Moyes rules out impact of Alex exit

There is a popular belief that mankind works better under pressure and if this pressure is from his seniors, who can make his fortune, everyone tries to work more than his one hundred percent. Yes, we are not talking about any field but soccer where players are known to play better under pressure of their senior officials. When a strict senior retires, it takes some time for its substitute to take control on everything as his former has been doing. English premier league club Manchester United is one such club where expectations are always high, and this club has earned this status with its persisting triumphs thanks to its well-known manager Sir Alex Ferguson who retired just recently. You call it destiny or his control over players that United ruled the world until he was along with them, but after his departure, new manager seems to be struggling with everything at Old Trafford. Media recently raised the issue more exaggeratedly after United failed to impress in its initial four league matches this season; perhaps many are calling it a failure of new manager. David Moyes, the Scottish football ace who has been entrusted by Ed Woodward to mentor his team, is in no mood to accept that players are now free from any pressure. Though, Ferguson is still with United but in a new role where he can’t interfere in day to day decision making process of the club.

Moyes rules out the rumors that Alex exit has anything to do with United failure this season, in fact, he takes it as a developing phase where things are coming back to their original shape after a top managerial change. About killer instinct that apparently is lacking among players he said, “The fear comes from the team on the pitch. Obviously Sir Alex Ferguson has a great history, and his experience will always work in charge of any team. But the players have always been the people that have to turn out and do it.”

“We should probably have put the game to bed earlier. We had a couple of chances, hit the bar and had a couple of other opportunities.

“We had some pockets of play when we were very good and there were times when we were not as good. It was a mixed game at times, but we still had those chances that I was hoping we would finish off.”

So, Moyes is still facing the criticism from every corner which are pressing him down to the earth; who knows if United answer all the criticizers with its well-known power play!

The Whole world tributes Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson

The whole world seems like pouring its tribute after knowing about the retirement announcement of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, and he surely deserves it too. He has been a most successful soccer manager of all time; hence his retirement announcement merits being on the front page of all leading new sources. The 71-year-old most aggressive soccer official announced his retirement on Wednesday morning and is since ruling every news source. Many of the notable personalities paid their tributes in their own style to retiring manager. One of them, Blackpool manager Ince told while talking to Sky Sports that “He’s done the lot, you will never see anyone of his kind again. I remember the first day that I joined Man Utd. I failed my medical and I thought my move to Man Utd was going to collapse. The way he treated me was like a son and I will never forget that moment. To play under that man was so demanding, his standards were so high. We had our ups and downs, a lot have ups and downs with him.”

He also added that finding a replacement for a manager like him would be a greater challenge ahead for United, he said, “It’s got to be someone with a massive character. It has got to be someone who can deal with what it takes to be a Manchester United manager. Whoever comes in to replace him is going to have to deal with the Man United legacy.” While, talking about his new role as the Director, he said, it could be a further pressure on new manager to face ex-manager as a director of the club.

Another one, Gordon Taylor, Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive, described Ferguson retirement as “the toughest act to follow” for United. He said, “The game of football will be a lot poorer place without him. He has been quite simply the best. He followed in Sir Matt Busby’s footsteps and even surpassed him. He will be also be the toughest act to follow.

“I will miss him – he has been a very good friend of the PFA throughout his career. Of course at times it has not always been smooth and we have had a difference of opinion but we always respected each other and we have had a lot more agreements than disagreements.

“He is a great football man, he has turned out team after team and in terms of youth development he has been one of the finest exponents of that. He has had a faith and a belief in his youngsters that is rare in today’s football.”

So, a whole era seems to be ending for Manchester United and the soccer world and more significantly coming days are going to be more painful for United when it finds a replacement for its starlet manager.