Van Gaal recalls Alex’s unsuccessful start on English soil, bets for his survival as ManU boss

Whenever a new manager joins a side, he is never expected to deliver overnight, in fact, there have been cases when new boss took months to settle down in the new climate but if we talk about English premiere league expectations are quite high over here and every time a new boss lands onto the top post, fans want him to deliver right from the next day and when he fails, his countdown starts rolling back. This is something that is seen every year happening with almost every league side who fails to sustain a respectable board ranking and Manchester United is one of them. Although, Van Gaal, who joined Old Trafford last year, is the one who is having firsthand experience of what English soccer is all about. Unlike his previous assignments on European turf, Dutchman is finding no way to rescue his image after persisting failures to take Red Devils on the top of leaderboard. The biggest problem former Real Madrid boss is facing on his first English assignment is his innovative field spread by placing key players on unorthodox positions and then not able to convince fans about his strategies.

Talking about the hanging sword on his neck and if he is going to be replaced soon after current setback, he replied to the reporters, “Remember the first years of Fergie. You’ve spoken with Ed Woodward? Why they have to deny? I don’t interfere neither. So why the club has to deny that, when you are creating stories? Okay. So you didn’t speak to Ed Woodward, not with the Glazers and you are inventing a story. And then I have to answer this question. I don’t answer this question. And I shall repeat myself every week. Now I have to say that you are getting the sack tomorrow. What is your name? Then I can announce your name also. Look at your wife, maybe you have children or a nephew or something. Okay, write what you want to write. Maybe you remember also the first years of Fergie.”

Amid all the rumors, it would be interesting to see if he could persuade his bosses and buy more time to deliver, while on the other hand, reports suggest former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is all set to take on the pressing job. Let’s us wait to see if Van Gaal lasts his current spell or it is Mourinho who is asked to capitalize his long Premier League experience!