Neymar’s dad gets £35m from Barca as commission

There has been a running dispute among all the stakeholders having an interest in Santos’ young sensation Neymar since he signed a five year deal with Barcelona. In fact, some of them were also threatening to go to the court if Brazilin club does not declare who will get what out of total amount paid by the Spanish giant for Neymar’s 100% rights. Everybody knows that Barca has agreed to pay a total sum of £49m to Santos for gaining full rights of the forward, but since Santo did not have the full rights in the player; other stake holders were also worried about their share out of this amount. But now, Barca has declared that it has paid Neymar’s dad a sum of £35m as commission including the sum they had given in the last year, and remaining amount would be distributed among other key interest holders: Santos, DIS, and Teisa. Reportedly, latter two had 40% and 5% stake in player’s proceeds; hence they look to be finally getting something out of this mega transfer deal. Reports are also coming in from DIS den that they want more share out of total deal amount between Santos and La Liga champions, in fact, they want to have all the deal papers to see what the actual amount is and how it is decided to be distributed. Supermarket giant’s executive Director Roberto Moreno said to a news source that “I’ve not been shown a single document, so I will go to Santos’ headquarters tomorrow. After that we will decide if we need to go to the courts. I’ve read lots of things in the media but seen no documentary evidence.”

Actually, the total pay package, apparently, has something extra for the Brazilian club if Neymar could secure a place in top three players in Ballon d’Or ranking within next five years. Accordingly, Blaugrana will pay additional two millions for the achievement to his former club. In last two years, Neymar could only settle himself on 10th and 13th spots in Ballon d’Or ranking, so it could be a reality to see him in the top players of 2013.

As far his closest competitor Lionel Messi is concerned; he has won the inaugural three editions of the Ballon d’Or along with winning Player of the Year award in 2009. Additionally, he has more records, which could be on the target line for the new entrant to the La Liga club.

Neymar does not see England as a threat

The new sensational entry to Barcelona side: Neymar is the hottest property these days: everything he says, everything he does is the news of the hour. The hype created by the media is not going to be shunned away very soon hence his comments are more than a news these days. Now, he expresses his views about England chances of winning the next world cup and says he does not see English side to take the trophy home; his remarks can make an impact psychologically over England team coz they are going to clash with Brazil side in a world cup qualifier very soon. Last time, when they met, England overshadowed Brazil despite having Neymar in the team, but this time, taking Neymar factor into account, Brazil would surely try to take the revenge from English rivals. Neymar also said that he rejected several offers from English clubs coz he sees no quality football there, however he appreciated English players for their skills, he added, “I have respect for a lot of the England players as they have achieved great things at their clubs. But, as a national team, I don’t look at England and think they are going to be a real threat at the World Cup.

“We want to win the World Cup in front of our home fans and the two nations I look at as a real threat are Germany and Spain. After that it’s a group including Argentina, Holland, Italy and one or two more. But England I don’t even think about.”

The in-form Brazilian, who recently signed by La Liga giant Barcelona, also stated the reason why he rejected English advances coz his family wanted him to join a steady place, he said, “There was interest from teams in England and Spain. But my family spoke to me about joining a club where you could not just win things but where there’s stability. I didn’t want to play for a team that changed its coach every season.”

“It’s a big game for us on Sunday because we want to open the new stadium with a win. The most important thing is we impress the coach though. There are only 11 places in the team for the opening game at the World Cup and each player needs to prove to the coach he’s worth being in one of those places.”

Many still believe that Neymar, coz of his clutching style of playing, will not fit into Barca’s passing the ball playing approach. So, let’s see, how this exaggerated striker performs for his new club.