midfield; therefore United has now placed a £25m bid for Barcelona’s ex-Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas. This is the same price which Arsenal rejected to Barcelona when Spanish club approached them. Anyway, this time, this deal looks to be in the making as midfielder has played considerable number of matches for the Barca and actually performed well in them. He joined Barcelona on a five year term back in August 2011; he has since been a part of victorious teams of Copa del Rey in 2011-12 and La Liga in 2012-13. Earlier, he played a good number of 303 matches for Gunners and scored 57 goals in them which is a descent record looking at his position in the field. Moreover, he is known for developing good relations with Gunners manager Arsene Wenger during his reign and in fact also became the captain before leaving to Spain.

As for now, midfielder has not expressed his intentions whether he wants to be in Spain or would like to come back to England, maybe he is looking the progress on the offered price and if Barca takes this price enough for him. For Barcelona, he has played 96 matches including 60 league games in last two seasons. As far his position is concerned, it kept changing perhaps he was rarely seen playing at his favorite midfield position coz Xavi and Andres Iniesta have always been ahead of him.

Interesting, the midfielder was sold to Spanish club with a buyback clause worth $25 million and if Gunners exercise their buyback option, United will have to take back its bid. Hence, it is highly possible that either United has to increase its bid amount or it needs to look for Wenger’s response for the transfer deal. Anyways, it’s time to wait and watch how optimistic Moyes makes his bid interesting for the Spanish giant, otherwise, he would have to target other midfielders in his list. Fabregas said about his proposed transfer deal that “I’ve always said that I’m happy at Barca. Whoever says that I’m leaving doesn’t know me and has never spoken with me. Nor with my agent, because he knows that I don’t want him to talk with other people about me. I’m very private and I don’t even talk about these things with my family. If someone says anything that isn’t that I want to play at Barca, it’s completely absurd.”

The Whole world tributes Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson

The whole world seems like pouring its tribute after knowing about the retirement announcement of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and he surely deserves it too. He has been a most successful soccer manager of all time; hence his retirement announcement merits being on the front page of all leading new sources. The 71-year-old most aggressive soccer official announced his retirement on Wednesday morning and is since ruling every news source. Many of the notable personalities paid their tributes in their own style to retiring manager. One of them, Blackpool manager Ince told while talking to Sky Sports that “He’s done the lot, you will never see anyone of his kind again. I remember the first day that I joined Man Utd. I failed my medical and I thought my move to Man Utd was going to collapse. The way he treated me was like a son and I will never forget that moment. To play under that man was so demanding, his standards were so high. We had our ups and downs, a lot have ups and downs with him.”

He also added that finding a replacement for a manager like him would be a greater challenge ahead for United, he said, “It’s got to be someone with a massive character. It has got to be someone who can deal with what it takes to be a Manchester United manager. Whoever comes in to replace him is going to have to deal with the Man United legacy.” While, talking about his new role as the Director, he said, it could be a further pressure on new manager to face ex-manager as a director of the club.

Another one, Gordon Taylor, Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive, described Ferguson retirement as “the toughest act to follow” for United. He said, “The game of football will be a lot poorer place without him. He has been quite simply the best. He followed in Sir Matt Busby’s footsteps and even surpassed him. He will be also be the toughest act to follow.

“I will miss him – he has been a very good friend of the PFA throughout his career. Of course at times it has not always been smooth and we have had a difference of opinion but we always respected each other and we have had a lot more agreements than disagreements.

“He is a great football man, he has turned out team after team and in terms of youth development he has been one of the finest exponents of that. He has had a faith and a belief in his youngsters that is rare in today’s football.”

So, a whole era seems to be ending for Manchester United and the soccer world and more significantly coming days are going to be more painful for United when it finds a replacement for its starlet manager.

Van Persie shines in 1-1 draw with Arsenal

Manchester United has already been named as the EPL title winner for this season and in its last few matches it was expected to face a stiff competition from other teams. Arsenal, who recently announced to offer a guard of honor for United’s triumph in the EPL, played with them in style on Saturday night. It offered them an honor and then it made them taste a strong competition and ended the match as 1-1 draw. A draw means, United cannot defeat Chelsea’s highest score record in the EPL, while it was also a loss for Arsenal, coz they are now displaced by Chelsea on the third place. Chelsea interim manager has already said on several occasions that he wants his team to finish on top four positions this season. It was Robin van Persie who capitalized a penalty and deteriorated his former team Arsenal’s chances to make it to the Champions League. It was his 31st goal in the season since he made a shift as a part of hefty 24 million-pound package and includes a hat-trick last Monday when defeated Aston Villa to clinch their 20th top-flight crown. United wait for being the higher scorer in the EPL is yet extended coz they only have three games left in the league.

It was more a devastating show for the home crowd coz they were looking at their former star player playing against them, and more importantly, snatching a win from them. Arsenal took the lead within two minutes of the game via Theo Walcott shot, but when Van Persie was called on the pitch just before the halftime, he quickly found the net and leveled the score. Van Persie, who used to be a main player of Arsenal, proved to be the biggest threat for his own former team. Perhaps, how used to he has been for Arsenal can easily be understood that he went into their dressing room and returned when he realized his mistake. Nobody knows if he was unaware of the deal entered by him in last August or it was just a genuine mistake!

Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson told Sky Sports after the match that “It takes bottle to take a penalty when the crowd are booing. We have a great spirit of applauding players when they come back to our club. I expected the booing to be honest with you.”

Ferguson questions international friendlies need

Manchester United is on the top of current EPL leaderboard and its manager is also topping the news headlines with his bold remakes over England’s national coach Roy Hodgson. In fact, Ferguson goes one step ahead and completely criticized need of international friendlies altogether. His remakes came after national coach said that international breaks are being used by club managers as holiday season for players who could not get free time during a busy season. Ferguson even said that top players should not made themselves available for these ‘useless’ friendlies which have no importance either in their career or for their nation. The war of the words between two biggies of contemporary soccer seems to be beginning by looking at the vibes of both; hence it is more feasible that friendlier scheduling will be reworked. The whole spat started when English coach alleged all clubs in his speech at Soccerex football business conference yesterday, he said, “I would like to see the international break being taken seriously. I’d still like to see it as a time when players go to play for their international teams. These breaks are being seen as the 10-day break that players don’t always get during the season.”

His comments were taken up with great care by everyone, but United’s boss could not agree on his remarks, he immediately issued his reaction and said, “Look at the opposite side. International football interferes with the clubs’ ambitions. Friendly games for a start. They have been doing it for the last decade, playing a friendly in the week before the season starts. Tell me the sense of that.

“It doesn’t matter what way you look at it. Club managers are always in disagreement with international football, particularly in friendly situations. I have no issues at all about the competitive part. The players should always be available for the European Championship and the World Cup. But you can’t tell me that should apply itself in friendly games.”

It is a known fact to everyone that many clubs are not willing to leave their players for international commitments, and if it is a friendlier, they are even more reluctant to part away their high priced players for rather a useless game. That is why players around the world want to be associated with big clubs whether they could ever play for their national team or not – it really doesn’t matter for them. Though, Ferguson, at least, agrees on Goal line technology’s use in the soccer. Overall, it seems like a yawning gap between clubs and national bosses again.