Vicente del Bosque talks about the season and Casillas’ reported switch from Real Madrid

It is generally seen in the game that whenever there is a high profile exit, it follows with few more who used to be his favorites and it happens more with big sides like Real Madrid. We saw how Carlo Ancelotti was sacked for not delivering in the last season and now his favorite and captain of the team Iker Casillas is also set to leave Bernabeu, according to some reports. Casillas is the one who could only take over the pressing job in the last year; earlier, he used to be leading the side under Jose Mourinho reign back in in 2012-13. Spain’s national coach Vicente del Bosque also refuses to talk about the reports that 34-year-old goalie could move out of Santiago Bernabéu following his former mentor who also wants to take his favorite players along with. What he said about the reports, is, “I’ve got nothing to say on that. Casillas is, for all intents and purposes, a Real Madrid player. It’s a rumour and when it’s confirmed I will give my opinion — but not now. As we all know this is a time of extremes and anything concerning a great player like Iker Casillas is going to cause repercussions in the media. It’s something which has caused debate and stoked opinions amongst the public.”

Talking about the tiring season which is just concluded, national coach said players are ready to take over international duties despite having gone through a lengthy season. He said, “To put it in one word — fantastic. We have achieved everything we had planned in the training sessions we’ve programmed and recovered those who have been involved in finals with their clubs. I could give some of them a run-out .but it’s more likely that they will be rested for the Belarus game.”

If we scan the whole season, it was probably be the first one where both Real Madrid and Barcelona passed through unprofessionalism – whether it relates to Ronaldo who was seen celebrating his birthday after losing a big game that day or may it be Gerard Pique who mocked Real Madrid during their title victory celebrations. Bosque explained, “If Pique had made comments that were in breach of the order we have here, I would take measures but what he said was nonsense, it was kids’ stuff. Why get upset about a team which is celebrating being proclaimed champions of Europe and mentions a singer? Last year Madrid were the champions and Atletico runners-up; Sevilla won the Europa League. We’re not concerned about trivialities. If people think that it damages the national team in any way then I must be living on a different planet.”