Ferguson questions international friendlies need

Manchester United is on the top of current EPL leaderboard and its manager is also topping the news headlines with his bold remakes over England’s national coach Roy Hodgson. In fact, Ferguson goes one step ahead and completely criticized need of international friendlies altogether. His remakes came after national coach said that international breaks are being used by club managers as holiday season for players who could not get free time during a busy season. Ferguson even said that top players should not made themselves available for these ‘useless’ friendlies which have no importance either in their career or for their nation. The war of the words between two biggies of contemporary soccer seems to be beginning by looking at the vibes of both; hence it is more feasible that friendlier scheduling will be reworked. The whole spat started when English coach alleged all clubs in his speech at Soccerex football business conference yesterday, he said, “I would like to see the international break being taken seriously. I’d still like to see it as a time when players go to play for their international teams. These breaks are being seen as the 10-day break that players don’t always get during the season.”

His comments were taken up with great care by everyone, but United’s boss could not agree on his remarks, he immediately issued his reaction and said, “Look at the opposite side. International football interferes with the clubs’ ambitions. Friendly games for a start. They have been doing it for the last decade, playing a friendly in the week before the season starts. Tell me the sense of that.

“It doesn’t matter what way you look at it. Club managers are always in disagreement with international football, particularly in friendly situations. I have no issues at all about the competitive part. The players should always be available for the European Championship and the World Cup. But you can’t tell me that should apply itself in friendly games.”

It is a known fact to everyone that many clubs are not willing to leave their players for international commitments, and if it is a friendlier, they are even more reluctant to part away their high priced players for rather a useless game. That is why players around the world want to be associated with big clubs whether they could ever play for their national team or not – it really doesn’t matter for them. Though, Ferguson, at least, agrees on Goal line technology’s use in the soccer. Overall, it seems like a yawning gap between clubs and national bosses again.