Unibet and Commologic tie together to launch a new BetUP Instant product

Unibet has been one of the few online sports betting operators who do not shy signing with new partners to improve its offerings and its latest association with Commologic is something that can stand it in line among the popular betting operators.

Yes, you guessed it right; Unibet has now added BetUP Instant, the latest product from Commologic, into its offerings which enables players to place instant bets on every BetUP round and boost winnings. The additional service combines the features of BetUP in-play tournaments with an instant-win moment and is helpful for bettors who are behind on the core game or missed the start. The newest addition will actually decorate the offerings Unibet has in its portfolio as it will now be able to offer up to 30 additional betting opportunities in every football match, while players can join a BetUP instant game without a BetUP ticket. Moreover, BetUP Instant will be made available through all operating partners on the Commologic B2B network and support most operating platforms including mobile, tablet, and desktop for all of Unibet’s core markets and company expects to get a positive feedback in short span of time.

Talking about it and how it will satisfy the demand being made by customers for a long time, Unibet head of sports Erik Bäcklund said, “BetUP Instant satisfies customer demand for an instant gaming experience within the longer engagement of the game. We have seen BetUP work well in parallel to our in-play product and we hope BetUP Instant should make the product stickier, increase revenues, and educate the mores casual customers to bet in-play.”

Likewise, Tamir Berler – chief executive of Commologic – also added about the new product and said, “We are always trying to innovate the in-play experience for sports fans. BetUP Instant now allows for a fan engagement experience at any time of the game. We are learning together with our partners and delighted they are backing the evolutions of our products. We are looking forward to rolling out more innovations together.”

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