Olympic Flame Lighting Bets Refunded by UK Bookies


All eyes were on who would light the flame at the stadium in order to officially open the games at the Olympic Games opening ceremony last Friday night.

It therefore came as a huge surprise when the honor of lighting the flame went to seven young up-and-coming athletes.

UK bookmakers who have been taking wagers for quite a long time on the identity of the final torchbearer were forced to admit that their punters could never have been able to guess the identity of the torch bearers and have promised to refund the wagers.

Favorites at the bookmakers to be the torchbearer were Sir Roger Bannister, Lord Sebastian Coe, David Beckham, Daley Thompson and the Queen.

William Hill is one of the UK bookies who are refunding the Olympic bets on the torchbearer as they, together with other bookies which include Sky Bet, had no odds on the seven young athletes who were nominated by Lynn Davies, Dame Kelly Homes, Shirley Robertson, Sir Steve Redgrave, Duncan Goodhew, Dame Mary Peters and Daley Thompson.

According to Rupert Adams, a spokesman for William Hill, the UK bookies have been taking bets on who would light the torch since London was awarded the games and Sir Steve was installed by them as their 3/1 favorite. Adams added that despite the fact that they had quoted over fifty celebrities and athletes, it was totally impossible to predict the result.

The lighting of the flame at the stadium by the seven relatively unknown athletes resulted in William Hill refunding a five figure sum to wagerers.