Messi takes Barcelona nearer to Spanish title

Lionel Messi

Barcelona is its magnificent form after their humiliating exit from Championship League by Bayern Munich. Perhaps, at the moment, they were badly needed a win that could suit their standard they have maintained throughout the league. They are right on the top in Spanish league now and need just one more win to take home the title. Their arch rival Read Madrid, who is closely following them, can, however, delay their wait for the crown if Madrid could surge its points tally. Messi was again the gladiator of Barca win with two goals in quick succession; perhaps it was his 60th goal this season which include 46 in the league itself. So, in a way, Messi actually ruled the Spanish league this year by breaking many records. In the beginning, it was a poor show of Barca defense by looking at how easily they let Colombian striker Dorlan Pabon to run into their penalty area and scored the first goal of the game. Though, Barca took the revenge in just two minutes when Alexis Sanchez capitalized on Andres Iniesta’s cross came from the left. Then came the devastating game show by David Villa who missed at least four clear opportunities to score a goal, and Barca had to face its consequences when Betis regain the lead for his team just before the half time.

After the half time, Villa gave his fans a treat by collecting the ball on the right time and scoring a fine goal. By now, score was leveled with 2-2 on the scorecard. Now, came the Messi into picture and changed the whole scenario in just few minutes. Messy took Villa’s position after he fired the second goal and did not waste any time in scoring a brilliant goal off his free-kick from the right corner of the penalty area. He did not stop even then and repeated his earlier shot in exactly same style and took his team to an invincible 4-2 lead.

So, Messi represented his fine form after entering into the field as a substitute and changed the whole picture in just fifteen minutes. Final score remained 4-0 and Nou Camp club won an important match to bring itself at the threshold of the Spanish title. After looking at the form of Messy, many were jokingly saying that if he can hit two goals as a substitute, he needs not to play for whole ninety minutes coz he can do the same within few minutes of his stay inside the ground!

Messi stretches Barca’s lead to 15 points at top

Lionel Messi

Barcelona extends its lead to 15 points from second placeholder Atletico Madrid in the La Liga – thanks to its score machine that again proved why they are the best in contemporary soccer. David Villa and Messi scored for Barca while Alberto Botia scored the only goal for Sevilla who eventually lost the game by 2-1. Barca again came from behind; once they were training by one goal; but, first, striker Villa equalized the lead in the 52nd minute and then Messi scored the winner in the 60th minute for La Liga champions. Messi has now probably become the only player to score in 15 consecutive games. Barca has now won 11 out of its 12 home games which ahead it by 16 points from defending champion Real Madrid who is now placed at third place with its 52 points out of 25 played matches. Barca will clash with its arch rival Real Madrid on Tuesday. Thereafter, Madrid will host Barca on Saturday in the Spanish league. Though, Atletico Madrid has to play its 25th match with Espanyol on Sunday, it has chances to reduce the gap from Barca if it manages to defeat Espanyol.

Actually, Barca could not prove its dominance over Sevilla especially in the first half when they were trailing by one goal. Things were not in favor of it; perhaps match was looking like a recap of its 2-0 loss to Milan in the Champions league. But, second half changed the whole picture in Barca favor when two of its main strikers find the net. Messi talked about their next crucial match with Real Madrid later, he said, “Madrid has an incredible team and we will have to be at our best to reach the final. We will have to play like we always do and not let the Milan game affect us. You could see we came into this game off a poor result, but we were able to pull out the win. It’s tough not to think about Milan. We know we didn’t play our best game in the San Siro, even if it wasn’t a reason to completely fall apart.”

He also praised Villa’s role in current win and said he helped him striking the ball more confidently, he added, “Against Milan we didn’t create many chances. Today, with Villa as a reference up front, their defenders had to stay put and that opened up spaces for me behind.” Anyways, everyone seems to be eyeing on their next high profile match with Madrid where we’ll see actual strength of Barca against Real defense.