West Bromwich Albion FC Announces K8 Group as Team’s New Shirt Sponsor

Premier League football club West Bromwich Albion Football Club is thrilled to reveal that it has signed a deal with Asian iGaming operator K8 Group in terms of which the group will act as the team’s new shirt sponsor from the beginning of the 2016-17 season.

The record commercial deal will initially run for two years and will support K8 Group in the launch of its UK online casino via the Microgaming powered UK-K8.com site while it works with the team in an endeavor to reach and engage with new customers in the UK. In addition, West Bromwich will work together with K8 in the Asian market, where the brand is exceptionally strong.

According to Albion, the new deal will give them a key opportunity to enhance its following and attract fans in new markets. The pair will also embark on the development of video content in order to further engage supporters and sponsors.

Vincent Huang, the Chief Operating Officer at K7, said that K8 Group has had a long standing interest in working with a Premier League club and they are at last with one of the most respected clubs in the league.

Huang went on to say that this partnership is delivered as a true partnership for both parties and they are working on a joint marketing play to focus on raising awareness of UK-K8.com in the UK while at the same time ensuring the development of the West Bromwich Albian brand in Asia.

K8 Group’s full launch, under license from the UK Gambling Commission, is scheduled to take place in the next few months.



Cardiff surprised Manchester City; Pellegrini blames his defense

The runner-up of the last season, Manchester City stunned everyone when they surprisingly lost to Cardiff City by 3-2. It was Cardiff’s, who is playing its first English Premier League season, first win in the season and how. The match was a high scoring affair and all the goals were fired in the second half. While Edin Dzeko opened the tally for City in the 52nd minute Gunnarsson equalized the lead within next eight minutes. It was then the time for Campbell who fired two brilliant goals in 79th and 87th minute and took away match out of City’s reach. By now, City had lost the match psychologically too and that is why its players seemed to be just defending the game rather trying to equalize the lead. In the last moments, Negredo reduced the lead by one goal but it was too late by then to ask anything more. By now, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham are the only teams who have won their both openers while United is expected to join them shortly. The match proved to be a nightmare for thousands of City fans being presented in the stadium coz they had already taken their team as the winner but they were traumatized to see how their players especially defenders were playing.

City new manager Manuel Pellegrini, who tasted first loss at his new home, blamed his poor defense for the surprised loss in the league; perhaps he specifically pointed two lost corners for their defeat. He explained why they lost and said, “The worst thing is that we got ahead. After we scored I thought it would be easier but two corners decided the game. It was a pity. I did not expect to lose. We didn’t play well but they played with 10 players near their box so it was very difficult to score.”

“In the second half, we improved, but, after we scored, they scored from two corners and that decided the game. Set pieces are very important and we try to work at it. They did better than our defending. We must continue working. We have just started and not a lot of teams will win here. They are not an easy team to play.”

This match could be an eye opener for ex-Malaga boss coz his next match is again with a promoted side Hull City, and if he did not rectify his mistakes by them, he could see a bashing treatment from fans and his bosses.

Mancini ignores exit speculations while Pellegrini poises to take him over

Manchester City is almost confirmed to finish its Premier League fight residing on the second place which looks nowhere in the comfort zone of its bosses. It is actually a setback for a club when it could not defend his title and this is what seems to be happening with Manchester City, and the person who is being held responsible is none other than its manager Mancini. Manchester City has won two major titles in his regime and if Mancini’s men could also win FA cup, it would be his third major title in last three years, yet an EPL loss is not easily forgettable. Rumors are everywhere that Malaga Coach Manuel Pellegrini is being talked about for a new role at Manchester. This is not the first time, Pellegrini has been rumored as the new City manager coz he has already been named as Mancini’s successor on several times off late, and after he dined with City’s director of football Txiki Begiristain last month, his arrival became more confirmed.

Besides, there were other names as well, but none of them stands equal chances with Manuel. Mancini still has four years remaining out of five years contract he signed last summer, so he is rather neutral about these rumors about his probable replacement. When asked about it, he said, “I only want to do my job well, if it is possible, and continue to win every year. This is my target. I think it is important for every club to have a manager who can take a lot of decisions about the team, but now it is important we win this trophy.”

As far FA cup final with Wigan at Wembley is concerned, City is the favorite on cart, but again, Wigan is also capable of changing the game in their favor; hence Mancini does not want to leave any stone unturned, he added about his finalist that “Every game we play against Wigan we have had a problem. We never win easy. First of all, they try to play football, always. Also, when they are losing a game, they continue to play football because they want to attack with a lot of players, and when they attack they are very dangerous. Never do they stay back too deep to defend the result. They don’t play only counter-attack, they play football, they play to win.”

So, even if we leave aside media reports, it is a fact that everything is not good for Mancini and he also knows it very well, but being a profession, he wants to concentrate on on-hands crucial matches rather being affected by stories surrounding him.

Lundekvam admits Betting Scam

Claus Lundekvam, the Norwegian born former Southampton Premier League skipper admitted during an interview with the Norwegian media that he had been involved in a huge betting scam with fellow team members.

According to Lundekvam, he and other members of his team regularly wagered on their own games and pooled hundreds of pounds. He added that they would make deals with the opposing captain about betting on which player would start with the ball, a yellow card or penalty and on the first throw as they were in possession of inside information on both starting line ups as well as who took penalties etc. He also admitted that they could manipulate and control small things in the game.

However, Lundekvam insisted that despite the fact that what they did was illegal, they had done it all just for fun and that he is not proud of his actions that continued each week for a number of years. Lundekvam also revealed that the results were never on the agenda as they were professional competitors and that it is something that they would never have done.

The 39 year old Lundekvam said that other clubs also took part in the Premier League betting scam which was part of their lifestyle and excitement and that they would bet on whatever they could bet on.

After retiring from the Saints in 2008, Lundekvam fell into a downward spiral of alcohol and drugs.

Lundekvram’s allegations which include the fact that he had colluded with other players and captains are currently being investigated by FIFA.

Sky Bet Offering New Football Facebook Application


Sky Bet, the popular sports betting group, launched a new application recently which combines social networking with Premier League football predictions.

Titled “Call of the Nation”, the Football Prediction application is being for football betting fans on Facebook and hundreds of fans are now able to share videos of them selves predicting the weekend football results.

Each week there will be approximately 300 football fans’ match predictions uploaded by the online betting company via the Call of the Nation application.

Every week one key Premier League match is chosen and fans of both teams are captured at matches on video making predictions about the clash, who they think will win, and why. These filmed fans are then asked to make a call on the score line, the first goal scorer and the man-of-the-match. The video predictions of Sky Bet’s panel of experts, which includes Sky Sports pundit, Jamie Redknapp can also be checked out by fans.

Football fans are now able to share their predictions with their friends and check out what their fellow fans, or the opposition, are predicting once their individual prediction video has been uploaded to Facebook.

Helen Jacob, Sky Bet’s PR Manager stated that social media has become the best way of interacting with their customers who enjoy letting them and their mates know how they are calling the weekend’s big matches.

Jacobs added that the video factor adds an additional dimension and also acts as a sort of visual fan forum thus giving fans an opportunity to find out their mates’ views as well as having a laugh at their on-camera performances.

The scoreline predictions are then collated in order to give the consensus of the nation and Sky Bet’s links to the latest football betting odds are featured.