Dortmund chairman gets ‘Real’ relief defeating ‘Madrid’ in aggregate

Some matches are too exciting to believe for an average soccer fan; perhaps many of the nail biting matches go over the top as far their excitement and suspense till the last moments are concerned. Champions League semifinal between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund was one such match where Borussia Dortmund defeating Madrid with 4-3 on aggregate. The match was perhaps the most thrilling of the league till now, coz Madrid was the favorite to win as they were leading by 2-0 at once, and when it reaches to a close finish everyone including Dortmund chairman could not afford to see the last few moments of it. Unexpectedly, Chairman Hans-Joachim Watzke actually locked himself in a Bernabeu toilet to avoid the final moments of the most exciting game of the league. He described about his strange behavior by issuing a statement on club website that reads as, “It seems like we only can do it with drama For the first time in my life I had to give up due to heart problems. I went to the toilet for the last minutes, locked myself in, covered my ears and looked at my watch. I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head.”

Actually, he was not the only one who could not bear the excitement level during those last few moments when goals from Karim Benzema and Sergio Ramos brought their team to a memorable fight back. Director of sport Michael Zorc was another one who struggled to cope with the nail biting finish including five minutes of injury time, he described about this in his statement as well that reads as, “We have earned ourselves a huge reputation in Europe. In the last minutes I was close to a heart attack. But when there is a positive outcome, it’s all good. It was great. In the second half we played a really good game. In the space of 10 minutes we had four golden chances. When you don’t take them then you are often punished. That’s why it was really tight again. That was not in the plan. But, in retrospect, it was only a slight deviation from the plan.”

Dortmund showcased a perfect example of how a team should fight back and the main contributors for its win were Defender Neven Subotic, central defender Mats Hummels, and goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller. Subotic said after the match that “After we went 2-0 down I thought, ‘When you clear the ball, then hoof it as far away as you can’.

“When I saw it was five minutes added time I thought I would die.

“But we played down well in the last three or four minutes. The most dangerous phase was the four minutes before stoppage time.”

PSG coach shuns Real Madrid links

Soccer runs on rumors powered by speculations, and that is why whenever any player or official is in its last season of running contract, media starts digging his meetings, talks, and everything to find out where he is being linked up. PSG, who is comfortably leading the French league from second place holder Marseille, has its coach’s contract expiring after this season, and that is why rumors are everywhere that he is being taken over by Real Madrid if their current coach Jose Mourinho leaves the Spanish club. Moreover, if PSG could win the league title this season, which is more likely coz they only have five matches in hand, Ancelotti will have a one season extension automatically. But now, the coach has himself came forward and rubbishes all the rumors about his probable make shift to Madrid, perhaps he said that whether he will stay where he is right now, or whether he would move to another club will only be decided after the conclusion of current league. His contract is lined up for expiry in coming June and if PSG auto qualifies for Champions Cup, he will have another year to think about his future.

He said about this that “I want to finish the league first before making a decision. We will talk together afterward to see what the opportunities are. I haven’t spoken yet. There will be time to do that once the title has been won. Anything can happen, that I stay or that I go. You have to take into consideration the fact I am under contract.”

He also talked about the rumors running in the media about his Madrid link ups and added, “The press has spoken about Real, but first of all I have to be straight with the club I’m working for. I can’t control what’s happening elsewhere. I have a contract, therefore my hands are tied, as I have to take into account I am contracted till June 2014.

“I spoke to the players yesterday because of all the rumors, but there is no hard news. I already told them before: I want to finish the championship as agreed with the club and we will speak afterwards so we can come to a decision.”

So, it is a matter of his liking which he will only decide after league ends, therefore, you will have to wait and watch!